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Befall - Godfather Mechanics

Single / Double Slam

Godfather raises one or both fists before slamming the ground.

Dodging this attack just comes down to a matter of timing. The double fist is faster than the single fist.



Godfather raises its right arm before slapping the ground. Afterwards, fireballs spread outwards from the point of impact.

Fairly straightforward projectile attack. Melee valkyries are OK with dodging right after the hand hits the ground.


Sweeping Laser

Godfather sweeps a laser across the stage before causing an explosion at the end of the attack.
Some valkyries have a pretty small dodge distance, so they need to get as close as possible to the laser before dodging to avoid getting caught by it.

Be wary of dodging too late, as the animation lock might cause the player to be hit by the final explosion.


Rocket Barrage

Godfather focuses on one target, continuously firing rockets at the target.

Some valkyries like Shadow Dash have a small animation lock after dodging. In these cases it is better to simply run around the stage to dodge the explosions.


Exposed: Laser Burst

After Godfather's health drops below a certain level, its chest armor will break, revealing new weaponry. The attacks below are only performed after the chest armor is broken.

Laser Burst briefly gathers energy before firing a quick laser at the target.

Simply treat this like an archer zombie's arrow - wait a bit before the laser is about to fire, then dodge.


Exposed: Metal Jaws

Godfather draws in valkyries before attempting to bite down on targets.

There is plenty of time to react to this attack - just wait until the valkyrie is drawn to the chest before dodging.