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Conquest Event Guide - Herrscher of the Void

Notes: I didn't use a friend leader for this stage just to show that it's possible without. If you have a friend leader, it will make things much easier. I suggest pairing with a friend God Kiana, KMB, or NS if nothing else is available. 

Also, you can only dodge once in Normal form, but you can dodge TWICE in Herrscher form. Thanks Gnourt for pointing this out. 

This guide is not meant to be a be-all end-all, just things that I found made clearing the stage easier. If you wanted to maximise your DPS to get a good score, you would evasion lock GK in phase 1.5 and use normal attacks to kill her so that you get the passive-boosted snap on a shield broken Benares to kill faster. 


If you lose it's okay, just blame the camera... I mean just try again. If you're quick enough to press pause when you die, you can surrender and not eat the stamina cost. 

Please share with your armada mates if you think it's helpful!

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