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The Day You Vanished with the Stars Event Guide

The Day You Vanished with the Stars Event Guide 

by Reinbex

This is a guide for the new 4.0 event The Day You Vanished with the Stars. It revolves around the newly released A-rank BIO SP Battlesuit for Theresa: Starlit Astrologos (SA).



There will be 4 Stage Sections to select from this event. 

  • Story: Estranged Stars - Starlit Astrologo's story

  • Character Tutorial - Specific Stages for utilizing Starlit Astrologos

  • Stress Test - Challenging Stages unlocked and only available to your own Starlit Astrologos (Lv60+ only)

  • Energize Daily - Daily Stages used to unlock more Story Stages, must clear Story Stages part 1 first to unlock Energize Dailies

  • Stargazing Notes - Unlockable File Events after completing certain stages



In this event, you can earn Orchid Pins (OP) to buy items in the event shop. Orchid Pins are earned through playing throughout story mode. Optionally, you can also purchase 10 Orchid Pins for 15 Crystals in the event shop.

You can purchase the following with Orchid Pins:

Item Name


Max amt you can purchase
Honkai Shard 440 Orchid Pins 1
SP Supply Card 100 Orchid Pins 1
2x SA Fragments 32 Orchid Pins 10
2x SA Fragments 36  Orchid Pins 20
2x SA Fragments 40 Orchid Pins 20
Advanced Skill Material 16 Orchid Pins 20
HOMEI Chest 18 Orchid Pins 99
Super EXP Chip 15 Orchid Pins 99


Stellar Seals, purchasable for 2500 Mithils each, are consumed to play Energize Daily Stages.


Energize Daily Stages

Energize Daily Stages are 8 stages that can be played daily. These stages provide Rubricas and Energy. The energy is used to charge Chibi-Tesla. Once Chibi-Tesla reaches 100% Energy, she will unlock more Estranged Stats story stages (100% can be reached multiple times). Once all stages are unlocked, Tesla will no longer be charged but event stages can still be cleared to earn rewards. 

Every stage provides the same amount of rewards and energy charging. You get 3 "tickets", used to access these stages, once every day you visit Energize Daily. There's no limit to holding onto them but it's recommended you complete the Dailies often due to the limited amount of stages you can complete per day.

Below is a video of each Daily stage in one sitting. Stages are shown in a counterclockwise fashion.

Keep in mind:
Colored Stages are conditional stages with mobs that reset every day.
Pale Stages are boss stages and reset every other day.

Rubricas are used for increasing buffs. They are earned through Energize Daily Stages, and the buffs are effective in the Energize Daily and Estranged Stars story stages.

Story: Estranged Stars

There are multiple parts to the Estranged Stars Story Mode. To unlock each part, you need to defeat each section in order and then have your Tesla charged up to 100%. As mentioned before, you need to play the Energize Daily Stages to full charge Chibi-Tesla. She can only hold a max of 100% Energy, and they will be depleted per section-unlocking.

In story mode, there will be EX Stages that you unlock as you progress throughout the story. Each one can be rather difficult if you do not have enough buffs from Rubricas. Below are gameplay videos of the first 3 EX stages in you have trouble completing them:

Apply EX:

Experience EX:

Perfection EX:


Stress Test: 

There are Stress Test stages in total, in which you are to use your own Starlit Astrologos. And due to the severity and difficulty of these stages, it's highly advised to rank up your SA and gear her up. She is the only valkyrie that you can deploy into these stages and also belong to you. Stargazing Notes II are unlocked from completing these stages, and note that some stages require a previous stage finished in order to unlock for play. 

Gear Recommendation

Before we take a look at the each Stress Test, here are some recommendations of some gear you could use for your Starlit Astrologos:


Zither's Lament and Shuijing Set

This is the most recommended set for SA. It enables SA's QTE to bring out even more buffs to her team and debuffs to the enemies.


11th Leitourgia

Gluttony T or Tesla Band T, + Mei: Beach Party M, Gustav TM, + Newton B

You could optionally use the following gear as alternatives for SA's usage. The following stigmatas can all be utilized by SA when she QTEs for some serious burst damage.


F2P options:

Theresa: Origins Set, Musician TM + Ogier B

Although these are f2p options for SA, you will have a very hard time defeating the Stress Tests with these gears. In addition, there really is no good Physical f2p cross suitable for SA. Maybe Ai-Chan's Candy but I wouldn't count on it.

If you wish for a more in-depth guide on how to properly utilize Starlit Astrologos, from how she operates and what's the best playstyle for her, here is a link to one! It's made by yours truly!

As for the recently released S-rank Valkyrie Bright Knight: Excelsis (BKE), if you wish for a detailed guide on how she works, you can click on this link below! Stroke's guide will teach you how to maneuver Durandal gracefully throughout battle!

And finally, provided below are videos of gameplay samples for each stage:




You may start to notice that time is a constraint. I highly suggest building SP as fast as possible and spamming ults.


This is probably one of the hardest if not the hardest stage of the Stress Tests. You need to slow down the timer with plenty of Time Fractures while chipping Jizo's HP away. I also highly recommend interrupting Jizo after he unleashes his death-fire (Check out the video at 1:55). If he summons his 3 emblems, it will take too long for you to defeat Jizo. Once the timer runs out, Jizo will go into rage-mode, making it even more difficult to defeat him.




And that wraps up the guide for The Day You Vanished with the Stars! I hope you enjoyed reading this guide! If you wish to visit me, my discord ID is Reinbex #1347. My Armada's ID (NA) is 1019 and Discord link is https://discord.gg/bVBRkF4. If you have any questions or just want to visit, don't hesitate to say hi!