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【The Day You Vanished with the Stars】Event Guide

Welcome to【The Day You Vanished with the Stars】Event Guide


This guide will cover everything Captains need to know about the Event.

There are a total of 4 modes for Captains enjoy.

  • Story: Clear a series of stages to learn about Starlit Astrologos and Captain's journey.

  • Tutorial: Introduces and teaches the basics of Battlesuit: Starlit Astrologos.

  • Energize Daily: Clear stages to charge Tesla – Zero and also unlock Event buffs.

  • Stress Test: Focuses on Starlit Astrologos's combat mechanisms and suitable lineups. (mode only available for players who owns Starlit Astrologos)


2 other miscellaneous modes will also be available for Captains to read and learn more about Starlit Astrologos.

  • Stargazing Notes

  • Album



Contents Page



Items and Prizes

List of items Captains will or can earn from the Event.


Overview of Orchid Pins required to purchase all important items in Event Shop

  • Starlit Astrologos Frags x 100 @ 1,840 Orchid Pins

  • Honkai Shard x 1 @ 440 Orchid Pins

  • SP Supply Card x 1 @ 100 Orchid Pins

  • Advanced Skill Material x 20 @ 320 Orchid Pins

Total: 2,700 Orchid Pins


Image 1: Items and Prizes

Image 2:  Redeem Locations

Image 3: Redeem Quantities

Image 4: Orchid Pins Calculation



Story: Estranged Stars

  • Captains will be using fixed Trial Character(s) to clear the stages. New stages will be unlocked after clearing previous stages.

  • After clearing all stages of a timeline, an EX Stage will unlock. EX Stages have first time clearance rewards. (EX Stage carries a certain difficulty. It is recommended that Captains level up or unlock new buffs under Energize Daily before attempting EX Stages.)

  • Continue the story by unlocking new timeline(s). Captains will need to full charge Tesla-Zero in Energize Daily mode to unlock new timeline(s).


Image 5: Map with a single unlocked timeline.

Image 6: Map with 3 unlocked timelines

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Character Tutorial

  • Captains will be using Trial Starlit Astrologos in the Tutorial stages.

  • Be familiarized with Starlit Astrologos basic combat mechanisms by clearing the Tutorial.

  • Captains are strongly encouraged to clear this mode first. 

  • All tutorial stages have first time clearance rewards.


Image 7: Map of Tutorial Stages

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Energize Daily

Other than the Story mode, Captains will be spending a fair bit of time in Energize Daily mode. Due to the large content, Energize Daily will be broken down into 4 parts.

  1. Information and Notes

  2. Rubrica Stack Buffs

  3. Boss Stages

  4. Mob Stages



  • Captains will be using their own Valkyries in the Energize Daily Stages. 

  • Total of 8 stages: 4 Boss stages and 4 Mob stages.

  • All stages grant the same amount of Rewards and Energy Charge.

  • Captains will receive 3 Stellar Seal when entering Energize Daily for the first time each day. 

  • All stages have cooldown durations. Stage will be locked once cleared.

  • Mob stages reset Daily while the Boss stages reset Every Other Day (GMT+8 0400).



  • Stellar Seals can be saved up (no limit).

  • Captains can purchase additional Seals in event Shop using Mithrils.

  • Energize Daily stages will no longer charge Tesla – Zero after all time lines in Story mode are unlocked.

  • Captains can continue to clear the stages to earn Orchid Pins (30 Pins per stage).

  • Rubrica stacks will continue to add Stats buffs, even after unlocking all Effect buffs.


Image 8: Map of Energize Daily

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Rubrica Stack Buffs

  • Rubrica Stack buff is only active in Story and Energize Daily Modes. Other modes does not gain from this buff.

  • Rubrica can be earned from clearing Energize Daily stages. 1 Rubrica for each clearance.

  • Rubrica Stacks provides 2 kinds of Buff: Stats buff and Effect buff.

  • Each Rubrica Stack buffs the Valkyrie by adding a certain amount of Stats.

  • When Captain earns a certain number of Rubrica Stacks, Effect buffs will be unlocked. 

  • 5 Effect buffs are available at Level 5, 15, 25, 35 and 45 respectively.

    • Level 5: The 4rd sequence of Starlite Astrologo's Basic ATK additionally restores HP for the team

    • Level 15: Starlite Astrologo's Ultimate makes enemies hit take more Physical DMG.

    • Level 25: Starlite Astrologo's attacks can reduce enemies' HP recovery effect.

    • Level 35: Team gains immunity to Paralyzing debuffs. Enemies hit by Starlite Astrologo's attacks take more Total DMG.

    • Level 45: Team gains immunity to Weakening debuffs.


