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Path of Apotheosis Week 9

Honkai Impact 3rd: Path of Apotheosis Week 9 (06/24/2019-07/01/2019)
By Reinbex

What to expect
This is a guide to provide Captains a rough outline and idea of what to expect out of this week's Path of Apotheosis stages. The valkyries suggested here and put in a certain order is in consideration of the limited amount of valkyries a Captain may have. Certain enemies and specific bonuses have also been factored in as well. The chart below is a summed up version of what to expect out of this guide. Beyond that are in-depth descriptions of each part of the chart. 


This Week's UP time valks:
These are the valkyries with 4 deployment attempts this week.



The following provides a further in-depth look in the chart above. Please keep in mind for the following:
-After reaching the checkpoint of non-Boss stages, valkyries have their gear locked in and an attempt for them used up. 
-All non-Boss stages share the same bonuses. 
-All Boss stages provide an initial 90 SP to all your valks at the start of the stage.
-Week 9 is almost identical to Week 2's lineup. 

Zone 1: Kill all enemies within the time limit
[Shield Break -> Enemy dies]
[Burst Mode -> +500% DMG]

Zone 1 has a special bonus that grants immediate kills upon shield break. The best way to approach these stages are physical dmg valkyries. It's also recommended to bring Blood Embrace ELF since she breaks shield more easily as well. 

Stages 1.1 and 1.2

F2P Build:

Lilia's leader skill provides extra shield break. Both BB and VA can break shields easily. Optionally, SR, a PSY Burst Ult Valk, can be the DPS.



Stages 1.3L & 1.3R

F2P Build:

A simply BIO team of physical DPS is enough to defeat the enemies on this stage. NS, LK, and Miko can all break shields rather quickly.


Boss Stage 1:
[Counter Types +100% DMG]
[Burst Mode -> +500% DMG] 
[Start with 90 SP for all valks]

Recommended Team:

This boss stage is very easy with the proper DPS. Aesir Baldr is the only enemy you encounter here. So bringing either SR or BR is enough to defeat the boss. Because you start with 90 SP, just set up damage buffs/debuffs and ult away. 



Zone 2: 
[Start w/ 50% HP; at max HP -> +500% Total DMG Multiplier]
[Ult cast -> +20% HP Heal field]
[Ranged DMG -> +300% DMG]

Zone 2 stages rewards players for maintaining full HP on their ranged dmg-based valks. All non-boss stages of Zone 2 will drop HP packs frequently. The strategy here is to get your DPS to full HP as soon as possible. There's 2 provided ways to gain HP: dropped HP packs upon kills and ult-casted HP fields. You can have your DPS (range-based) kill enemies gradually until she has full HP. Upon full HP and therefore a +500% DMG buff, avoid getting hurt and it will be smooth sailing.

Stages 2.1 and 2.2

F2P Build:

DK will be the support and SJ will be the main DPS. Optionally, SS can be another DPS you can use for theses stages. DK's most important support feature is her barrier. Her barrier helps keep your HP from decreasing and therefore easier to maintain at full HP. Aside from being capable to performing ranged damage, DK also has a cheap ult (for the heal-field) that also gathers enemies. 



Stages 2.3L and 2.3R

2nd Potential Team:

The main DPS of these stages is SS. But since it may take awhile to gain full HP due to the tanky enemies present, you can utilize LE+DP. With LE as the lead and therefore an initial given amount of SP, have your DP quickly ult so your team reaches full HP. Upon doing so, SS will be buff enough to quickly eliminate the enemies. 


Boss Stage 2:
[Counter Types +100% DMG]
[Charged Skills -> +100% DMG]
[Start with 90 SP for all valks]

Recommended Build:

SS is the main DPS in your team here. Her ult freezes enemies in place and they receive more damage when frozen (ss rank). DK provides a barrier and gathering (that is very helpful here). NS is an optional 3rd valkyrie that can trigger QTE. 

The stage starts off with the Lugal by itself. Lugal's attacks are just like Emperor, can shoot lasers from the ground, expand its ring, and charge at you. Lugal won't be alone for long. When Lugal loses 2 bars of blue HP, 2 Paladins spawn. When 2 bars of green HP are lost, 2 Chariots will spawn. At the last 2 bars of Orange HP, an Emperor will spawn. 
With SS, simply shoot and gather SP. Whenever other enemies spawn, go into DK and ult to gather enemies. Then switch/QTE back to Snowy Sniper. Immediately ult to immobilize the enemies and resume shooting until victory. 



Zone 3: 
[Ult Evade -> 5s AOE paralysis]
[Paralyzed Enemies -> +400% DMG]
[Airborne Enemies -> +100% DMG]

Zone 3's main damage bonuses circulate around paralysis. While you can evade to paralyze, you can bring use paralysis stigmatas such as Rinaldo M or Kepler M. For damage stigs, Tesla T and Cleopatra B are highly recommended.

Stages 3.1 and 3.2

F2P Build:
[or ]
Both stages 3.1 and 3.2 have many zombies spawn in a spread out fashion. With VR, you can ult evade to paralyze and gather enemies at the same time. Then VR can use Artemis' Guardian to time slow and lift the gathered enemies. Switch/QTE into your DPS valks, be it SK or KMB. LK can also be QTE'd in via paralysis. Both SD and KMB has built in skill to deal more damage against paralyzed foes. 



Stages 3.3L and 3.3R

F2P Build:

DK provides a passive barrier and gathers with her ult. Both NS can keep enemies airborne (with or without her strong ult). You can also induce paralysis to trigger LK's QTE for massive damage. 
Because of the bonuses and the nature of Titans (rage mode) immune to status effects, 3.3L is highly not recommended. 3.3R has Knights, Queens, and Paladins; tanky enemies. 


Boss Stage 3:
[Counter Types +100% DMG]
[Melee Elemental DMG -> +500% DMG]
[Start with 90 SP for all valks]

Recommended DPS:

The last boss stage of this week features BIO-typed Yae Sakura. Since time is of essence, it's recommended to stay on your DPS after any buff/debuff set ups. The Yae here is nothing different from any other Yae bosses. With a melee elemental DPS, the stage ought to be a breeze.
Do note that when Yae has lost enough HP, both a Helscape and Doom will spawn.


If you are reading this, you've reached the end of my guide. Thanks for reading and good luck to all in this week's Path of Apotheosis!