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Sweet Memories Event: Gifts Guide

Sweet Memories Event - Trust Guide: Choose the perfect gift


[Event Time]

2019 January 23 - March 5



Soda Pop Caps

Holiday Outfit Coupon



During the [Sweet Memories Event], Captains can gain Valyries' [Trust Points] by giving presents to Valkyries in their contact list.

Once Captains gain enough [Trust Points] of a certain Valkyrie, it will: raise her [Trust Level], reward Captains with [Soda Pop Caps] and unlock special Valkyrie stories.

Captains who reach a high enough [Total Trust Level], will be rewarded with [Soda Pops Caps] or a [Holiday Outfit Coupon] according to the Event Phase.

[Soda Pop Caps] can be exchanged for items in the [Event Shop].



How to maximize [Trust Points] gained by giving gifts to different Valkyries?

Basically, each Valkyrie has a certain [Favourite Gift Type] and a specific [Favourite Gift].

That means that giving the same gift to different Valkyries can produce a different amount of [Trust Points] depending on the Valkyries' [Favourite Gft Type].

So, it's a good idea to choose a [Gift] of the right type to give to the right Valkyrie.


[Valkyries' tastes]

Valkyries' [Favourite Gift] and [Favourite Gift Type] are hidden by default, until Captains give to Valkyries' their favourite gifts.

Images below reveal all of them.

Remember: Gifts of the same type will give the same amount of [Trust Points] to the same Valkyrie. It doesn't matter her specific [Favourite Gift].


Kiana's [Favourite Gift Type] is [Clothing] and her [Favourite Gift] is [Mei's Meet-the-idol Ticket]


Meis's [Favourite Gift Type] is [Food] and her [Favourite Gift] is [Kiana's Omurice]


Bronya's [Favourite Gift Type] is [Clothing] and her [Favourite Gift] is [Golden HOMU King Case (Working ver.)]


Himeko's [Favourite Gift Type] is [Clothing] and her [Favourite Gift] is [Pink Sailor Costume]


Theresa's [Favourite Gift Type] is [Food] and her [Favourite Gift] is [Overtime Instant Noodles]


Fu Hua.png
Fu Hua's [Favourite Gift Type] is [Toy] and her [Favourite Gift] is [Best Sword in the Village]


Yae Sakura.png
Yae Sakura's [Favourite Gift Type] is [Toy] and her [Favourite Gift] is [Kallen Figurine]


Kallen's [Favourite Gift Type] is [Toy] and her [Favourite Gift] is [ANTI EN Titan (1:60) Model]



Valkyries' Favourite Gifts
Valkyrie Type Gift
 Kiana  Clothing  Mei's Meet-the-idol Ticket
 Mei  Food  Kiana's Omurice
 Bronya  Clothing  Golden HOMU King Case (Working ver.)
 Himeko  Clothing  Pink Sailor Costume
 Theresa  Food  Overtime Instant Noodles
 Fu Hua  Toy  Best Sword in the Village
 Yae Sakura  Toy  Kallen Figurine
 Kallen  Toy  ANTI EN Titan (1:60) Model


Other gifts can be find by Captains, e.g. [Dawei Hugging Pillow], that's not the favourite one of a specific Valkyrie, but it's a Toy, so it's perfect to be given to Fu Hua, Yae Sakura or Kallen, or [Magpie Hairpin] and [Sakura Wind Chimes] that make Captains earn 100 [Trust Points] regardless of the Valkyrie whom are given to.