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Thunderous Sanction Event Guide

Thunderous Sanction event guide


Thunderous Sanction is Herrscher of Thunder's (HoT) introductory event. The event will have two sections: Tutorials and Battlesuit Trials. Tutorials are there to familiarize everyone with the new battlesuit, covering HoT's attack, evasion, QTE, and ultimate mechanics. Doing so will also reward you with some Homu's Legend Proofs and crystals. 


The main portion of the event will be the Herrscher Trials. This will be accessible once you have unlocked Herrscher of Thunder. HoT will have to fight through seven challenges and four battle sims, which will grant you a total reward of 24 SS Imaginons, 18 AE Imaginons, 3,300 Asterites, and 1 Focused Supply Card. 


That is quite a bit of free stuff, and I do like free stuff. In this guide, we will go over each battle so you all can grab the free stuff as well. These battles will use your own HoT battlesuit, with whatever level, gear, and rank she may have. Therefore results could be different from this guide. For my runs, I will be using a S-rank level 80 HoT, with lv50 Magstorm, and the full Rebel's Blades event stigmata set. Lightning Empress (LE) was SSS-rank therefore HoT would have their corresponding shared skills.


The first two Challenges and the four Battle Sims are very straightforward. The main objective is to kill all the monsters within the allowed time. Battle Sims have specific buffs focused on a certain attack type. 


Herrscher Challenge 1:

Herrscher Challenge 2:

Battle Sim 1:

Battle Sim 2:

Battle Sim 3:

Battle Sim 4:


From here onwards, the Challenges will get a bit more difficult. You will face 5 boss fights, each becoming progressively more difficult. Also, the timer is no longer a lose-condition. Instead, the timer will indicate the boss entering Frenzy mode. This will grant the boss 300% bonus Atk. After an additional 30s, Frenzy lv2 will grant the boss 80% damage reduction and attacks will also apply bleed.


Herrscher Challenge 3:

RPC-6626 will be a relatively easy boss. Its attacks are predictable and it will not have too much HP.


Herrscher Challenge 4:

Hephaestus and all future bosses will provide you two trial characters. Azure Empyrea (AE) and Molotov Cherry (MC) will be the HoT's support, and they will be fully geared. Hephaestus is a tricky boss but its HP is still low enough to not be too challenging. Make sure you evade the “red flash” attacks, which will interrupt and float Hephaestus and be sure not to waste damage during it entering burst mode when it would be invulnerable.


Herrscher Challenge 5:

Heimdall is another easy boss with tricky mechanics. It has 4 layers of shields that provide damage reduction. These layers can be shattered with “Heavy Atks” when Heimdall blocks. These attacks will include the valkyrie's QTEs, HoT's evasion attack, HoT's 5th sequence basic attack, AE's 4th sequence basic attack, AE's combo attack, and Blood Dance's active. Heimdall will also enter burst mode if it gets attacked a certain amount in a short duration or when hitting 50% HP. Hit counter to enter burst mode can be reset by shattering a shield layer. Overall, the HP isn't high enough for this to be too challenging.


Herrscher Challenge 6:

Herrscher of the Void (HoV) is the first challenging boss in my opinion. HoV has enough HP to make it challenging, especially if you do not have the best gear. The best advice I can give is to continuously trigger time fracture to buy more time and keep doing rotations with HoT's combo attack and ultimate whenever possible.


Herrscher Challenge 7:

Bright Knight Excelsis (BKE) was another challenging one if you do not have enough damage. BKE has two phases each with its own weaknesses. The first stage will have periods where BKE will continuously block and counter your attacks. If you evade 4 times, BKE will be vulnerable for a brief time. Exploiting this window three times should be enough to finish the first phase. Next, BKE will go into burst mode and have a shield. The shield can be broken by elemental dmg. Once the shield is broken, BKE will be vulnerable again and the team will gain 60 SP. Once again, exploiting this window three times should defeat the boss.


Congratulations, well done! You have completed Herrscher of Thunder's challenges and reaped its rewards.