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Path of Apotheosis Week 6

Honkai Impact 3rd: Path of Apotheosis Week 5 (06/03/2019-06/10/2019)
By Reinbex

What to expect
This is a guide to provide Captains a rough outline and idea of what to expect out of this week's Path of Apotheosis stages. The valkyries suggested here and put in a certain order is in consideration of the limited amount of valkyries a Captain may have. Certain enemies and specific bonuses have also been factored in as well. The chart below is a summed up version of what to expect out of this guide. Beyond that are in-depth descriptions of each part of the chart. 

This Week's UP time valks:
These are the valkyries with 4 deployment attempts this week.


The following provides a further in-depth look in the chart above. Please keep in mind for the following:
-After reaching the checkpoint of non-Boss stages, valkyries have their gear locked in and an attempt for them used up. 
-All non-Boss stages share the same bonuses. 
-All Boss stages provide an initial 90 SP to all your valks at the start of the stage.
-Week 6 is almost identical to Week 4's lineup. 


Zone 1:
[Melee +100%]
[Spend SP -> (TimeLock nearby Enemies, affected Enemies take 400% more DMG, +100% faster SP gain) for 3s]

Stages 1.1 and 1.2

F2P Build:

YA's Leader skill compliments on URs playstyle and can impair to trigger UR's QTE. YA has plenty of cheap weapon skills to spend SP and a low SP-cost Ult. Please note that UR is also recommended for the zone 2 stages. You might want to consider another PSY dps if your stronger DPS is UR. 

Stages 1.1 and 1.2 are almost the same. A single PSY melee DPS is good enough for these stages. Have two other valkyries in your team such as YA and WC to spend SP easily to utilize the bonuses. The enemies are fairly simple; Just a bunch of MECH enemies. Just either stay on your DPS or spend SP once in a while and switch into your DPS to enjoy the bonuses.


Stages 1.3L 1.3R

F2P Build:
+           or 
A single BIO dps with VR or VC to gather enemies. VR and the 3rd valkyrie can simply support with spending SP via weapon skills.


Stages 1.3R and 1.3L are both full of PSY type enemies. They're both every similar to stages 1.1 and 1.2 with the exception of different typed enemies. In 1.3R, there's a few Honkai beasts that spawn first. Kill them all and Legatus will spawn. Avoid hitting his arms and hit the middle for most dmg. 
While for 1.3L, there will be Frost Knights at the beginning. I recommend avoiding their status-inflicting hits and immobilize them with your valkyries. And at the end of the stage, there will be 3 main enemies. The 3 PSY Meduzoas will be Soul Linked. Unless your valkyries are strong enough, it's better to round them up to kill them all. 



Boss Stage 1:
[Counter Types +100% DMG]
[Melee +100%]
[Start with 90 SP for all valks]

Recommended DPS:

The first boss is a single PSY Crab. The Crab has many "delayed" attacks so beware of that when evading. And because it's discouraged to constantly switch valkyries and that the front of the Crab has very high defenses, it's recommended to go with the elemental DPS route. You can pretty much stay on your Elemental Melee DPS and win. If you wish, bring ss+ WD and DP to boost your dps valkyrie's DMG even further.
However, if you wish to use physical-DMG based DPS instead, then you would want to bring along some form of impairing such as CH to lower the boss's defenses. Watch out for it's ball bounces and keep attacking it with 1 valkyrie so you can ult asap. The sooner you ult, the less likely you'd need to use up more attempts. 



Zone 2: 
[(Have 75+ SP) -> +400% DMG]
[Atks recover +1 more SP each]

Stages 2.1 and 2.2

F2P Build:

SD leads for higher crit rate. SJ or SD will be main DPS. SJ has many hits per second with her attacks so she can gain SP easily from the bonus. Otherwise use SD. 

In both Stages 2.1 and 2.2, there are a lot of zombies. Focus on staying on 1 valkyrie and have her gain as much SP as possible asap. A fast multi-hitting valkyrie such as SJ is prefered to benefit from the SP-recovery bonus. Other valkyrie options are VR and VBS. Once your valkyrie has 75+ SP, killing the enemies will be a breeze. Just watch out on using melee against Black bushis. 


Stage 2.3L and 2.3R

F2P Build:

Lead with UR and mainly stay on UR. If you wish, have VA shield break with her ult and CI to use Hell Thunder to impair for UR's QTE. VC is there to gather the mobs for easier killing. If you have LE, you can easily ult asap with VC.


