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Befall - Dark Bronya Mechanics

Missile Pod

Bronya briefly charges before firing missiles in a shotgun pattern straight ahead. While charging, Bronya tracks her target, but the missiles themselves do not follow the player.

Dodge as the orange circle around Bronya's cannon is about to disappear, or use the sound effect as a guide. If the player is far away, then they will have to account for the travel time of the missiles.



Project Bunny quickly raises its shield before slamming the ground.

This is a fast attack, so just dodge right after Project Bunny raises its arm.



Project Bunny tosses 3 bombs onto the stage, which explode after bouncing 3 times. Frequently followed up by Missile Pod.

Wait until the bombs stop moving before dodging.


Smoke Grenade

Bronya envelops herself in a cloud of smoke, making it impossible for the player to lock onto her unless they are already in melee range.



Bronya tosses an orb of light into the air which explodes after a brief delay. If the player is facing the orb when it explodes, they will suffer a long stun effect.

It is fine if the camera is facing the orb, just make sure the valkyrie has her back turned to it before it explodes.


Optical Camoflauge

When Bronya engages her stealth, note that she still exists in the stage. If the camera is oriented against a bright background it might be possible to see Bronya's silhouette moving around.

To dodge the fast punch, just dodge as soon as she becomes visible, or right as the sound effect plays.

To dodge the slow heavy punch, use the orb in Project Bunny's hand as a guide, or just memorize the timing.


Holographic Arsenal

Bronya summons a wave of cannons to bombard the entire stage. For most stages, this attack will cover the entire area.
Most of the time the barrage will follow after Bronya comes out of a cycle of Stealth punches. If Bronya ever teleports multiple times to a distant location, that is a sign to get ready for this attack. 

There is a narrow safe zone directly in front of Bronya, but avoid using attacks here as they can displace a valkyrie's hitbox causing her to be hit by the cannons. The only area where safety is guaranteed is behind Bronya. 

Valkyries with on-demand Time Fracture such as Divine Prayer and Dimension Break are invaluable if the player is caught out of position by this attack. Valkyries that can block attacks also have little to fear here.