Image 9: Level 0 Rubica Stack

Image 10: Charging Tesla-Zero

Image 11: Level 45 Rubica Stack

Image 12: Level 54 Rubica Stack with additional stats boost

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Boss Stages

  • Boss stages are straight-forward compared to Mob stages. As long as Captain has 1 well or fully equipped team, Boss stages can be easily cleared.

  • Boss stages only reset once any other day (e.g. if reset is on a Monday, next reset will be on Wednesday).

  • Since 3 Stellar Seals are given per day, Captains will find themselves with 2 additional seals before the Boss stage resets. Captains will need to clear 2 other Mob stages to keep their buff level high.


Stage and Boss: Xun – Parvati / Qian – Wendy / Kun – Benares / Gen – Hellmaru

Stage Effect(s): N/A 

Stage Buff(s): N/A

Cooldown Time: Any other day (approximately 48 hours between resets)

Stamina Required: 10

Stellar Seal Required: 1

Orchid Pins Earned: 30

Rubrica Earned: 1

Other Items Earned: 1x Rubrica, Random amount of Soul Crystal(s) and Mithrils.


Image 13: Xun stage with Parvati Boss

Image 14: Qian stage with Wendy Boss

Image 15: Kun stage with Beranes Boss

Image 16: Gen stage with Hellmaru Boss

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Mob Stages

Mob stages are complicated compared to Boss stages as Captains need to clear certain criteria(s) to clear the stage easier.


Basic Info for All stages

Cooldown Time: Daily (GMT+8 0400)

Stamina Required: 10

Stellar Seal Required: 1

Orchid Pins Earned: 30

Rubrica Earned: 1

Other Items Earned: Random amount of Soul Crystal(s) and Mithrils.


Advanced Info for Seperate Stage

Stage Name: Li

Enemy Types: BIO

Stage Buff(s): 1x Rime Trauma build-up effect (build up Trauma faster)

Recommend Line-up: Spot 1 – HoR, Meme, Snowy, 6S  |  Spot 2 & 3 – Any Support Valkyrie

Image 17: Li stage

Image 18: Li stage buff lineup


Stage Name: Kan

Enemy Type: MECH and BIO

Stage Buff(s): 1x Ignite Trauma build up effect (faster Trauma build up for attacks that causes ignite) 

Recommend Lineup: Spot 1 – FS, VK  |  Spot 2 – HoR, SK or any MECH DPS Valkyrie  |  Spot 3 – Any Support Valkyrie

Tip: When snowstorm is active, use VK's Charged attack or FS's Combo follow up attack twice to shut down the Ice Installation.

Image 19: Kan stage

Image 20: Kan stage buff lineup


Stage Name: Dui

Enemy Types: PSY

Stage Buff(s): 1x Paralyze Trauma Build-up effect (faster Trauma build up for attacks that causes Paralyze) 

Recommend Line-up: Spot 1 – Any DPS BIO Valkyrie  |  Spot 2 & 3 – Any Support Valkyrie

Image 21: Dui stage

Image 22: Dui stage buff lineup


Stage Name: Zhen

Enemy Types: BIO

Stage Buff(s): 1x Rapid ATK effect (attacks faster)

Recommend Line-up: Spot 1 – SK, VB, HotV or KMB  |  Spot 2 & 3 – Any Support Valkyrie

Tips: When the lance spawns, focus on hitting to clear the lance first.

Image 23: Zhen stage

Image 24: Zhen stage buff lineup


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Stress Test

  • This mode will be unlocked when Captains owns Starlit Astrologos as Captains will be using their own Starlit Astrologos.

  • All stages come with a Trial DPS Valkyrie to pair with Captain's own Starlit Astrologos. Certain stages allow deployment of own Valkyries.

  • This mode focuses on Starlit Astrologos's combat mechanisms and suitable line ups.

  • Note: Rubrica Stack buffs do not affect this stage. Captains will need to level and upgrade Starlit Astrologos and her equipment to clear the harder stages.

  • After the event ends, Stress Test will reopen from time to time. Captains still need to own Starlit Astrologos to access the stages.

  • Captain's play progress will be saved regardless of the event status.

P/S: There are videos on YouTube on how to Clear the stages using Trial DPS Valkyrie with only A Ranked F2P SA. I'll let the YouTubers have the honor to teach Captains on the steps to clear Stress Test without much Stress.


Image 25: Map of Stress Test

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Stargazing Notes

Unlock Stargazing Notes by clearing Story Mode (Notes I) and Stress Test (Notes II). The notes contains information about Starlit Astrologos.

P/S: And sorry, no spoilers. (tee hee)


Image 26: Stargazing Notes I

Image 27: Stargazing Notes II

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Unlock CGs under Faded Memories by clearing Story mode. Captains can enjoy the story again from Album.


Image 28: Faded Memories

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I hope that this guide has been a help to all Captains out there.

Chill out~ <3