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Odd Drifter Phase 2 – Tesla's Tundra Safari

Something bizarre happened. Instead of being woken by Yae Sakura, you wake up next to Seele in the middle of a snowfield. Welcome to Odd Drifter – Phase 2!
The first Act of Part 2 consists of 14 Main Missions (1-1 to 1-14), 6 Side Missions (EX-1 to EX-6), and an Interlude in the Frost Colossus. 

Table of Contents

            1. Main Quests – Towards the Colossus
            2. Interlude – Frost Colossus
            3. Main Quests – Leaving the Snowfield
            4. Side Missions
            5. Conclusion


Shortly after the introductory cutscene, Dr. Tesla appears, and questions your identity. It seems you were somehow separated from your previous crew, got thrown in a river, and was saved by Tesla.


After the dialogue comes a quick combat tutorial. The mechanics are unchanged from the previous phase, and since iCarus has had the mechanics explained very thoroughly, I won't talk about the basics in this article.


An icy tundra is your playing field this time. One quick look reveals that your CHIBI collection has been reset, and now you have to form another crew with Tesla in order to power up. Head to Stage 1-2 to continue.


Main Missions – Towards the Colossus


Your first mission requires you to pick up 3 supply drops, which are located at each corner of the map. You can use Evade button to dash through walls, or shoot the ice cubes to make your way forward. Once you pick up a supply drop, Biteys will start spawning. Simply kill all the Biteys or dash away from them, and repeat the process 3 times to clear the stage.
Oh, and the music is pretty damn good.

Stage 1-3 is another combat tutorial. This time it's about Shock Traps and Bombs, which, in turn, paralyzes enemies and blow them up. Since nothing is changed from the previous phase, I'll have iCarus to explain them for you.
It's worth noting that Seele is Quantum-type, though so far I haven't seen any Quantum enemy yet.


Stage 1-4 and 1-5 introduce Stabby. They shoot spikes from a distance, and moves around pretty fast. These things could cause serious trouble later on in the game, but at the moment they're harmless. Simply defeat all of them with Tesla and Selee, and move on. Keep in mind that both you and your enemies move faster on water panels.


Next up is a Sir Gacha tutorial. You give him a Tesla chip, and get back a CHIBI from a list of 3 he gives you. Simple as that. In the first few rolls, players are forced to get Knight Artemis, Swallowtail and Dimension Breaker to 3*, so keep that in mind.


This adventure is not going to end without some explosions.


Stage 1-6 can get pretty tricky. Your best bet is to stay on water, shooting at enemies while keeping your distance. Flamethrower characters such as Knight Artemis can cause some serious frame drops, so remember to turn off damage numbers if you plan to use them.


In stage 1-7, you have to save 5 HOMUs frozen in ice columns. Your enemies are BIO-type, therefore a MECH-type CHIBI such as Dimension Breaker will help. You get the Finder after this stage, which let your CHIBIs scan for treasures across the land.


The adventurers encounter an invisible, solid wall of ice created by the Rime Witch. You need a team of 12* CHIBIs to break through (which can be achieved through spending Tesla chips in Sir Gacha), and this is a good time to scour through Isle Survival to grab some free Tesla chips. Alternatively, you can check out the Resource Sites which reset every day. They are all simple combat stages, and you get one Tesla chip for each stage cleared. Pretty good deal.

Phoenix is the hottest thing there is, as always.


Since we're talking about CHIBIs, the CHIBI lineup are completely different in this phase. Instead of having Shotgun and Laser as additional weapons, this phase features Flamethrower and RPG users. Each CHIBI also features different traits, such as increased DMG or having more Evasion charges.
Compared to MGs:
-    Flamethrowers deal higher damage to enemies in an AOE, but suffer from limited range.
-    RPGs shoot projectiles that deal devastating damage to enemies on impact, but its slow bullet speed means you can miss quite often.
The game didn't explicitly mention this, but some CHIBI have higher stats than others. Common Tactical CHIBIs such as Seele or Dimension Breaker starts with 1000 HP and 100 ATK, while Uncommon Tactical CHIBIs (such as Tesla) or Rare Tactical CHIBIs (such as Rime Witch) have increased base stats, even up to 1400 HP and 140 ATK. Since you can check the stats on new CHIBIs in Sir Gacha before picking them up, it's recommended to obtain new Tactical CHIBIs at earlier levels, and invest in Uncommon and Rare ones later on.

