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Befall - Wendy Mechanics

Wind Blast

Wendy jumps around at least twice before twirling in the air to fire a gust of wind at the player.

A straightforward projectile. Dodge when it gets close.


Wind Slash

Wendy jumps around twice before charging towards the player for two quick melee attacks.

It is easy to tell when this attack is coming from a distance, but there is very little warning for melee valkyries. Instead of twirling in the air like she does for Wind Blast, she will instead do a quick backflip like she does for Whirlwind.

This is the only attack for Wendy that is preceded by the "incoming attack" sound effect that normal enemies have.

A safer tactic is to briefly retreat whenever Wendy starts jumping around to allow for more time to react.



Wendy summons a vortex of air that draws in nearby valkyries before exploding for massive damage.

If the player doesn't have the timing down, just watch the wings. Dodge as Wendy's wings flap for the third time.


Air Shot

Wendy directs a pair of exploding projectiles towards the player.

Another straightforward projectile attack, though the timing is different for melee valkyries; be careful not to dodge too early as the projectiles arch over Wendy's back.


Wind Shuriken

Wendy summons three blades, then sends them flying at the player one by one.

Each shuriken, including the first, is delayed by around 1.25 seconds before it starts flying towards the player. Experienced players can use this attack as a window for free damage, though it is much easier to just withdraw temporarily.



Wendy summons three tornadoes which move outward in a circular spiral. If Wendy comes into contact with a summoned tornado, she plays her intro animation and I'm not sure if anything else happens.

This is pretty much a window for free damage. The tornadoes are very easy to work around and only do minor damage if they end up hitting.