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Sundenjager Character Guide

Sundenjager Guide by Stroke


Table of Content:

  1. Overview

  2. How to unlock

  3. Skills Analysis

  4. Gears

  5. Team Line- up and playstyle


  1. Overview

Sundenjager (SJ) is the Soul Awaken of Valkyrie Ranger (VR). She is a Mecha Ranged Physical damage Valkyrie. SJ is adept at dealing sustained range damage, but is somewhat lacking in burst damage capabilities. During Patch 3.3, VR was put into the spotlights through her Augment Core, Void Drifter.  This means many captains are on their way to upgrade VR to SSS rank and will indirectly benefit SJ by unlocking any shared skills they might have. Many captains consider SJ to be among the worst in the game, but how accurate is that assessment? The purpose of the guide will be to explore SJ's skills and gameplay and decide for yourselves whether she is really in the lowest tier of valkyries.




Can deal large amounts of sustained damage

Takes a long time to ramp up damage

Farmable frags in Open World

Awaken Valkyrie so more frags needed per rank

Relatively gear independent with many F2P options

Very lacking in terms of burst damage

Very survivable with plenty of healing and defensive capabilities

Does not benefit well from support


  1. How to unlock

Like previous base A-Rank Soul Awaken Valkyries, she will require additional soul fragments to rank up, unlike her non-soul awaken counterparts. To Unlock rank S/SS/SSS, you will need 60/250/600 fragments respectively. Open World Schicksal HQ's adventure tasks will be your primary source for SJ fragments. Although less recommended, secondary sources of fragments can also be found in Asterite Shop and Witch's Corridor.


  1. Skills Analysis

Team Leader Skill

SJ's leader skill is mostly useless. Grants 25% move speed for the team, and 14% attack speed for Mecha valkyries. The most desirable leader skills are those that enable your team to deal more damage and SJ does not fill that requirement.



SJ has very important passives that is tied to her Ultimate Evasion. Ultimate Evasion will trigger states called Holy Brand and Holy Salve. These states are instrumental to SJ's defensive and offensive capabilities.

Holy Brand is granted to SJ after a successful ultimate evasion, duration is 60 seconds. It is indicated by a slightly smaller red aura around the valkyrie. By itself, it does nothing, but if you perform another ultimate evasion while it is active, the Holy Brand will be replaced with Holy Salve. Holy Brand status should not be confused with Holy Brand, the ultimate evasion skill.

Holy Salve is visually indicated with a slightly larger red aura around the valkyrie. This status has a duration of 10 seconds. During Holy Salve, SJ will heal 200 HP per second while under 30% HP. The heal is increased up to 300 per second with her SS-rank shared skill, Breath of Gluttony. Furthermore, SJ also gains 45% more DEF during Holy Salve. 

On the offensive side, Holy Salve also gives SJ an 11% chance to inflict Ignite for 5 seconds, which will activate Shade of Envy, giving SJ +20% Total damage multiplier.

Lastly, there is another SS-ranked shared skill, Ward of Sloth, that will cause surrounding enemies to be inflicted with attack slow, move slow, and 80% weaken for 4 seconds, if SJ switches out with Holy Salve buff.


Combo Attack

SJ also has a unique debuff called Hunted Brand. The debuff will cause SJ's Ultimate and Sturmgeschütz attacks stronger, so it is a good idea to always have Hunted Brand applied. 

The combo attack is one of the four main methods for applying Hunted Brand. The other three, which will be mentioned later, are Ultimate Evasions, a SS Rank skill for SJ's ultimate, and Blooded Saint pistol's passive.

SJ's combo attack is a quick piercing shot that hits all enemies in a line of the target, which will deal 300% ATK and apply Hunted Brand for 13 seconds. 


Basic Attack

SJ's basic attack pattern is a 3 sequence attack followed by a unique sweeping AoE attack called Sturmgeschütz. Sturmgeschütz and its corresponding skill, Sanguine Feast, are the main bulk of SJ's fire power. Everytime Sturmgeschütz is performed, SJ will gain 8% Total damage, stacking up to 6 times, or up to a +48% Total damage multiplier. Sanguine Feast will last 13 seconds and will refresh each time Sturmgeschütz is performed. Sturmgeschütz also benefits from the skill Sin Stalker, which will grant Iron Body and 70% physical and elemental damage reduction while performing the attack. The downside is the need for time to perform Sturmgeschütz 6 separate times. Warning: You will also lose two stacks if you are hit outside of Sturmgeschütz or Ultimate duration.

This can be somewhat alleviated with SJ's QTE, which allows SJ to gain one Sanguine stack immediately, and another one after she chains a Sturmgeschütz to the QTE. 

Sturmgeschütz will also deal a bonus 200% ATK to targets with Hunted Brand; this is increased to 400% ATK if there are less than 3 enemies on the field.

It is also important to note that Sturmgeschütz will inflict a 35% Impair debuff, lasting 10 seconds. This is often viewed as a double edged sword. The advantage is that 10 seconds is a relatively long duration and Sturmgeschütz is spammable, ensuring that enemies are always Impaired. The disadvantage is that new instances of Impair will override each other, and 35% is a low number compared to the likes of 80% from Mjolnir or Divine Prayer (DP) and 75% from Celestial Hymn's (CH) ultimate. 



