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Gemina Invasions: Deep Paradise Event Guide

Gemina Invasions: Deep Paradise event guide




This event is a monopoly board-game style event, with captains playing as a Tesla NPC. There will be four Acts, each with its own set of missions to complete for rewards. This event will not consume any stamina. The main rewards are given in Berry/Cherry Tokens. Berry Tokens will be rewarded throughout each Act, while Cherry Tokens are rewarded once clearing the 3rd floor of each Act. These are exchanged in the Event Shop for great prizes like exclusive Outfit and Stigmata, as well as Honkai Shards, Asterites, Skill material, and Phase Shifters.


Each Act will have its three separate floors. Similar to Monopoly, Tesla will row to travel through the map, landing on tiles to purchase and upgrade property with its “Tickets” currency. Besides building up your properties, you will also encounter tiles giving random rewards, as well as battle and mini-game tiles. In this guide, we will go over the general mechanics of the event, then delve deeper into the first two Acts.

EX Trials 1 and 2 was the most difficult part of the event for me, if you wish to skip ahead to their sections click: EX Trial 1 and EX Trial 2


General Mechanics:



Each floor will have their own set of missions. Completing these will let you progress to the next floor by the menu on the top right. Missions are typically beating “bosses” and acquiring property.



These tiles will allow Tesla to purchase and upgrade facilities with tickets. There are five types of facilities. ST-II Maneki-Stan is the main source for tickets on each floor. The Rozayoshka and Liliyoshka dolls will grant Act themed buffs and stats to your battles. Homu King’s Statue will grant a strong buff after a certain time during battles. Haxxor Tool will grant bonuses for the mini-games.


Reward Tiles:

These tiles will reward Tesla with random prizes, from tickets to event items that will assist in moving through the board.


Battle and Homu Mini-game Tiles:

Each Act will have its own theme for these. We will go into more detail as we go over each Act. These tiles will block Tesla, meaning you cannot walk over them, but you can decline to fight if you feel unprepared. Your power level on these tiles are tied to your facility buffs, so if you are having trouble, you can upgrade your property and try again later. Winning will reward players with tickets, event items, and Berry Tokens. Losing will cost you some resources, so if you are not prepared, you can always “Run Away” from these events. Some floors will also have roaming Boss battles.


Event Items:

Event Items are received through the aforementioned reward tiles and fights. You may also purchase them with tickets on certain tiles. 

Smart Steer: Allows Tesla to choose exactly how many tiles to walk. Perfect for landing on specific tiles. 

Traffic Cone: Blocks a tile within a range of 7 from Tesla. Will stop a monster or Tesla from passing the tile one time. Great for reducing the movement of Tesla or a roaming monster.

Transposition: Swap Tesla’s position with a monster or character; uses up a move turn.

Turnaround: As the name suggests, turns Tesla or another monster/character around.


Act 1: Arcadeland


Battle Themes:

In this Act, the facilities will focus on Lightning damage buffs. Therefore, the aforementioned lightning valkyries are highly recommended for the battles.


The Homu mini-games are coin collection matches. As coins drop, obstacles such as banana peels, bombs, and mobs like Zombie Archer and Quantum Crab will try to hinder you as you race against the clock to collect the required amount of coins.

Protip: ultimate evasion triggers time fracture which will slow down the time limit. The stages will be super easy if you get good at evading.


Act 1 Area Challenge:

The fun is not over after clearing an Act, you can defeat their respective Area Challenges and EX Trials for some additional Berry Tokens. Area Challenge locks a boss fight after unlocking each floor. However, the facility buffs you accumulated during the Act will affect the fight, so it would be easiest if you simply do them after completing the third floor. These boss fights also provide Trial battlesuits, which will be more than enough to defeat the bosses. In Act 1, you will receive Herrscher of Thunder. Here is an example of how to defeat the bosses with ease.


EX Trial 1:

The EX Trial is unlocked after completing the 3rd floor, and they are a challenging puzzle floor. EX Trials give you event items, so be sure to use them to your advantage. In this EX Trial, you will have to claim four tiles. The challenge will come from the monsters that will spawn on the two corners of the map after each tile you claim. Claim the tiles while sneaking past the roaming threats. Here is an example of solving EX Trial 1.


Act 2: Abyssal Theater


Battle Themes:

In this Act, the facilities will focus on Fire damage buffs. Therefore, the aforementioned fire valkyries are highly recommended for the battles.


The Homu mini-games are some top-down shooters. These are fairly easy and straightforward. The best advice I can give is to simply keep moving and avoid damage while spraying down your enemies.


Act 2 Area Challenge:

Act 2 Area Challenge will provide 3 Trial battlesuits: Azure Empyrea, Molotov Cherry, and Vermilion Knight. Here is an example of how to defeat the bosses with ease. The third battle was a little close since Vermilion Knight had a typing disadvantage to the boss. Feel free to use your own valkyries instead of the provided ones, or to further upgrade your facilities in the Act if it proves difficult.


EX Trial 2:

EX Trial 2 will have Tesla hunt down four valkyries spread out across the map. Each character has a predetermined 4 tile movement speed. Tag each one before any reach the center of the map. If Tesla reaches the center of the map, she will teleport back to her spawn location. This mechanic will be extremely important, along with intelligent use of your event items. Traffic Cones will be needed to hinder each valkyrie’s progression. Turnaround will remove 1 threat, while using Transposition and Traffic Cones together is crucial to capture the rest.


Thank you for reading the guide, I hope I have helped a little!~