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A Tea Party Walkthrough


Who Knew Tea Parties were So Much Fun?


Tea Party is the second map of our Fairytale Rhapsody event.


One thing you have likely noticed is that each map node tells you what to look for, and in the case of Tea Party, we will be looking out for three new companions and 18 treasure boxes to open. The treasure boxes will be important to unlocking key parts of the maze!


Each floor of the maze will have a road sign hint and a judah dialogue, and many of them are very helpful to solving the maze.


Floor 1:

Click on every single one of those green snow coverings as indicated in the picture above. Some of them will disappear when you do, others require you to have interacted with certain "?" marks or have special quest items.


To move around the floor, you need to teleport around with different portal tiles, the lit yellow tiles on the floor. Continue to interact with every green snow coverings, kill all the monster spawns, open all the chests, and talk to all the ? marks. There are a LOT of teleport tiles, but the way forward is mostly linear with one zone leading to the next. 


Tricks on floor one:


The green snow covering towards the left side of the floor under the snowman requires you to talk to it multiple times to disappear. The Rhyming tree also makes a come back on this floor and will require a quest item to get past.


Floor 2:


Floor two has many of the same mechanism of trying to find ways to get past the green snow coverings. Make sure you explore every corner of the map, usually blocked behind monster spawns are crucial "?" marks that open the way farther into the map.


Tips for floor 2:



The top left chests, give a quest item that will unlock tiles behind the starting point. Which will unlock the top right side for have newton as a companion!


Floor three:


The third and final floor is short and easy and we finally get to meet Alice the adventurer!



There is no tricks here. Talk to Judah-chan, then AliceTheresa. After talking to and battling Teri, interact with the other items in the room. The teacups will spawn monsters, and the scepter will let you go past the vine. Talk to the vine behind the starting point last and find the "?" mark. There are four items you can collect after fighting past a few monster spawns. After this, you will be advanced through the plot and should have three additional companions.