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Sakura in a Pinch! -- Odd Drifter Arc 2

Hi all, welcome back to the second guide in the series for Odd Drifter, the current event~ 
For a brief overview of the event as a whole, as well as the walkthrough for day 1, you can access it here: Odd Drifter Day 1

Table of Contents: 

  1. Main Quests -- Shooter
  2. Main Quests -- Village Maze
  3. Special Quest -- Liliya's Blueberry

Main Quests

In the second arc, you will venture into the Old Yae Village, fight through enemies and solve puzzles in the familiar maze-styled adventures similar to Fairytale Rhapsody and Imaginary Maze, in addition to the Shooter stages introduced earlier. Lastly, you will encounter a Muse-Dash style rhythm minigame. 

Resource stages will be reset when you clear 2-1, so make sure you finish all Resource stages before you clear it, so you get the free reset for additional Tesla Coins (optional)


Shooter Stages

The Village features predominantly Biologic enemies, both ranged and melee. The recommended CHIBI to use is Sublime Lotus, a Mecha SG unit. 

In Stage 2-6, you are tasked to reach the other end of the map, through a maze of wooden crates. 

You can squeeze through the first set of blocks on the leftmost corner. On the last two sets of crates, there is one “ethereal” crates in each that you can dash through, as shown here: 

In 2-8 and 2-9, you are tasked with finding meat (2-9 says flour in the objective description, which is a bug).

Similar to 1-10 on the Beach arc, the little blue arrow will point you to the nearest objective, and you can dash through the fences with the dodge button. 

In 2-11, you face off with a rampaging Masked Giant who hits extremely hard, so the recommended CHIBI for this stage is Einstein, who can kite the boss from afar. 

In addition, since the Boss drops drumsticks based on hits received, the improved hit-rate from MG make this stage easy. Make sure you never approach the boss and wait for him to do the leap attack before running to collect the drumsticks, though, as two or three hits from him will decapitate your CHIBI.

Aqua Chime, the only Beam CHIBI, will also work for this stage. I personally find Beam to be the most difficult weapon to play with, though. 


The Maze

The Yae Village has four levels, each presenting a unique challenge (other than Level 1, which you simply pass by talking to Shae Sakura). 

Level 2

In Level 2, you are tasked with Finding the Spring Water, Plant the Cherry Blossom Trees, and Collect Lost Souls. In addition, Sakuno Rondo will ask you to collect the Dorei Bell. The Bell is unobtainable for now, so don't worry about it. 

The Cherry Blossom puzzle takes inspiration from old Block-Pushing puzzles. If you made a mistake, press the Reset button on lower-left to return all Cherry Trees back. 
Refer to this gif below if you have trouble: 

To Find Spring Water, you must defeat Taketori. You can accomplish this through one of two ways: 

  1. Collect the three Bamboo Shoots around him and feed them to him; or
  2. Beat him up. (Video below) 


To Collect three Souls, you must backstab the three red monsters. The first two will be backstabbed instantly, while the third requires you to defeat Taketori, who will break down the fences behind him for you to backstab it. 

Once you are done with everything, talk to the Sakura that is blocking the door to move on. 

Level 3

In Level 3, you are tasked with Defeating Hakuzosu, Helping out Sakura, and Cooking Hegotchamarus. 

Hakuzosu will make a shameful escape once you drop him to 2 bars left for the first time. To fight him again, finish the other two tasks. 

The recommended team is Lightning Empress, Striker Fulminata, and Shadow Dash. The fight is fairly straightforward overall. On the second fight, you receive Fireworks that will deal massive damage to the boss, though you do not need to use it to kill him. 

To help out the first Sakura, click on all 6 Casks and get the special item Spark Fyre (you do not need to click the two that are still left on the picture above).

To help the second Sakura, turn the left statue clockwise and right statue counterclockwise. Turning them the wrong way will prompt you to turn them more, but with no penalty. 

To cook the Hegotchumarus, you must place the two explosives barrels in the indicated position. Follow the red marker on the image (Solution might not be unique and there could be a better solution, but this is the first one I found): 

  1. Push the upper barrel left to the other side of the map 
  2. Move the lower barrel to the left marked spot 
  3. Go to the other side of the map and push the upper barrel back
  4. Push the upper barrel to the right marked spot 

Refer to the gif below if you still have trouble:

After this, talk to the last Hegotchumaru, who will reveal the weakness of Hakuzosu. 