Both stages 2.3R and 2.3L are the almost the same. They both similar to stages 2.1 and 2.2 with the difference of having MECH enemies instead. In 2.3R, there will be plenty of MECHs to kill. Stay on your DPS and gain SP digiliently. For 2.3L, there's more DEF heavy oriented enemies there. Bring an elemental PSY valkyrie that doesn't rely too much on spending SP such as Phx. Due to the nature of this week, you can use VC gather enemies for an easier time for your DPS. Should be a breeze once your DPS has 75+ SP. 
One thing to note is that the O-OMEGA enemies turn into a BIO type when their front shield breaks. You can side in a MECH or BIO type valkyrie if you wish to counter that scenario.



Boss Stage 2:
[Counter Types +100% DMG]
[Atks recover +1 more SP each]
[Start with 90 SP for all valks]

F2P Build:

If UR is your DPS, you can either lead with WD or UR for leader skill. If VP is your DPS instead, then make sure to have VP as your lead and WD is ss rank. 

On this stage, there is only 1 enemy, the Boss Hellfire Mech. Based on the stage and its bonuses, its recommended to stick to 1 PSY DPS and can deal tons of DMG with her ult. The stage rewards your valkyries with SP so only stay on your DPS and attack. If you don't stop attacking, you should be able to keep the Boss's shield down and render it immobile most of the time. In the case that the boss does attack you, just watch out for its air missiles, missiles and stomps. In any case, the boss is very simple and easy to defeat when you stay on 1 DPS. 



Zone 3: 
[(Combo < 10) -> +400% DMG]
[(Combo > 10) -> Ult Evades ignite surrounding enemies for 10s and reset Combo Count]
[+300% Total DMG Multiplier]

Note: if you lack slow hitting valkyries, you can still use your strong DPS since there is the +300 Total DMG Multiplier

Stages 3.1 and 3.2

F2P Build:
VT for lead. All 3 can be good DPS for the stage since they are slow hitters. LK hits with her special attack and QTE. LK's QTE can be triggered with paralyze from stigmatas such as Rinaldo M. 

Stages 3.1 and 3.2 are very straight forward. 3.1 has your typical Honkai Beasts. 3.2 has DEF Crab, Tentacle Beasts, and the DungBall Beast. Just maintain your combo count to less than 10 every time you deal damage. Since Crab has high frontal DEF, you can bring an Elemental Valkyrie like KM. KM's QTE trigger is ignition, which so happens to be what the DungBall Beast does when it explodes. During the times when your combo counts rise above 10, focus on evadin instead or not hitting so you can reset your counter and increase your DMG. 


Stage 3.3L

F2P Build

This stage's enemies are Scythe Zombies, White Bushis and Helscape (Doom's cousin). If you gather the enemies and use a low combo hitting Melee Mecha DPS, this stage would be a breeze. Be wary of the tankiness that the enemies have on this stage alongside Helscape's red web. 


Stage 3.3R

F2P Build:
VT for lead. All 3 can be good DPS for the stage since they are slow hitters. LK hits with her special attack and QTE. LK's QTE can be triggered with paralyze from stigmatas such as Rinaldo M. 

The main enemies of this stage are the flying Honkai Beasts. On the side are Archer Zombies and Claw Zombies. Because they're usually very spread out, I highly recommend bringing along VR ult evade gather them. Once you gather them, you switch into your BIO DPS to kill the gathered. You can bring a secondary MECH DPS if you aren't killing the Zombies fast enough. 


Boss Stage 3:
[Counter Types +100% DMG]
[+300% Total DMG Multiplier]
[Start with 90 SP for all valks]

Recommended DPS

The last boss of this week's Path of Apotheosis is the Herrescher of the Void (ver.1). Because it is HoV v1, Lightning DMG can affect her. For your choice of valkyries, you really don't need to mind which DPS to use since there is the +300% Total DMG Multiplier Bonus. If you really wish to have the best advantage, use a MECH valkyrie that can hit the often-teleporting boss. It's also recommended that you bring a shield Bronya (DB,YA/DK) to block her "ult" if you can't dodge it. Other recommended supports include DP for passive impair, YA/DK for ignore interruption barrier. Just stay on your DPS for most or all of the time during your fight if you wish to succeed against HoV. If she has any lingering spikes on the floor, be aware that they will spawn a Honkai Beast.



If you are reading this, you've reached to the end of my guide. Thanks for reading and good luck to all in this week's Path of Apotheosis!