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Time Capsule Fall 2020 Guide

Hello Captains! This is a guide pertaining to specific items in the Time Capsule shop of Fall 2020. This season's Time Capsule shop lasts from 2020-10-30 1:00 to 2020-11-20 11:59 AM. It will cover items that players should prioritize obtaining over the others due to the hefty costs per item. Items will cost either Special Outfit Coupons, HOMU's Legend Proofs, Asterites, or Honkai Blocks. Please note that analysis for valkyrie outfits and dormitory furniture/decorations will not be covered too deeply. Provided below are the list of items available for purchase and the time in which this event shop will be up.




Let's discuss the easy stuff first. The costumes and decorations that cost either Special Outfit Coupons or Honkai Blocks are purely up to the player and will not have any impact on your gameplay. You may purchase whatever you desire as long as you can afford them. However, for the remaining three costumes that cost a lot of Asterites? I highly do not recommend it beyond collection purposes. Asterites are hard to stock up and most items that are useful and/or important cost Asterites. The fact that the cheapest of the costumes cost a heaping 24K Asterites is something to frown upon. I do not recommend purchasing any costumes with your Asterites due to their high-cost low-return values.


The “Best” Gears

In this time capsule, there aren't really useful gears per say, but rather the “best” out of the stuff available here. 

Proto Pistols (looks very different when maxed out)

The Proto Pistols is the only item in the Time Capsule with some late game usage as well as some decent usage. Proto Pistols have a weapon's active skill that does not have a cast time. Meaning activating it will not force the wielder to animate anything and thus restrain their movements during the animation. This works very well with Gustav M, a physical team-support stigmata, that requires the host to activate a weapon's active skill to trigger. Therefore, if you ever plan to get Gustav M, Proto Pistols can make supporting a Physical team in time-constraining battles run a lot smoother.

Here is one example guide of HoV using the Proto Pistols to quickly activate Gustav against DXY (31520):


Other Options

There are other gears you can opt for if you are a f2p player looking for some decent enough gear and do not have much Honkai Cubes nor Gacha weapons to use.


Titan's (Wotan's) Fists, One Salty Tuna, Jack'o Lantern, Hallowed Saints

All four following weapons aren't strong enough for the meta but F2Ps can enjoy these weapons. The fact they do not require Honkai Cubes to upgrade, makes them good options for F2P players. Titan's Fists can be used to trigger Paralysis and/or Knock-up QTEs while also making for a decent weapon against BIO-type enemies. One Salty Tuna provides the wielder with TDM inversely related to their HP amount. At max level, it provides 0.20% TDM per 1% HP lost. It has a potential of reaching almost 20% TDM bonus for the wielder but is risky to ever reach that amount of buff. The Jack'O Lantern is a weapon that only has its stats going for it. Its effects are not too helpful. And lastly, the Hallowed Saints can provide the wielder with some Crit Rate and Crit DMG against enemies marked with its weapon's active. Once again, not too amazing but still useful in a small degree.


The B piece of the Anniversary Festival set, Crimson: Transcend Form, has some good numbers. As long as the host has more HP percentage than the enemy, they gain 50% Crit DMG. In other words, an undamaged (100% HP) host equipped with Crimson: Transcend Form will always gain a 50% Crit DMG bonus against hurt foes (less than 100% HP). Because of how easy it is to gain this large buff, this B piece is an optimal choice.


While these two stigmatas have wonderful artworks, their effects are very subpar even for F2P players. Cecilia: Pale Moon (T) can provide the host with up to 20% more Physical DMG max for hitting enemies with combo ATKs. The effects are very small and last too short, despite being refreshable. Himeko: Bride (M) can provide the host with 10% Physical DMG for Charged ATKs only and also an additional 10% Crit DMG bonus to the host if they are Himeko. The 10% Physical DMG bonus can have some use to Snowy Sniper early game but all Physical Battlesuits of Himeko are terrible.


Avoid these!

Lastly, the following are those I do not recommend other than for collecting purposes. Once again, keep in mind that if you are low on Homu's Legend Proofs, you best save them for another TIme Capsule with better selections.

As beautiful as the artwork that the stigmata Mei: Bride (M) has, it only, at best, provides Mei with some Movement Speed. It's very lackluster.


The remaining pieces of the Anniversary Festival Set are very underwhelming. The best they can provide are temporary and little support for Physical DMG DPS valkyries. They're not worth investing materials into and have little impact in the game.


The Homu's Legend Emblem does not provide much benefits compared to the increased pick-up range bonus that the Cadet Captain Emblem provides (also free). And the Inquisition Torch is a useless weapon that does not support any Fire Greatsword Wielders.


The remaining Proto weapons are useless. You can argue that the Proto Katana and Cannon can be used for activating Gustav M's effects when in the hands of Physical Supports, such as Danzai Spectramancer or Snowy Sniper, much like the Proto Pistols. However, the craftable Pulse Katana Type-17 and Raider's Missiles can do the same respective jobs at a lower sp-cost.

Closing Thoughts

This Fall's Time Capsule has a lot of choices to choose from. There were plenty of wonderful cosmetics to pick from but only one gear that is much to be desired. The Proto Pistols has an extremely niche but useful late-game. Other gears are either subpar but still useful in the hands of F2Ps early game or are just downright bad options to pick from. Considering the exorbitant prices of the items that the Time Capsule has to offer, I hope this guide has provided you with the insight you need to make the decisions you want.
You've reached the end of this Event guide! I hope you enjoyed reading this guide! If you wish to visit me, my discord ID is Reinbex #1347. My Armada's ID (NA) is 1019 and Discord link is https://discord.gg/bVBRkF4. If you have any questions or just want to visit, don't hesitate to say hi!

Credits to @Koo_eMong