Level 4

In the final level, you are tasked with Arranging the Fortune Stones, Infusing them with Souls, and Defeating Shae Sakura
Talk to Yae Sakura to start arranging the fortune stones. 

Follow the marker on the map to move each stone into its respective location (once again, the solution is not unique): 

  1. Push the stone right behind the statue to the right
  2. Push the lower statue of the pair to the right
  3. Push the upper statue of the pair down into the lower-left corner
  4. Push the statue down at the lower-right part of the map into the lower-right corner. 

Refer to the gif below if you have trouble for an alternative solution:

Once the stones are all arranged, the upper-left stone will be ignited with a soul. Click that statue first, then move clockwise to ignite all statues. After that, Shae Sakura will appear and challenge you to Immortal Kombat. Beating her will clear the Village maze. Remember to pick up the two treasure boxes that will spawn after defeating Shae. 

This sums up everything in the main questline. Please read on on how to access the secret quest chain. 


Liliya's Blueberry

Once you finish all quests and stages in the main storyline, you will unlock the secret quest chain Liliya's Blueberry (unofficial name). 
The quest will start from the mystery stone in EX-3 which leads you to the Inari Statue of Yae Village in EX-4. After which you will be able to go back to EX-2 and lure out the hiding Rozaliya. Her sister, Liliya, can then be found in 2-11, and be awakened by the blueberries from EX-5. The quest then ends back in Yae Village with Shae Sakura, once you obtain the Dorei Bell from the EX-6 Waterfall. 

First, return to the EX-3 Waypoint. 

You will be presented a new set of dialogue options, different from if you accessed it before finishing all quests. Exhaust all options, then visit EX-3 again
(I am getting conflicting info on how to proceed here, but I think you do not have to visit the Inari Statue inside the village, if you talked to it at least once during the main quest line. If you do not get the special dialogue to pop up, try visiting EX-3 a couple more times or going back to check on the Inari Statue in Level 3 of Village)
You will be presented with a new dialogue, which unlocks the EX-4 Waypoint. 

Now, Visit the EX-4 Waypoint. 

Here, the Inari Statue will task you with retrieving its scarf. After a short Rhythm game, the Inari Statue will reveal the secret passcode inscribed on the EX-3 rock. 

Visit the EX-2 Waypoint. Rozaliya will pop up after hearing the secret keyword, and plead with you to find her lost sister, Liliya. 
Visit 2-11, the Sakura Tree. Liliya will be found sleeping under the tree, and Yae Sakura reveals that there is a Blueberry Garden nearby, which unlocks the EX-5 Waypoint
Visit the EX-5 Waypoint. You will be confronted with the following Block-Pushing Puzzler: 

Please refer to the gif below for a detailed walkthrough:

Here is a text description for how to proceed, in case you fail to load the gif or need additional info (Variations exist, but the order in which you move them is very important and you should not change any order if you are following my solution): 

  1. Push #1 up by 1 slot. 
  2. Push #2 down by 1 slot, into the marker.  
  3. Push #5 left by 2 slots, and up by 1 slot, into the marker. 
  4. Push #4 down by 2 slots, into the marker. 
  5. Push #3 up by 1 slot. 
  6. Push #1 down by 4 slots, into the marker. 
  7. Push #3 right by 1 slot, up by 2 slots, and left by 1 slot, into the marker. 

After solving the puzzle, return to 2-11 to wake Liliya up. 
Visit the EX-6 Waypoint. You will acquire the Dorei Bell after the cutscene. 
Visit the Village. Go back and talk to Sakuno Rondo (now Shae Sakura) to gain access to a secret level. 

Talk to the Sakuras as they spawn. After talking to all 8 of them, two chests will spawn containing some Mithril and Asterite. 



And that is it for the second chapter of Odd Drifter! Please enjoy yourselves for the rest of the event, and stay tuned for the next guide coming Aug. 22nd, which will cover the next arc of Odd Drifter.