Performing evasions is one of the most important aspects of SJ's gameplay. As we discussed before, multiple Ultimate Evasions are needed to enter Holy Salve, which grants SJ both additional DEF and healing, as well as a source for Ignite, for additional 20% damage. 

SJ's ultimate evasion skill, also called Holy Brand, increases SJ's Physical damage up to +30% Physical damage for 10 seconds. The cooldown of the skill is 13 seconds. Equally as important, an ultimate evasion also will deal 200% ATK to nearby enemies and apply Hunted Brand for 13 seconds. And to complement the newly applied Hunted Brand, performing an ultimate evasion will allow you to cast a Sturmgeschütz afterwards, which is, as stated before, SJ's main source of damage and another trigger of Sanguine Feast stacks. 

Defensively, performing an ultimate evasion will also grant a Physical and Elemental damage reduction and HP heal for the valkyrie as shown in the skills Phantom Walk and Reach of Desire respectively.



SJ's ultimate is a really flashy Ultimate Attack that lasts for 10 seconds. During Ultimate Attack, SJ will be unable to switch out or evade. In return, SJ will take a lot less damage, heal when below 25% HP, is immune to death and give continuous fire by holding down the Attack button. These attacks will hit in a straight line, so it is helpful to try and line up your enemies as much as possible. Remember, SJ will do more damage to Ignited and Hunted Brand targets, so it is a good idea to apply those before activating Ultimate. 

Here are also the only two skills that will not be unlocked at S rank or by VR shared skills. Revelation will grant a way to apply Hunted Brand during Ultimate Attack and add a decent amount of damage. Sun of Ragnarok will provide an AoE of strong fire damage, while also satisfying  the ignite condition for Shade of Envy's 20% Total damage bonus. They are both very useful in their own right, but whether they are worth the investment to get a valkyrie like SJ to SS or SSS rank is very questionable.

Overall, the safest advice for captains willing to try out SJ would be to rank her to S rank, where she unlocks her most useful skill, Sanguine Feast. Past S rank will still provide nice benefits, mainly to the Ultimate, but will also become more expensive and less worthwhile.


  1. Gears


SJ's gear options are pretty straightforward. You want weapons and stigmatas that can increase your damage output. SJ has Ultimate attacks, so it is more optimal to use stigmatas that do not limit its effects to only Basic Attacks. Furthermore, SJ already has innate Total Damage multipliers from her skills, so it is better to choose stigmatas that will not further dilute that multiplier.


Optimal Weapon :

Blooded Saints -- 277 ATK / 33 CRT

Holy Verdict: Upon Basic or Burst attacks, launch a small AoE attack called Orbital Support (same as the SS rank skill from SJ's ultimate), dealing 450% ATK and applies Hunted Brand to target for 13 seconds. Cooldown: 6 seconds.

Blooded Hands: User gains +7% Physical Damage multiplier for 25 seconds whenever Holy Verdict is triggered. Stacks up to 6 times, each resetting the duration. Switching out removes the buff.


This is SJ's signature weapon and is tailored to her playstyle. SJ wants to stay on the field to perform multiple Sturmgeschütz to gather Sanguine Feast stacks. Likewise, this weapon wants the user to remain on the field to gather Blooded Hands stack. It will take 30 seconds to gather all 6 stacks, but in return SJ will be rewarded with +42% Physical Damage multiplier, which is undiluted with SJ's high Total Damage multiplier skills. The orbital support strikes will also make it easy to keep reapplying Hunted Brand without worry, and the extra damage will add up over time as well.


Alternative Weapons:

Keys of the Void is a highly sought after weapon that many players with Herrscher of the Void (HoV) would already have. It's the second best alternative, giving a nice undiluted +20% Physical damage and +30% Crit Damage. 

Thunder Kikaku is great on any damage dealer, the 30% Total Damage multiplier will be a good addition to SJ. However, its Total Damage multiplier is diluted by SJ's other skills, making it not as strong as Keys of the Void. 

Jingwei's Wings will outdamage both of the previous alternatives but is only applicable for fights against 1 target. It is easily obtainable in the Foundry.

Lastly, Judgement of Shamash is a gun that you can obtain through Co-ops Raids and can be leveled to 50 without investing any Honkai Crystals, making it a great F2P option. It also has great synergy with SJ; its passive can trigger Ignite on nearby enemies exploiting SJ bonus damage. SJ also have a lot of innate healing, especially at low HP, allowing SJ to sustain the guns active as well.


Optimal Stigmata:

Schrodinger Band T -- Gain a stack of 2% Physical damage for each attack that hits. Cooldown of 0.3 seconds. Stacks up to 7 times, at 7 stacks, enter Elated Mode for 5 seconds, gaining another 25% Total damage. After Elate Mode ends, clear all stacks.

Ekaterina M -- While above 40 Hit Count, gain 41% Physical damage.