Stage 1-8 requires you to pick up 10 pieces of meat. Again, since killing enemies isn't an objective, you can choose to just outrun them. Follow the blue arrow on your character to grab all the meat, and move on.


Newton joins your team as a Support CHIBI. In short, these CHIBIs don't join you in battles, but can provide stat buffs for your team, and can be deployed in Finder for extra Bottles. Since having many Support CHIBIs can boost your passive Bottle income, it's worth investing in them as well.


Interlude - Frost Colossus

Floor 1


We're back with another puzzle map, with the main gimmick being ice panels. You will slip and dash on a straight line if you walk in an Ice panel, and can only stop at the nearest object. Tap on the Igloo to initiate a conversation, and open up a new path. Miss Igloo asks you to gather some firewood, and your team reluctantly agrees.


A new path opened on your South. Head down there, interact with the HOMU snowball to open up the path to your East. The HOMU then asks you to find his Demonblade in order to chop down the pine tree next to him.


The Demonblade is inside the chest, and the surrounding area is full of slippery Ice panels. You can push the orange Ice block around, but there's no need for that right now. From this position, turn Right, stop at the Ice cell, then head Down and grab the chest. 


Interact with the Pine tree near the HOMU snowman to get some Firewood. Then, head back to the Igloo to initiate another conversation. Another path to the East opens, head there and interact with Picasso.


"Explosion magic is the only spell worth learning" - Megumin.


Your next task is to dye the left Snowmen in the same color as the right ones. Simply interact with the Snowmen, give each of them the right color, and you're done. Head back to Picasso to initiate a battle with the Snowmen.


They don't stand a chance against the SSS Seele the game gives you.


The path then opens. Grab the Artistic Hammer in the chest, then head back to the Ice block to grab a Blue Crystal. Additionally, you can interact with the middle Molten HOMU a few times for 5 Bottled Notes.


Returns to the Igloo for another quest. This time you need to gather some food for Miss Igloo. Head back to the area with the Orange Ice block and another Pine tree. This time, you need to push the Ice block around to make way for the Tree. Refer to the guide below if you got stuck. 


Once you reach the Tree, interact with it to get Cup Noodlez, and return to the Igloo. Miss Igloo then asks for some fresh water, and you can see Tesla is about to explode. Either way, head back to this area and interact with the Ice Tree to get the Ice Fruit.


Return to the Igloo, initiate another conversation, then interact with the molten HOMU statue on your far East to obtain a Snowy Talisman. Miss Igloo turns out to be Rita, who joins your party shortly afterwards. Then, head to the yellow portal to exit the floor. Don't forget to grab the two nearby Chests for 100 Asterite and one Tesla chip.
Alternatively, once you have the chance, you can push the Ice Bomb towards the Igloo for some extra funny dialogues.


Floor 2


In this area, interact with the HOMU Snowman to open up a puzzle. You then need to break 4 of the Stones to defeat the HOMU Snowman. Problem is, some of the Stones are in the middle of the ice field, and you need to move some Ice Columns around to reach them. I've attached a solution below.

After the dialogue, hit the Reset button to reset your position, then head to the Homu Snowman to initiate a fight.


Umbral Rose with Aphrodite makes short work of this thing.


Another path opens up, along with a new puzzle. You have to push Tesla, Rita and Seele to their corresponding snowmen. This puzzle can get fairly frustrating, though you can refer to my guide below.


