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Fairytale Rhapsody: Pond of Tears

Greetings Captain,


After wandering through the Queen's Garden for what must have seemed like an eternity, surely a change of pace is in order? Head over to the Pond of Tears to help Fuxi "liberate" her sister Nuwa from sinister forces.



To access the Pond of Tears, you must first possess the Spirit of Fire, Spirit of Earth, and Spirit of Water. These can be obtained from the Queen's Garden and the stages prior to the Crossroads. Next, recruit Fuxi if you have not done so already, and return to the crossroads. Fuxi will request that you aid her sister, and the Pond of Tears should appear on the map.


You'll find that Nuwa is less than willing to leave. To pass Nuwa's trials, one must be able to appeal to her NEET side. Naturally, as the Captain, you are the only member of the party equipped to shoulder this responsibility...


Let's examine some of the questions you may encounter in Nuwa's trials:

Where did the first Honkai incident take place as recorded in Schicksal Archives?
Since Schicksal was founded in Europe, surely the answer here must be Shenzhou.


What does Bronya's name mean?

Think about what is actually wielding Bronya's weapons. Are you really going to say "cute lollipop" instead of "armored bunny?"


What is an Onigiri that Yae Sakura is famous for?

Here's a hint: onigiri is a type of food. Far be it from me to tell you that katanas aren't edible, but I think the answer is obvious.


Who has red hair?

It has to be Shakespeare. Red hair would definitely clash with Darwin's green outfit.


Shicksal unearthed Sacred Relic weapons from various locations. Which is not one of them?

We know that the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Sacred Relics came from Lake Baikal, so there are three reasons right there why that is the wrong answer.


If characters were to be listed in descending age (assuming they're alive today), which of the following is correct?

I bet you could guess that Otto Apocolypse is older than Kallen Kaslana, but do you know by how much? Age just seems like a suggestion for these people. I wonder how people in Soukai City react when Fu Hua says she is more than 50,000 years old? (this is true btw)


Which country is not yet under the influence of Schicksal?

That would be Singapore.


Which of the following scientists received funding from Anti-Entropy?

Archimedes has not made an appearance yet, so just by default Planck becomes the right answer.


Which of the following weapons is based on the Greek legends?

Come on, it's right in the name. "Cyclops." Although it would be fascinating if someone in the Greek pantheon possessed a sword that could manipulate time.


Nagamitsu made weapons using the bodies of monstrous creatures. Which is not one of these creatures?

A weapon built on the legends of the Taotie, the "Four Evil Creatures of the World", sounds cool, doesn't it? Unfortunately it's the right answer. Free advice for Nagamitsu by the way.


What is the name of Kukuria's secret experiment to find Honkai Adaptives?

I would imagine that naming your experiment "Project C4" would draw some attention. Good call by Kukuria for naming it something else.


What weapon did humanity use to defeat Celine in the 2nd Honkai War?

Definitely nuclear weapons. Herrschers are no joke.


Which two locations did Judgement-class Honkai Beasts first appear at?

Shenzhou and Siberia. It might be a touchy subject for Bronya though.


Which plant isn't native to the site of the 2nd Honkai Eruption?

The answer is supposed to be figs, but I won't blame you for getting this one wrong.


Don't worry about being penalized for getting a question wrong! Although it is obvious that Nuwa is taking this way too seriously, Fuxi has your back. If you start running into trouble with Nuwa's diabolical trials, Fuxi's powers of divination will start to kick in:

This mystical revelation should make the trials a breeze, but if you somehow manage to mess up yet again in true NEET fashion, Fuxi will simply cheat by removing the correct snowhomus in your way. Oh well. No matter how you manage to clear Nuwa's trials, she will eventually come around to joining your party. Enjoy the rewards!

And that will be it for today. Enjoy the break, and don't be shy about dropping tickets on this stage - you'll earn enough tickets to finish the entire Fairytale Rhapsody event map, and Nuwa could certainly use the help.