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Hekate's Gloom

Hekate's Gloom Weapon Guide by Reinbex  

Hey, Captains! Today we're featuring the new Cross weapon released in v3.4: Hekate's Gloom.
Weapon Intro

5★ ATK: 264; CRIT: 40

A unique Pantheon weapon. Like Nuada's Grief and Skadi Ondurgud, it's made using mysterious Soulium with strange hues. The cross can turn into a sharp hovering sword. Countless built-in microblades allow it to unleash a devastating storm of attacks. Activated Honkai genes make Theresa hyper-responsive and agile on the battlefield, giving her the ability to unleash the true powers of this unique weapon.

Weapon Skills
★ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Witching Hour
Wielder gains 20.0% Total DMG Multiplier. Every 10 hits (including Basic ATKs, Charged ATKs, weapon skill, and Ultimate) on enemies gives the wielder and the cross a 2.5% Physical DMG buff. Max stack: 10.

Eldritch Shards
[SP: 6] [CD: 21s] Deploys the weapon: Knocks down enemies in the AOE, deals 200% ATK of Physical DMG, and summons an 8s hail of blades that deals 75.0% ATK of AOE Physical DMG and adds 1 Combo Hit count every 0.2s.

Skill Review

Witching Hour
The passive offers bonus Total DMG Multiplier, which is a great all around DMG bonus. Any form of dmg output from the host gets buffed just by equipping the weapon. After 100 hits (strictly from the host, the host's stigmatas, and cross itself), the weapon reaches max potential of 25% Physical DMG bonus for as long as the Captain remains on the stage.

Eldritch Shards
An offensive skill that can inflict plenty of Physical DMG and rapidly increase the combo counter. The weapon skill can quickly accumulate 40 additional combo counts, which is immensely beneficial to any Valkyrie who relies heavily on high combo counts. It's not recommended to rely only on this skill to deal damage

Recommended For

Twilight Paladin

Kafka Set

Twilight Paladin (TP) is Theresa's Violet Executioner's newly Augmented Physical-DMG dealing battlesuit that gets stronger as she does more hits. TP has various skills that increases her attack speed and crit DMG for each attack. Hekate's Gloom can help TP quickly exploit those skills in battle simply through deployment. Lastly, her strongest output of DMG, the Unfettered Rage charge ATK, is at its strongest when used with a combo count of 200, making Hekate's Gloom very synergistic with Twilight Paladin.

Since Hekate's Gloom's active skill rapidly hits the enemies upon deployment, any critical strikes performed by the weapon helps proc Kafka's effects. Together, TP, Kafka, and Hekate's Gloom makes for a well designed and synergized set.


While Celestial Hymn (CH) and Luna Kindred (LK) are the other Physical DMG dealers of the Theresa battlesuits, CH isn't too strong and LK can only make good use of Hekate's Gloom so much. If one is to use CH with Hekate's Gloom, CH can easily reach 100 hits for Hekate's Gloom's passive DMG bonuses. In addition, CH's Ablution of Light basic attack skill can be active sooner with the help of Hekate's Gloom's active skill.However, CH can still be used as a support Theresa that increases her team's combo count through simply using Hekate's Gloom's active skill. As for LK, she doesn't really rely much on the combo count other than her Sanguine Curse skill. LK pretty much only enjoys Hekate's Gloom's passive skill for increasing her TDM and Physical DMG.