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Battle Pass: Elite Works Vintage Guide

Brief Introduction

In v4.2, Honkai Impact 3rd has put Lucions into the Vintage category. Where you can no longer directly purchase any more Lucions and any you have will expire into 15 Einstein's Torus each on March 3rd, 2021.  In addition, a new shop area for Battle Pass (BP) has been introduced known as the Elite Works Vintage. The Elite Works Vintage sports all gears from Battle Pass Elite Works of prior versions, with the exception of any gear you have bought in v4.1. In addition, this shop provides extra options in the LTO tab (more on that later) and closes on March 3rd, 2021 as well. The purpose of this shop is to enable Mihoyo to release new stigmatas for players to purchase while also barring players who have been saving Lucions from using them on the newer gear. With the many options available, this guide will serve with the purpose of helping players decide what to buy from the Elite Works Vintage.

Table of Contents

  1. Accessing the Shop
  2. Elite Works Vintage
  3. What to get


Accessing the shop

The Elite Vintage Works can be accessed a few ways. You can access this shop by going to BP or Missions as denoted in the image below.

Following the picture below, you can either select “BP Rewards”, denoted by the yellow coloring, or “Theme Rewards”, denoted by the orange coloring, under the Rewards tab on the left. If you have selected BP Rewards, then press “Elite Works” denoted by the red circle on the bottom half of the picture. Otherwise, select “LTO Exchange Options” denoted by the red rectangle on the top half of the picture. These options will direct you to Elite Works, where you can then select Elite Works Vintage.

There exists one more way to access the shop. Pressing the “shop” button when viewing the Lucion in your inventory, you will also be directed to Elite Works, where you can then select Elite Works Vintage. This method is usable even when Battle Pass season is over.

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Elite Works Vintage

The Elite Works Vintage is a shop revolving around Lucions, the orange sphere currency. There are currently three sections for you to choose from to purchase items, LTO, Weapons, and Stigmata.

LTO (Limited Time Offer)
In LTO, you can exchange Lucions for Focus Supply Cards or Einstein's Torus. There also exist a limited 8 1-to-1 conversions from Fallen Crystallum to Lucion. While the previous methods of obtaining Lucions no longer offer Lucions, they now offer Fallen Crystallums instead. And with Fallen Crystallums, you can exchange for the Lucions (limit 8). This ensures that players will be able to afford and get what they want to purchase before the expiration date.


All stigmatas from previous Battle Pass seasons are back once again for a longer limited time. And like before, all the stigmatas cost 8 Lucions each.

Also like the stigmatas, all weapons from previous Battle Pass iterations are back again for a limited time, costing you either 8, 10, or 12 Lucions each.

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What to get

There's a lot of choices so let's get right down which ones to get.


If you don't need any resonators, honkai cubes, or torus, then I would recommend getting Focus cards, especially if you are close to a limited time pity pull for a crucial focus/equipment supply.

The conversion from Fallen Crystallum to Lucion is a good way to “pretend” that Fallen Crystallum and the new Elite Works do not exist. While you can only convert for a very limited of 8 times, hopefully within those 8 conversions, you will be able to afford the item(s) you wish to purchase from Elite Works Vintage.

And lastly, Einstein's Torus is not recommended. Even if you need Torus, you can obtain them through other needs. Unless you desperately need Torus, do not get Torus. Besides, when the Lucions expire, you will get the same amount of Torus anyway.

This is a ranking system of stigmatas only among themselves of the Elite Works Vintage. Other existing stigmatas outside of this shop will not affect the rankings too much. Rankings are based on availability and then meta-ness.

This is a ranking system of weapons only among themselves of the Elite Works Vintage. Other existing weapons outside of this shop will not affect the rankings too much. Rankings are based on availability and then meta-ness. Each ranking only corresponds to the weapon itself, not its PRI-Arms variant. However, corresponding PRI-Arms variants will be addressed in notes that may affect your decision.

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There are a lot of choices to pick from this shop. You will have ample time to get at least one gear. Keep in mind that as the times go, more and more items will be added to the craftable Bounty, so keep your eyes peeled. Hopefully, this guide has helped you better understand what you should strive to get in the Elite Works Vintage shop.

You've reached the end of the Battle Pass: Elite Works Vintage guide! I hope you enjoyed reading this guide and now know what are some gears you should prioritize over the other! I look forward to people joining the competitive scene of Honkai Impact 3rd. If you wish to visit me, my discord ID is Reinbex #1347. My Armada's ID (NA) is 1019 and Discord link is https://discord.gg/bVBRkF4. If you have any questions or just want to visit, don't hesitate to say hi!