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Towers of Bias and Truth

A Biased Truth


Today we are visiting the 3rd and 4th tower in Demesce of Time, the final arc of Fairytale Rhapsody.

Here is the video walkthrough for them both:

Both towers are fairly straightforward. There are no secret collectibles and all chests are in plain sight. With the exception of one chest in Tower of Bias, all of them are acquired through natural progression and defeating the area boss.


The recommended lineup for this section is: LE, VK, CH with a SK or LE friend. This comp has the highest burst possible. You are free to experiment with other options, but the selection is fairly limited as your roster is limited down to only Mei, Theresa, Himeko and Rita (no Theresa for the final fight either).


The central riddle for Tower of Bias rests on its Clockwork Key mechanic, which will remove some blocks while introducing new obstacles. After clearing the tutorial floor (remember to claim the chest before you turn the key for the first time), there are two sets of keys on the second floor, with the second pair becoming accessible after beating the monster.


The sequence of key turning is as follows:

  1. Turn the Yellow key at the entrance.

  2. Defeat the monster, turn the other Yellow key, and claim the chest.

  3. Turn the White key near the exit (and claim the chest).

Do NOT touch the White key near the entrance as it will only introduce complications down the line.


In Tower of Truth, you have three options:


  1. You can tell the truth by praising Theresa. As such, you will be rewarded with 8 (!) chests and no hardship.

  2. You can ignore Theresa and beat the Boss. Theresa will get angry for robbing her of her fun but you can continue to rob the 8 (!) chests from her as well.

  3. You can go against Theresa at every turn, praising someone (or something) else four times in a row, and incur her wrath. You will then face an extremely difficult Boss (two Heimdalls that can oneshot you). If successful, you will triumph and be rewarded with 8 (!) chests.


This is the last of the four seals against the White Wytch! Congratulations on weakening her power and good luck on your final ventures against the White Wytch herself.

See you next time~