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Dethroning the Red/Black Queen(s)

Castle of Hearts 


Today we are visiting the 7th stage in Fairytale Rhapsody, the Castle of Hearts, as well as the extra stage for Part 2, Black-Ai's Studio.

Here is the Video Walkthrough for Castle of Hearts:

The recommended comp for clearing these two floors is still SK/Phoenix/VC, though you are free to experiment with any comp you would like.


The Floor plan for Castle of Hearts is as follows:


The Riddle in this floor is to match the lower row of Black chess pieces with the top row of White chess pieces:

After defeating the two enemies (spawned by talking to the NPC near the entrance), click all pieces marked as "Quest" on the floor plan and move them.

However, clicking the WRONG piece AND choosing to move them will spawn an enemy in the center that you will potentially have to fight. (The first spawn will not block your path, but subsequent spawns will)

After sorting out both rows, talk to the NPC again to get the portals and the third chest to spawn. Defeat the Area Boss (Ryoma) to claim the two chests next to her.

The only Collectible found here is Collectible #10, Watermelon, obtained by defeating both Guards.

The second floor of Castle is linear and takes you straight to the Red Queen. Talk to the Queen again after the fight to add her to your party and unlock the exit. Explore the room thoroughly as there are three other chests located on this floor. (None of which are hard to find as they are immediately revealed, so I will not attach a floor plan here)


Black-AI Studio

Black-AI's studio features a one-floor room where you visit Ai-Chan's tortuous developer studio. Talk to her employees to receive clues for the 10 Collectibles needed to defeat Ai-Chan, as well as up to 40 Stopped Watches given by 4 different employees.

The 10 Collectibles are located as follows:

1-5: Piques' Dungeon and Carreaux Theater:


6-9: Trefles' Library:


(All collectibles are marked as QUEST items on my floor plans. To retrieve Collectible #6, you will need to check the shelf that spawned a monster on Floor 1 -- marked as QUEST (2) on the floor plan and located on the third column of shelves)

10: Castle of Hearts: Obtained by defeating both Guards (Natural progression)

After receiving all 10, Ai-Chan becomes a targetable boss that you can defeat. Defeating her expands the room and allows you to talk to five additional employees, two of which will give you 10 Watches each, for a total of 60 Stopped Watches for clearing this stage.