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Path of Apotheosis Week 7

Honkai Impact 3rd: Path of Apotheosis Week 7 (06/10/2019-06/17/2019)
By Reinbex

What to expect
This is a guide to provide Captains a rough outline and idea of what to expect out of this week's Path of Apotheosis stages. The valkyries suggested here and put in a certain order is in consideration of the limited amount of valkyries a Captain may have. Certain enemies and specific bonuses have also been factored in as well. The chart below is a summed up version of what to expect out of this guide. Beyond that are in-depth descriptions of each part of the chart. 

This Week's UP time valks:
These are the valkyries with 4 deployment attempts this week.

The following provides a further in-depth look in the chart above. Please keep in mind for the following:
-After reaching the checkpoint of non-Boss stages, valkyries have their gear locked in and an attempt for them used up. 
-All non-Boss stages share the same bonuses. 
-All Boss stages provide an initial 90 SP to all your valks at the start of the stage.


Zone 1: 
[Charged/Combo Atks -> Freeze targets in an AOE for 5s (12s CD)]
[Frozen Enemies -> receive +400% DMG]
[Burst mode -> +500% DMG]

All Stages - Ice Blitz

F2P Build:

Zone 1 stages are all relatively similar. They only have MECHs as enemies. To best beat this stage, you would want to bring psychic valkyries can utilize at least ⅔ of the bonuses. You can either continue freezing the enemies one way or another and attack the frozen enemies, or you can use combo/charge attacks until you can burst ult. Therefore, the best recommended Valks are BR and SR. KM and Meme are other options since they have built-in frequent freeze in their skills. You could also use MC+BB pair since they have freeze and charge skills. 
While VK is a good choice here, she's better for Boss 2. 


For stages 1.1 and 1.3L , it's advised to bring a burst mode valkyrie. There are Titan Mechas in these stages. Titan Mechas have a "red rage" mode that gives them status immunity (frozen, paralysis, etc.) when at low enough HP. In red mode, only burst mode bonus applies to them. 


Stage 1.2 has soul linked enemies. If you lack strong enough valks and/or gatherer valks, you can reduce all enemy HP to all near zero first before killing any of them. 


Stage 1.3R has relatively tanky enemies. Make good use of the freeze dmg bonuses but save burst mode until the boss comes out. 


Boss Stage:
[Counter Types +100% DMG]
[Burst Mode -> +500% DMG]
[Start with 90 SP]

Recommended DPS:

While VK is a good choice here, she's better for Boss 2. 

Black Kingsguard is Zone 1's boss. He has 4 types of attacks. 

  • shoot tons of small delayed-explosion grenades out on the floor
  • Large AOE stomp
  • Many heat-seeking missiles
  • Shoot a giant very-delayed bomb 

Due to the nature of this stage's bonuses, you only need to bring a burst valkyrie and quickly go into burst mode. With the help of the provided 90 initial SP, a single burst mode ult can take down the boss very quickly. 


Zone 2: 
[Use Ult -> Enemies receive +900% DMG (2s)]
[SP Recovery +200%]
[Ranged Atks +300% DMG]

All Stages - Ultimate Trial

F2P Build:

Like Zone 1, Zone 2 stages are all of the same type, BIO. Zone 2 rewards Captains who deploy valkyries that use ranged type of attacks and can spam low-cost ultimates. The Valkyrie that best fits these descriptions is none other than VR herself. VR has a low cost ranged Ult and has ranged basic attacks. VR does more DMG against frozen enemies, so it's highly recommended to give her Water Spirit II. 

The Strategy
This F2P team set up has VT for her leader skill, VR as the main DPS and SS as the second DPS for heavier attacks. To utilize VR, have her perform an ult evasion to gather, then use her weapon skill to freeze. Immediately after, have VR ult. 

Other Options
Other preferable DPS valkyries are IR and SJ. IR can ult spam and continue using her special attack as a result. SJ's many hits per second along with the 200% SP recovery allows her to build ult fast enough to reach burst mode, when her ranged attacks deal major dmg. 


