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Blockade - Shattered Isle (GRAV/CRUSH)





Hello. This Blockade guide aims to help players clear Blockade - Shattered Isle stages by providing gameplay examples with low gears.


Frost Shield: Some enemies have Frost Shields that can resist Black Hole. Break it by charging its ignite trauma.


GravBomb: At max ignite trauma, Bomb will explode, damaging enemies and inflict them with Elemental Vulnerability. The effect can stack, as shown overhead.


Rime Lantern: A very annoying lantern. On death, it will spawn a Black Hole that pulls Grav Bombs and enemies without Frost Shield



IGNITE: 100% bonus Elemental DMG is a strong debuff, and they stack! Max it out!
BURST: Don't need to increase the bonus if you're not using Burst Mode damage dealer.



Any Elemental DPS should work. Burst Mode is a bonus. Preferably not MECH-type since all enemies in Shattered Isle are PSY type, except Ganesha

  • Example: HoT, BR, DJ, FS, VG etc



Depending on your lineup, you might want a valk that can ignite/gather. 

  • Example: FS, AE, VC


Note: This recommendation is for players with limited valk and gears. More team options are available for well-equipped players.


 GRAV-01 and GRAV-02 

GRAV-02 Challenge: Clear under 60s

These are introductory stages, so you should be able to clear them easily. Nevertheless, here's a reference vid to clear GRAV-02 challenge using a pretty lightly geared FS.


Clear CRUSH-01 and 02 to unlock special buffs on GRAV-03.

Budget FS run:


Challenge: Break all Ice Walls (You'll naturally clear this)

Budget DJ run:


Minimum 1400 Score to get Blockade Emblem

  • Kumbakharna takes more damage for a few seconds after its arm is broken (ignite trauma). Try to burst during this period.


Gameplay examples:

Budget HoT team


Same stage as Crush-01 but with more enemies.

Budget FS run:

Challenge: Take no more than 5 hits

  1. Ganesha is tanky and his attacks are quick. 
  2. Bring your best Elemental valk
  3. Keep igniting the bombs to paralyze Ganesha
  4. Also note that the Ganesha's paralyze status is very short, so avoid stigs like Fuxi M and CleoB.

Budget DJ run:


I hope this helped you to get all the Blockade rewards! The new BIO Fire valk coming in 4.4 - Dea Anchora will also be fantastic for this Blockade. For further question, you may find me, Marisa Honkai on Youtube or ask around in Official Honkai Discord.