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Schicksal Store Shopping Day Guide

Schicksal Store Shopping Day Guide

Its that time again! I hope captains have been saving up some crystals because a spending event is here! This new spending event is a bit more intricate in both spending criteria and rewards than previous events, so I'll go over how to earn tokens and some recommended items to prioritize.


⭐Catalog & Priorities⭐

    1. Purchase outfit [Lord Paramount] and Supply Cards before anything else (spending Supply Cards returns tokens). You can purchase other items afterwards:
    2. New Captains are encouraged to purchase a stigmata set or weapon first.
        a. Michelangelo will allow bearers to tap into their Physical DMG potential. The popular setup is Michelangelo (T)+Planck/Beach Party/Ekaterina (M)+Michelangelo (B). Recommended for battlesuits whose main source of DMG is Basic ATK (including Combo ATK and Charged ATK), such as Molotov Cherry, Void Drifter, Umbral Rose, and Shadow Dash.
        b. Pick Higokumaru if you are looking to dish out serious Fire DMG. The popular setup is Higokumaru (T)+Nuwa/Thales (M)+Higokumaru(B). Recommended for Fire DMG dealers, such as Flame Sakitama, Sakuno Rondo, and Vermilion Knight.

  • Protip: If you know you will likely replace Michelangelo or Higokumaru M, it would be cheaper to purchase specifically T and B pieces for 600 tokens each (1,200 total) than 1450 tokens for the full 3 piece set.

        c. Weapon Grading: 11th Sacred Relic>Aphrodite>Cinder Hawk>Demonblade
        Aside from giving Celestial Hymn an edge, 11th Sacred Relic will also magnify her support abilities in PRI-ARM form. A must-have when you already own Celestial Hymn.
        As a hard-hitting Physical scythe, Aphrodite will realize its full potential in the hands of Umbral Rose, Swallowtail Phantasm, and Stygian Nymph.
        Cinder Hawk is designed for Phoenix, but also qualifies as a mid-game fit for Shadow Knight and Hawk of the Fog.
        Demonblade is among the strongest weapons for Flame Sakitama. Upgrade it to PRI-ARM to inflict notable Fire Vulnerability and deal heavy Fire DMG with its active. However, Demonblade is also the most accessible weapon choice, farmed through Bounty Marks, so it would be recommended to choose other options.
    4. Advanced players are encouraged to focus on boosting battlesuits and equipment by purchasing Ancient Willpower, Imaginons, and Phase Shifters. You can purchase Coins if they are running low.
    5. Pro players are encouraged to focus on boosting ELFs and PRI-ARMs by purchasing Advanced Skill Materials, Mind Stones, and SC Metal-H2.
    6. To wrap things up, you can purchase Boosters to save time, or Asterite if you cannot afford other items. Only purchase Special Outfit Coupons when you want new outfits.


⭐Earning Tokens⭐

[Forging Excelsis] rewards 100 tokens in total.

Additionally, every 1400 Crystals spent in ADV/Outfit/ELF Supply event reward 40 tokens. Reward cap: 240.

Let's do the maths: the maximum number of tokens you can earn from Supply is 1240, meaning that you will need to spend 44400 Crystals (or Expansion Supply Card x50+Focused Supply Card x50+Dorm Supply Card x40+8400 Crystals in ELF/Outfit/ADV Supply).
Even with enough Crystals, you can only earn 1340 tokens at most through event and Supply, which is still far from buying out the store!

The question remains - how does one empty the store?

There is always only one truth-

Shop smart to make every token count! Happy shopping, everyone!