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A Timetable for Crafting Ana Schariac

In Patch 4.2, for the first time, a new best in slot stigmata set will be available to farm. This is tremendously generous, but there has to be a catch right? The new Ana Schariac set has hefty crafting costs and we are going to take a deeper look into what it will cost to craft a full set.


Cost of a single G3 stigmata piece:

  • 35 specific G3 Ghosts

  • G2 Stigmata

  • 900 Ether Fuels

  • 150 Spatial Convectrons


For the full set, you will need:

  • 105 G3 Ghosts

  • A Full Peary Set

  • 2,700 Ether Fuels

  • 450 Spatial Convectrons


We will tackle Spatial Convectrons first, it will be the easiest to quantify. Provided you have 480 AE Imaginons and 400 SS Imaginons, you will be able to quickly exchange for up to 320 Spatial Convectrons. But you will want 450 total!

With the introduction of this new forging system, there are new level up rewards and at levels 65 and 75, captains can choose between 500 Stigmata Resonator or 50 Spatial Convectrons, which essentially equate to the same thing.

There will also be reward packages that could also allow you to choose another 50 Spatial Convectron/500 Stig Reso. From the 150 you can potentially receive for free, and another 300 bought with Imaginons, one of the crafting requirements will be fulfilled quickly.


Next, let us tackle the Robert Peary stigmatas dilemma.


Cost of a single G2 stigmata piece:

  • 25/40 G2 Ghosts

  • 110/160 Spatial Lens

  • 550/900 Ether Fuels


The costs will depend on if you already have their respective G1 stigmata. This cost will vary greatly depending on how many Robert Peary or Nohime stigmatas a captain owns. I will use my own personal situation as an example. I have Peary M and nothing else. In this case, I will have to craft Peary T and B from scratch. In total, this will cost me 1,800 additional Ether Fuels, 320 Spatial Lens and 80 Ghosts.

The Spatial Lens, like Spatial Convectrons can be crafted from Imaginons. With 250 AE Imaginons and 300 SS Imaginons, you can buy up to 380 Spatial Lens! Past that, it will take 5,400 Bounty Silvers to reach the 480 total if you need to craft 3 Peary pieces. In that case, it might be difficult to craft all three within a single patch. This means it will be a multi-patch project to craft a full Ana Schariac set, but two pieces are still within reach for now.


Finally, we have to consider the Ghosts and Ether Fuels requirements, and this might be the most challenging. Firstly, we get another free reward, this time a choice between 450 Ether Fuels, 20x of a G3 Ghost, or 25x of a G2 Ghost. Twenty G3 Ghosts would be the best option here.


This brings us to the final count of:

  • 85 G3 Ghosts

  • Up to 120 G2 Ghosts

  • 2,700 and up to 5,400 Ether Fuels


Here is a table of the rewards from the Event Bounty Marks.


We will estimate assist rewards and assume we may purchase two SS or two S ranks per week.

Let’s tackle G3 first. G3 will want SS rank bounties. We will want 35 Ghosts per piece. Let us estimate we get 3 ghosts on average per bounty. We also get 500 Bounty Silvers which is about 1.67 G3 Ghosts. This means without considering exchanging with Ether Fuel, we can already get our first Ana piece within 1-2 weeks, thanks to the 20x Ghost reward. Future Ana pieces will take about 4 weeks.


Next we should consider G2 pieces. G2 crafting will want S rank bounties. We will want 40 ghosts per piece. You get 2-4 G2 ghosts per bounty. This also includes 430 Silver Bounty which is another 1.72 G2 Ghost. This means an average of 4-5 weeks before accounting exchanging with Ether Fuel. 


Although, we really ought to consider Ether Fuel. You can exchange up to 20 Ghosts of each stigmata per week with Ether Fuel. With the 2,700 - 5,400 base Ether Fuel cost in mind, any additional can go towards expediting the ghost.


However, the flip side is also true. Captains who are currently short on Ether Fuel will struggle greatly. Assuming we can get about 150 Ether Fuel, including recycling G1 Ghosts, it will take 6 weeks for each stigmata G2/G3 alike from the Ether Fuel cost perspective. Of course, once the Ghost costs have been met, they can be recycled for extra Ether Fuel as well.


This means for those starting from scratch, I would estimate approximately 5 months to get a full Ana Schariac set. However, most will not have started from nothing. Many will have pieces of Nohime, or Robert Peary, or even have Ether Fuel stockpiled up. For me, I have ether fuel stockpiled and a Peary M. Between all the G1 Ghosts and Shades I can recycle, I have about 4,445 Ether Fuel and will need 4500 Ether Fuel to craft everything. This means any more past 4,500 I will be free to exchange for ghosts. I will probably craft my full Ana Schariac set within 3 months.