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Path of Apotheosis Week 5

Honkai Impact 3rd: Path of Apotheosis Week 5 (5/27/2019-6/03/2019)
By Reinbex

What to expect
This is a guide to provide Captains a rough outline and idea of what to expect out of this week's Path of Apotheosis stages. The valkyries suggested here and put in a certain order is in consideration of the limited amount of valkyries a Captain may have. Certain enemies and specific bonuses have also been factored in as well. The chart below is a summed up version of what to expect out of this guide. Beyond that are in-depth descriptions of each part of the chart. 

This Week's UP time valks:
These are the valkyries with 4 deployment attempts this week.



The following provides a further in-depth look in the chart above. Please keep in mind for the following:
-After reaching the checkpoint of non-Boss stages, valkyries have their gear locked in and an attempt for them used up. 
-All non-Boss stages share the same bonuses. 
-All Boss stages provide an initial 90 SP to all your valks at the start of the stage.


Zone 1: 
[Combo 100+ -> +500% Total DMG Multiplier]
[Combo 100 -> 10s Time Fracture]
[Burst Mode -> +500% DMG]

Stages 1.1

F2P Build:

You can run either DK or SR as your main DPS here. DK (or another Bronya teammate) with laser can increase the combo count very easily to 100. SR can also increase her combo count to 100 easily as well. With your DPS, continue to attack to increase combo count to 100 without using any weapon skills. DK's low sp-cost burst mode and SR's burst mode can finish off the rest of the stage's enemies once combo count achieved. The enemies of this stage are a bunch of module bot mobs of all types and 1 gauntlet MECH. 


Stage 1.2 and 1.3R
F2P Build:

Stage 1.2 and 1.3R are relatively the same in types of enemies. 1.2 has 2 White-Bushis and a Missiles Mech on the first wave followed by spider bots and the Honkai Knight on the second way. 1.3R has only 2 enemies: a Honkai Beast and Claw Zombie that relentlessly attack. You only need 1 good high combo burst mode BIO valkyrie such as VBS or NS to defeat these two stages. 


Stage 1.3L

F2P Build:

This stage has 2 sets of Zombies that are soul linked. Unless your mecha high combo burst Valkyries are nicely geared or you have the S ranks such as SK and VE, it's not recommended to hit this stage over the other. Otherwise, just focus down on 1 of the zombies at a time while gaining SP and combo count. Once you burst, it should be easy to clear. 


Boss Stage 1:
[Counter Types +100% DMG]
[Burst Mode -> +500% DMG]
[Start with 90 SP for all valks]

Recommended DPS:

On this stage, it's advised to stay on 1 DPS most or all of the time during the stage. Because you start with 90 SP, your DPS valkyries can easily get into Burst Mode very easily and quickly. Just focus on Doom and get to ulting as soon as possible. At around 0:25 seconds left and Boss is less than 50% HP, other various zombies will spawn. Do make sure to be able to break Doom's shield or she will remain phased out for a good amount of time. With proper gear, 1-2 attempts should clear this stage. 


Zone 2: 
[Ranged Atks +300%]
[During Time Fracture +500%]

Stages 2.1 and 2.2

F2P Build:

Both stages 2.1 and 2.2 are filled with Honkai Beasts. Bring a nicely geared Snowy Sniper along and staying on her should be enough to defeat the stage. If you wish to be extra, you can bring along another valkyrie that deals ranged damage and/or deals DMG during Time Fractures. LK and KMB has a QTE that deals a lot of DMG and initializes a time fracture. For LK's QTE, it can be triggered easily enough with Rinaldo M. 


Stage 2.3L and 2.3R

F2P Build:

Alternatively, you can use RI's or SF's QTE if you lack DB. VR can still gather mobs and use Water Spirit II or Artemis pistols to trigger RI's or SF's QTE respectively. 

My Build:

These stages have plenty of zombies and is quite simple to defeat. Have VR ult evade to gather the zombies and then trigger the DPS valkyrie's QTE (that is ranged and happens during time fracture). In my case, it was DB, so VR's Rinaldo M did the trick to paralyze. In 2.3R's stage, there is also an insta-kill Archer Zombie so watch out for her and focus her down with either QTE or ranged attacks. 


Boss Stage 2:
[Counter Types +100% DMG]
[Charged Atks +100%]
[Start with 90 SP for all valks]

F2P Build:

This stage's boss is Arc DEF: Riot. He has a lot of DEF. It's much more recommended to use Elemental DPS but the better choices are S rank valkyries such as BR. You can use VP or KM (assuming at least S+ rank) as your DPS. Otherwise you can go with PHY dmg based teams such as YA/DK, UR, and another valkyrie. The boss is a Gauntlet MECH that has erratic and quick-paced attack patterns. It's recommended to be skilled in dodging for this stage in particular. After a certain amount of lost Boss HP, other Mechs will spawn in. Avoid Riot's attacks and use as much PSY charged attacks as possible. 


Zone 3: 
[(Airborne Enemies) -> They receive +100% DMG]
[(Enemies less than 33% HP) -> (They get stunned, Switch&QTE +1000% DMG) for 5s]
[Kills during QTE bonus -> Full SP]

Stages 3.1 and 3.2 and 3.3R

F2P Build:
or               +   

All three stages are similar. For lower difficulty players, use VR to gather valkyries and deal enough DMG until they are susceptible to the +1000% QTE DMG. Then QTE with VC or some other valkyrie to defeat the majority of them.

However, for the higher difficulty players, while the +1000% QTE bonus seems amazing, it's not reasonable enough to make that your main focus due to lack of time. It's better off using a strong valkyrie that can deal a lot of damage while keep enemies in the air such as NS. The QTE bonus should be an extra help in that case. Stage 3.1 has a Honkai Beast, several winged Honkais, and mecha modules. 3.2 has Queen, mecha modules, and claw zombies. 3.3R has a Queen and various zombies. 


Stage 3.3L

F2P Build

3.3L has Zombies and Honkais as the enemies to defeat. I took the right path so there's not much I can say here. Should be relatively similar to 3.3R but with more Zombies. Just have a strong enough DPS that can lower enemies to 33% HP and SD for the stunned QTE. 


Boss Stage 3:
[Counter Types +100% DMG]
[Melee Elemental +500%]
[Start with 90 SP for all valks]

Recommended DPS

Recommended Support

This boss stage features DXY and several zombies. Keep in mind DXY is a psychic type while she has a shield up (on her horse) and is a BIO type while her shield is down (not on her horse). On this stage, it is extremely recommended to use a Melee Elemental Valkyrie such as FS or AK. Due to the nature of this week's PoA providing 90 SP at the start of Boss stages, SK is also an option if you can break DXY's shield fast enough. Have your team focus on increasing your Elemental Melee DPS's dmg output as much as possible. Go into and stay in on your DPS for most if not all of the duration of the stage. Avoid DXY's charges and continue to hack at her HP away until you can ult. Make sure your DPS gets to ult for the best amount of DMG possible. At certain HP losses, DXY will summon zombies. You can make it easier for your DPS if you bring DP along as the leader (and so she can ult) and WD for her barrier that provides a buff at ss rank. 


If you are reading this, you've reached to the end of my guide. Thanks for reading and good luck to all in this week's Path of Apotheosis!