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Path of Apotheosis Team Planning

General Team Planning for PoA

This guide is dedicated to providing players an understanding on how to build a team for PoA each week. Because each fail will consume three valkyrie attempts, every fail will make subsequent fights harder. The sections provided will guide you to creating a team that is ideal for you every week.

Table of Contents:

  1. Planning your Teams
  2. Valkyries vs Bonuses Chart
  3. Good Tips


  • There are 12 stages (9 in the lower brackets).
  • Failing a non-boss stage before reaching its checkpoint will not take up an attempt
  • After failing a non-boss stage and reaching the checkpoint, that stage will no longer take up any tries from your valkyries nor lock your gear until cleared.
  • Going into any boss stage will instantly use up an attempt and lock gears.
  • All boss stages provide an initial 90 sp to all your valkyries.
  • All non-boss stages share the bonuses if in the same part but not always the case for boss stages; Don't forget to read all stage conditions and bonuses.

Planning your teams
The general idea to planning your team is to first identify which valkyries available to you are of use for the week for each stage. After doing that, you narrow down which valkyries can be used for which stages. The following will be a step by step process that will help you decide which valkyries you should be picking for which stages depending on the situation.

Checking for UP Valkyries

The first step: It's important to check for the weekly UP valkyries to see who has 2 extra attempts this week. The picture above shows how to locate them. Knowing which valkyries with extra attempts can allow you to decide which good valkyries you have extra usage of and which bad valkyries you can sparingly use more of.

Find the suitable DPS
The 2nd step is to check all the valkyries you have that will have an advantage in the week. Obviously, the more valkyries and gear that you have, the more likely you are to succeed.

So first look at the all the stages for the enemies types and bonuses. Identify all the valkyries who would have a type advantage and would enjoy most or all of the bonuses for each stage.

Here is an example of what deciding all the valkyries suitable for one stage. On this stage, provided by the picture above, promotes teams that have melee damage, able to increase combo count fast, and is MECH type (b/c BIO enemies). 

Of course, you could utilize the time fracture for a QTE but that only works every time you reach the number 100 in the combo count (not 200, 300, etc.) So for an inefficient benefit that will only benefit you for 10 seconds, it's not worth investing in a valkyrie that hits hard only during a time fracture. 

Just based on the 3 conditions, you can pick out these following valkyries that will meet the criteria:

So you might be wondering here, why are BIO valks such as NS and VBS here while SK and IR aren't. The reason being that NS and VBS, despite BIO (neutral typing advantage against the BIO enemies), are able to increase the combo count easily and are still rather strong themselves. 

On the other hand, SK has a sluggish attack speed until she reaches her ultimate. You may run out of time. Meanwhile, IR may be able to increase her combo count fast, but she doesn't melee entirely. While not recommended, they could be last minute considerations if you lack other choices.

So for one stage, you know the recommended valkyries for that stage are PI, SD, VE, NS, and VBS. Continue this process for all other stages while ignoring whatever you might have picked for others.

Deciding which valkyries for which stages
The last step is one of the hardest things to do in preparing teams: deciding which valkyries for which stages. 
One of the simplest ways to rule out which valkyries is to single out which stages need specific valkyries first. An ideal example is below.

The top picture is Week 7's 1.4 boss stage featuring the Black Kingsguard. This boss stage encourages valkyries that are PSY type and has a Burst Mode ult. From these 2 conditions, you can pick out SR, BR, SK, and SF, with SR and BR as the best choices.

Note that SF and SK are considered here as well despite not meeting the countered advantage bonus. The burst mode dmg bonus is large enough such that neutral typing (MECH vs MECH) is enough for SF and SK to also be considered. While SR and BR are the better choices, SF and SK are also up for options in case you lack enough of other valkyries.


But now there is also other stages to consider. Week 7 part 1 non-boss stages encourages the use of valkyries that are PSY type, has burst mode, can freeze enemies and/or use charged/combo attacks. Some valkyries that fall under all or some of these conditions are SR, BR, KM, and Meme.

Now notice that both the boss stage and the non-boss stages have similar bonuses. However, because the non-boss stages can take advantage of frozen enemies and the boss stage is harder, it's advisable to use KM and Meme instead for part 1 while SR and BR for the boss stage. If you have BR (an S-rank; gacha valkyrie), you can consider SR for the non-boss stages also.

So when it comes down to deciding which valkyries for which stage after seeing what your options are, use the weaker valkyries for the easier stages and vice versa so you can have an easier time defeating all stages.


Valkyries best for some certain bonuses
Provided below is a chart I've created that recommends certain valkyries to certain bonuses or conditions. Credits also to iCarus and Shirayuki for helping me organize and verify some content.

Full chart: 


Good Tips
Here are some other good tips:


  • Laser weapons are good for increasing combo counts and then you can switch into your DPS
  • Some valkyrie's QTEs are better suited for dealing damage and taking advantage of a bonus    (Example: A bonus that increases your damage during time fracture -> Use KMB's QTE). So look out for the trigger conditions and effects of your valkyries' QTEs!
  • You do not need to build or select a team/valkyries that fulfill every advantage in a stage as long you are able to beat the stage, such as type advantage
  • You don't need to make a team such that all three valkyries utilize a stage's bonuses. 
    • Support Valkyries (such as gatherers) are good
    • You can put a “useless” valkyrie to fill in the 3rd slot of a team to fulfill the required “minimum of 3 valkyries per team” requirement.
    • Some stages even enable you to just have 1 main DPS to be sufficient for the team with 2 other useless valkyries.
  • If you have 2 different valkyries that are both good for two different stages, perhaps if one is a boss stage and/or one of the valkyries do better if they could ult (due to an initial 90 sp bonus or faster SP recovery bonus), then have the stronger valkyrie saved for the boss stage instead.
  • If a stage says a certain status infliction (freeze, ignite, stun, paralyze, etc.) induces more damage towards enemies, consider using specific weapons or stigmatas to invoke such status inflictions (such as Rinaldo M for paralysis).
  • Time fractures do not slow down the timer, if any, on any stage!
  • Remember that If you reached the checkpoint and fail the stage, your future attempts for that stage of that week will no longer consume any more attempts nor lock stigmatas onto any valkyries on the team if you fail any further on that stage. Therefore, if you are unsure of a stage, you can test the stage out and reach the checkpoint with a team of all or mostly useless (UP?) valkyries.
    • Reaching a stage's checkpoint and failing the stage also reduces that stage's difficulty
    • Defeating a checkpoint-reached stage that you failed earlier will use up an attempt and lock gears 
  • The PSY: Crab is particularly resistant to physical attacks, and therefore it is advised to use elemental attacks against this enemy.


And that sums up the thinking process of making teams for each stage in each week of PoA. The steps are simple, but the process may just be long. While this planning takes a bit, it should be a lot better than failing or taking more tries to reach the highest tier of rewards! Hopefully guide has provided you a better understanding of how to plan out your future upcoming weeks' of Path of Apotheosis!