Contrary to the preview, stage 2.1 actually has (3) White Bushi Zombies in the end instead of Black Bushi Zombies. White Bushi Zombies tend to dodge ranged attacks easily. These zombies are also given a frenzy buff, increasing their movement speed and attack speed. It's recommended to have a long lasting form of immobilization to deal with these 3 enemies. SS's ult is perfect against the White Bushis. 


Stage 2.2 only has 2 Elite Scythe Zombies with a lot of HP. Just keep your distance and ult often. 


Stage 2.3R starts off with many BIO Module mobs scattered throughout the map. After defeating them all, 2 elite Archers and a Doom will spawn. It's recommended to ult and kill Doom off asap since she can stall the timer if not dealt with immediately. .


Boss Stage:
[Counter Types +100% DMG]
[Charged Atks +100%]
[Start with 90 SP]

Recommended DPS:

The Wytch is a Frost-based Spawner-type Zombie. She can be very mobile and warp to faraway from you. Therefore, the best recommended DPS is VK followed by DB. It can be noted that BB, VE, and SF can all benefit from all the provided bonuses on this boss stage. It's also recommended to bring along some form of immobilization status infliction to keep Wytch from doing anything. Because time fractures do not slow down the timer, your setups should only take a fraction of your given time. Set up a team that increases your DPS's DMG as much as possible and/or immobilize Wytch. But most importantly, your MECH DPS must always be able to consistently deal charge based attacks to Wytch no matter where Wytch goes. 

(Apologies for the short and cut-out video. I had to stop my first attempt mid-recording due to lack of storage.)


Zone 3: 
[Any Attacks -> +0.5 SP]
[Airborne enemies -> receive +100% DMG]
[All 3 Valks are deployed at once]

All Stages (and Stage 3.3R) - Squad Mode

F2P Build:

Just like the previous Zones, Zone 3 will be filled with only PSY enemies. Unlike other stages however, all your valkyries will be deployed at once. Thankfully, you can switch control to your other valkyries apart from your leader valkyrie. Enemies will spawn spread out in a wide large map. 

The Team Strategy
Because of the spread out spawning and easy SP gains of Zone 3 stages, having DK or VC makes for a great support to gather enemies. NS, VBS, Miko, and GK are all great DPS choices for these stages. Particularly NS and VBS since they can lift enemies and keep them in midair. A recommended tactic is to set up gather and then ult with your DPS on the gathered enemies. The moment the gathering, wears off, quickly go into your gatherer valk to do a quick split second gather (even if your DPS is mid-ulting). You can immediately resume control of your ulting DPS afterwards and continue the beatdown. 

Other Options
If you have LE, you can lead with her so you don't need to waste time for your gatherer valk to gain SP before ult-gathering.

Avoid this!
It is however recommended to steer clear of stage 3.3R since it has Crab just like Zone 3's boss. Crab's weakest against FS and AK. Unless you have both and they're both strong enough, take stage 3.3L instead.


Stage 3.1 has only frost enemies, just watch out for when you attack, some of the enemies explode a small aoe freeze.


Stage 3.2 only has Archangels, Chariots and Medusas.Nothing much to worry about once you gather and ult on them.


Like 3.1, Stage 3.3L only has frost enemies. So watch out for the freeze effects and you will be fine.


Boss Stage: 
[Counter Types +100% DMG]
[Melee Elemental +500%]
[Start with 90 SP]

Recommended DPS

The final boss is a single PSY Crab. The Crab has various attacks from bouncing, to charging, and smashing its front. The Crab has many "delayed" attacks so beware of that when evading. And because it's discouraged to constantly switch valkyries, the front of the Crab has very high defenses, and that there is the +500% Elemental Melee bonus,  it's recommended to go with the elemental melee DPS route. You can pretty much stay on your Elemental Melee DPS and win. If you wish, bring ss+ WD and DP lead to boost your dps valkyrie's DMG even further.


If you are reading this, you've reached the end of my guide. Thanks for reading and good luck to all in this week's Path of Apotheosis!