Schrodinger Band B -- Gain a stack of 2% Attack Speed for each attack that hits. Cooldown of 0.3 seconds. Stacks up to 7 times, at 7 stacks, enter Elated Mode for 5 seconds, gain 2 SP for each attack that hits, cooldown of 0.9 seconds. After Elate Mode ends, clear all stacks.

Schrodinger Band 2 set bonus -- Extends Elated Mode for another 2 seconds. Adds an additional 1% for the stacks gained from attacks. After entering Elated Mode, next Combo ATK and a short duration afterwards gains 50% Physical Dmg.

The good old Schrodinger Band T/B and Ekat M combo has been the standard for physical valkyries with Ultimate Attacks and SJ fits the bill. SJ actually has a somewhat slow SP gain so the effects of Schrodinger Band B helps greatly. 


Alternative Stigmatas:


Gacha Exclusive --

Kallen Hymn set, traditionally CH's signature support set, has strong interaction with the Impair debuff that SJ consistently applies to her enemies. Its 3-set bonus can double down on SJ's strong healing abilities and balance SJ's slow SP regen, allowing her to cast more ultimates. The Top and Bottom pieces also greatly improves SJ's damage output against Impaired targets.

Michelangelo T/B and Planck M are not a great choice because they will not affect SJ's Burst attacks. However, they are great at boosting her basic attacks where SJ can deal a lot of damage.

SJ benefits a lot from Ultimate evasion and Zorro 2 piece set bonus can enable that. Try to use two pieces when playing Zorro.

Dirac M and B will supply SJ with more Total and Physical Damage and faster SP gain, allowing SJ to play in a more Ultimate centric style. Overall not too optimal, Ultimate is also on a 30 second CD but it does provide a nice damage increase when activated.

Kallen Hymn T and Wilde T are two standalone stigmatas that will give unconditional Physical Damage for SJ. Kallen Hymn gives 20% with another 12% if target is Impaired (total 32%) and SJ will keep the enemies constantly Impaired. Wilde gives 30% unconditionally but unfortunately we cannot make use of Time Fracture for Attack Speed bonus.


F2P Accessible--

Jingwei T is always a top choice if facing off against a single opponent, like in MA. Lier B is similar in that it is mostly used in MA since bleed from Abyss makes it unusable. It's also a good fit for SJ since she does not like getting hit either for Sanguine Feast stacks, and if she does, she can heal to go back to full HP.

Great Top position damage stigmatas but is similar to Planck M because it will not affect Ultimate attacks.

Another F2P option, the dance levels increase if you stay on the field for a long time, which is how SJ likes to play.

For 3* options, these are the most useful for SJ. Atilla B is always a top tier candidate and the other two can fill the T and M positions.


  1. Team Line-ups and Playstyle


Acquaintances She Puts Up With

SJ likes to act as an one-woman army. She needs time to collect Sanguine Feast stacks. Her preferred weapon Blooded Saint needs a long time to power up SJ as well. Both cases would not like to have SJ switch out. Furthermore, she does not greatly benefit from traditional support gear like Mei Pool Party or Newton B, since it takes so long for her to ramp up for damage and she has low burst potential.SJ also overrides any strong Impairs most supports bring to the table.

SJ also has numerous heals and damage reduction skills as well, allowing her to survive all by herself if needed. Therefore, how best teammates are those that can help from the backline. Here we have DP and Drive Kometa (DK). DK has a great leader skill for SJ to benefit from and provides a very strong shield. SJ can lose Sanguine Feast stacks when hit so the shield is doubly useful. When the fight becomes too much for SJ, both DK and DP can provide extra backline heal to SJ. DP can even save SJ from one potential death with Quasar.


Team 1

Ideal Gears:

DK: Star Shatterer: Vikrant, Tesla Band T, Charlemagne M, Ogier B

SJ: Blooded Saint, Schrodinger Band T/B, Ekaterina M

DP: Artemis' Guardian, Theresa: Origins T/M/B



There is not much intricacies for this team. SJ is a one girl show. Your priority is to keep Hunted Brand applied and avoid getting hit. Secure ultimate evasions when you can. SJ is quite strong in QS since QS benefits from ultimate evasion as well and the bleed is weak, so SJ can easily survive for a long time. If the shield ever breaks, or if you are in danger of dying, switch in DK and DP to re-apply shield and additional healing. 


The goal for MA is not much different. SJ can reliably kill bosses, just not quickly. For extra damage, you can replace DP with a Mei Battlesuit and have her hold Eternal Love M with Tesla Band T and Ogier B, for an extra 8% Physical Damage for SJ. 


Closing Thoughts

Sundenjager was a valkyrie no one really noticed. She is a pinnacle example of Jack of all Trade, Master of None. She can do decently well in any content until you get to high Red Lotus temperatures where her damage may start to falter. She definitely not the worst valkyrie in the game, as some may lead you to believe. She can achieve decent results for most content, but she is never the best at anything, causing her to be left in the shadows of better valkyries. She would thrive in a game mode like Path of Apotheosis, where you need a high number of reliable damage dealers who can operate independently or with minimal support, and do not need a competitive clear time. If game modes like that becomes more common, SJ can see more play in the future.