After the dialogue, interact with one of the CHIBIs to initiate a corresponding battle. I chose Tesla and ended up with a mech fight, which is pretty fun.
Two of the three portals then break down by themselves, and you have to push the remaining one to a corner. This puzzle is super easy, but here's a guide anyway.

Grab the two chests containing 5 Bottled Notes and a Tesla Chip, then head to the portal to leave the floor.


Floor 3


"Oh, you're approaching me?"

After a short confrontation with Bronya, you will have to fight Rita. In this fight, Bronya battlesuits will join the battle, including Herrscher of Reason.

She didn't really stand a chance though.

After an emotional moment between Bronya and Seele which I'm not going to spoil, you are sent back to the map. Grab the two chests for 100 Asterite and a Tesla chip, then head to the portal to leave the area.


Main Missions – Leaving the Snowfield

Stage 1-10 is a full wave of Stabbies. These things don't seem to be affected by Shock Traps or Bombs, and you have to shoot your way through. 

Theresa using a Rocket Launcher is totally canon. No pun intended.


Stage 1-11 requires saving 10 HOMUs trapped in ice cells. They are spread evenly in the level, and your best bet is to ignore the monsters and just fire at all the ice cells.


Stage 1-12 requires collecting 10 pieces of meat, while Stage 1-13 is another mob wave. By now, your lineup should be strong enough, and these stages should pose no threats to you. Dimension Breaker is recommended for both of these stages since she has 3 Bombs and 3 Evasion charges.


Stage 1-14 is a Boss battle. Since it is a PSY-type enemy, BIO characters such as Celestial Hymn and Knight Artemis are recommended. This fight is not too challenging, but if you run into trouble, I suggest going through Isle Survival and spending all your Tesla chips to extend your lineup.


Side Missions


EX-1 Tundra Prince

This quest opens right after stage 1-7. In this quest, you are tasked with defeating the Tundra Prince. You can either go the hard way, or choose to obtain the Legendary Potion for an easier battle. Choosing the second option will open up another side quest, which is:

EX-2, EX-3, EX-4 Speed Core

To obtain the Potion, you have to pass a 3-questions quiz from Joachim the Herbalist. In consecutive order, the answers are Ruby, Insects, and Lil' Finder.

I'm Joachim Joestar, and my friends call me JoJo.


Failing these questions opens up a combat stage. The usual hit-and-run strategy will do just fine, but you have to be mindful of the falling ice blocks that deals pretty big damage to your squad. You'll get the Legendary Potion for answering the quiz correctly, or a cheap copy of it if you fail them and clear the combat stage instead.


EX-1 Tundra Prince (Cont.)


Back to Stage EX-1, your task is to survive for 90 seconds, while dodging falling ice blocks and lasers from Honkai beasts. Don't bother shooting enemies at all, they will simply respawn and swarm on you again. Instead, keep running on the water, use Shock Traps to stop enemies from chasing you, and stay away from corners to avoid laser ambushes. Dimension Breaker is a good pick on this fight, as she has 3 Evasion charges.

EX-5 Catastrophe


This stage opens up right after stage 1-11. Hordes of monsters are chasing behind you, and Tesla suggested creating an avalanche to get rid of them.


In this mission, you need to place 6 bombs in the right position, while defeating monsters around you. Follow the blue arrows leading to the objective, set the bombs when it's not on cooldown, and repeat the process until the mission finishes.

EX-6 Seismic Ruin

This one is located at the South of the map, and opens after clearing EX-5. Some monsters survived the avalanche, and now it's your turn to kill them all. This time it's a rhythm minigame, and Tesla will give you some tutorials. All you need is to follow them, finish the level and move on.



This part of the story leaves a lot of questions to be answered. Did Captain see his past self on the beach, or are there more than one Captains? Will Seele be able to save her long lost sister? What happened to the Olenyeva sisters? Tune in on September 10th for Captain's next adventure on the second arc of Odd Drifter - Part 2!