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Goushinnso Memento & Frozen Naraka Strategy Guide (V3.4)

Goushinnso Memento (Memento) is one of the Battlesuits from the earliest days of Honkai Impact 3. Because of Memento's high burst damage capability and the nature of the old Infinity Abyss, she quickly became the strongest character in the game for quite a while. However, since the game's introduction of stronger battlesuits and revamped Abyss modes, Memento slowly fell in popularity and pretty much became outdated prior to Patch 3.4. 

In Patch 3.4, along with the introduction of Violet Executer's Augment, Memento has also received one of the biggest uplifts the game has ever seen. With an array of skill buffs and the new PRI-ARM weapon Frozen Naraka, Memento can once again stand in the ranks of competent damage dealers.
This video guide will explain all of Memento's important changes in this version, as well as giving an overview of the weapon Frozen Naraka.


Table of Contents

(With video timestamps):


0:06 - Introduction
0:37 - Skills & Gameplay Changes
2:40 - Playstyle Changes
3:24 - Equipment Recommendations
4:42 - Roundup


5:19 - Introduction
5:31 - Weapon Skills
6:28 - How to Obtain & Upgrade

For original Memento skills & builds, check out iCarus's article at: https://walkthrough.honkaiimpact3.com/article/show/50/600