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Time Capsule Winter 2020 Guide


Hello Captains! This is a guide pertaining to specific items in the Time Capsule shop of Winter 2020. This season's Time Capsule shop lasts from 2020-12-07 12:00 to 2020-12-14 11:59 AM. It will cover items that players should prioritize obtaining over the others due to the hefty costs per item. Items will cost either Special Outfit Coupons, Outfit Coupons, HOMU's Legend Proofs, or Asterites. Please note that analysis for valkyrie outfits will not be covered too deeply. Provided below are the list of items available for purchase and the time in which this event shop will be up.



Let's discuss the easy stuff first. The costumes cost either Special Outfit Coupons, Outfit Coupons, or Asterites. As Captain, the choice to purchase the items that cost coupons are purely up to you, and these costumes will not have any impact on your gameplay. You may purchase whatever you desire as long as you can afford them. However, the bottom three costumes that cost a lot of Asterites are not recommended unless for collection purposes. Asterites are hard to stock up and most items that are useful and/or important cost Asterites. The fact that each of the bottom three costumes cost 30K Asterites each means that any one purchase is bound to put a dent in your gameplay experience. I do not recommend purchasing any costumes with your Asterites due to their high-cost low-return values.

The “Best” Gears

In this winter's Time Capsule, there aren't any must-haves for players to grab if they want to improve their performance in the meta. However, there are some decent picks you may consider if you are struggling to get good gears but still be willing to spend a lot of asterites for.


Kinderfest (T)

The great thing about Kinderfest is its ability to be so versatile and yet provide good buffs under simple conditions of having a certain character in the team. The downsides are that it needs to be 5* for its max potential effects (that isn't even that strong) and that it costs a hefty 20K Asterites.


Kiana: Birthday (M)

For a 4* stigmata, it's pretty decent. Can be useful for f2p players with Herrscher of Void or Void Drifter until they get a better T stigmata that buffs Physical DMG.


Moment of Truth

The best thing about this weapon is that it can invoke Time Slow like Undine's Tale, but for at a higher SP cost. There doesn't really exist any strats around support-Scythe users but at least it can invoke time-slow related QTEs. For a “meh” weapon that costs 6 Homu Tokens, only get Moment of Truth if you have a lot of Tokens lying around.


Avoid these!

Lastly, the following are those I do not recommend other than for collecting purposes. Keep in mind that if you are low on Homu's Legend Proofs, you best save them for another TIme Capsule with better selections. And if you are low on Asterites, know that attempting to purchase any of the following items that cost asterites will be a terrible choice.


Theresa: Twilight Paladin (B)

This stigmata isn't worth it due to its high cost and low yield effects. Not only does it cost 20K Asterites to purchase, it also needs to be at 5* to be able to provide a pathetic 15% Physical DMG buff and occasionally 5s of 10% ATK Speed buff.


Void Queen - Snowy Fest (B)

This stigmata is pretty, pretty useless that is. Despite appearances, its best effect is occasionally inflicting ATK Speed Slow and Move Speed Slow debuffs.


Kiana Diva (M)

Kiana Diva provides the most minimal of healing even when maxed out at 5*. Healing isn't even important in the first place and this stigmata does a terrible job at it.

Ice Roar

The weapon takes too long to charge to be a decent f2p weapon viable enough for DPSing. Its other effect, freezing for 3s (9s CD), only occurs at a 40% chance when maxed at 4*. Ice Roar can't even be a reliable utility weapon for freezing.


Closing Thoughts

This Winter's Time Capsule has a lot less choices to choose from compared to Fall 2020. There are plenty of wonderful cosmetics to pick from that players can purchase if they missed out on them. However, the available-for-purchase gears this season are either expensive, subpar but still useful in the hands of F2Ps early game, or both. The Time Capsule shop this time does not have too many good items, thus making it not too difficult to decide what items to obtain. Considering the exorbitant prices of the items that the Time Capsule has to offer, I hope this guide has provided you with the insight you need to make the decisions you want.

You've reached the end of this Event guide! I hope you enjoyed reading this guide! If you wish to visit me, my discord ID is Reinbex #1347. My Armada's ID (NA) is 1019 and Discord link is https://discord.gg/bVBRkF4. If you have any questions or just want to visit, don't hesitate to say hi!