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[HQ Contest] Schicksal HQ Ultimate Guide

Hey there, Captain! If you're here, then you must want to know about the Open World that is Schicksal Headquarters! This guide consists of several sections as followed:

A navigation map of from the main menu to Open World Schicksal Headquarters

1. General
2. Maps
3. Non-Mission Bosses
4. Missions
5. Item Collection
6. Mechas
7. Weather
8. Ai-Chan's Tech


1. General

Schicksal HQ unlocks when the Captain reaches lv.50 and completes the 3 chapters of the Sakura Samsara.


     Reset Day&Times: 

Adventure Map (Such as collectable items): Monday 4:00 AM
Mecha Defense: Monday 4:00 AM
Adventure Tasks(5 possible missions): Monday, Thursday, and Saturday 4:00 AM
Weather: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday 4:00 AM
Mecha Mount: HP&Buff reset Monday, Thursday, and Saturday 4:00 AM


     Map Activation:


 Every Monday 4:00 AM, you get to activate only one Open World. Upon activation, the selected Open World gets its collectable items reset on its maps. Enemies gets reset, and you can select new Adventure tasks on every adventure task reset day. 

Non-activated Open Worlds have their adventure tasks disabled, and there are no items and enemies to be found on the map.


     Emergency Exit

When you enter a battle that has an elite and/or a non-mission boss, you can escape from battle within the first several seconds by standing at an exit portal at the border of the battle area.



2. Maps

There exist 3 maps in Schicksal HQ. Each unlocked after playing through the story. No enemies or items can be found in the Port Hub.

Terminal left; Factory Right


Port Hub


Terminal Map


Factory Map


You can change the map before you enter the Open World

or you can go through via a portal

Terminal Side


Factory Side



3. Non-Mission Bosses

Within the Terminal, there are 6 dangerous monsters that have a lot of attack power. Ai-chan can help you depending on how high her Tech Level is. Each of these "bosses" have unique abilities and are situated in specific sections of the Terminal.

Ability marks 13 on your valkyrie. Each hit lowers the counter.
Once it hits 0, your entire team dies.


Lv.8 Left; Lv10 Right
On Sunny days, White Bushin is immune to melee.
On Rainy days, Black Bushin is immune to range.


Immune to ignite and fire DMG.
Converts all fire DMG to HP


Immune to freeze and ice DMG
Converts all ice DMG to HP


Immune to paralyze and lightning DMG
Converts all lightning DMG to HP


Here is a map of their locations:



4. Missions

Through Adventure tasks, you can accept up to 5 missions before a reset day. Each day, you may refund 1 mission back for sp you spent on it (1 refund stored max). Each reset day, you gain 15 shuffles. A shuffle allows you to change the 3 selectable missions to choose. 




After finishing those missions, you can collect your rewards and points based on your performance.


If you reach a new Adventure level, you face a boss at the center of the Terminal.



5. Item Collection

Items can be reset every Monday 4:00 AM upon map activation. Items can be found in both the Terminal and factory.
Certain locked item boxes can be found at specific locations on both of these maps. They can only be collected when Ai-Chan's tech level is at least a certain level. 

Here are the maps of the item locations.



Here is a video of collecting all the items in the Factory and Terminal respectively. 

     Part 1: Factory


     Part 2: Terminal


If you unlock Ai-Chan's Cloaking Scan ability, you can find Camouflage Arms Boxes. The locations for these items are random.



6. Mechas

Mechas deployable and pilotable in Schicksal HQ. In the picture on the left, the orange box shows your mechas shared HP and SP. If your mecha loses all its HP during Open World, you will have to wait until a mecha reset day to restore the HP full.




Crafting Mechas is a random gacha-like system that costs Box of Parts. The higher the tier you wish to craft from, the more Box of Parts it will cost. In addition, you can salvage/recycle some Box of Parts back when you craft a same copy of a mecha. There is also the option of salvaging, but it is not recommended.


Rare Crafts: Each tier has a chance of unlocking a rare mecha
Factory Grade: Hercules
Anti-EN Heavy MED - Iskandar
Schicksal Tech - Mystletainn Ω
Alloy Foundry - Hercules, Iskandar, Baldur


     Mecha Defense

Every week, you get one attempt to deploy up to 5 mechas to fight 5 waves of enemies. The better and faster you kill each wave, the better your score and therefore your rating. Ratings can go up to rank SSS. It is recommended to use ranged mechas for a higher rank. These stages are affected by weather so do keep an eye on which mechas will benefit from the weather.

Here is a demonstration of Mecha Defense.


     Mecha Mount

Before you enter the Open World, you can select which pilotable mecha as your designed mecha mount. Mechas that can be piloted have "Pilot this" set on its icon. You can also view the bonus buffs the mecha will enjoy. 


     Flying Mechas

Like the Helicopter, there exist two mechas capable of flying. Mystletainn Ω and Baldur. Baldur is better in which it has unlimited Jet Fuel and does not need to rest after flying for a while.



Mystletainn Ω



7. Weather

How to find the weekly Weather Forecast

In Schicksal HQ, there is a weather system that affects both the Terminal and Factory maps. The weather changes every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday 4:00 AM. 

Blood Moon on the left and Snow on the right


Here is a weather chart consisting of all the different types of weather as well as what kind of effects they each impose, created by yours truly.



8. Ai-Chan's Tech

It's everyone's favorite cabbage-head, crystal-leeching, resource stealing dunderhead, aka Ai-Chan! While mostly useless throughout the game, Mihoyo has found a way to make Ai-chan find some work! Her skills are very important and helpful here in Schicksal HQ. 


Using Precision Logic Units

Ai-chan requires Precision Logic Units to increase her Tech Level. 

You can get these units from doing the following:

•    Adventure Tasks
•    Weekly Task Rating
•    Item Collecting
•    Story Reward (Only once)

While most of Ai-Chan's abilities have the "Previous skill not unlocked" prerequisite, the following abilities also have a Tech level requirement in order to unlock:

•    Aerial Vehicle (Unlocks Helicopter) - Tech Lv3
•    Emergency Supplies (Unlocks side quest to unlock Mei Food Truck [She makes you food that can restore your Valkyrie's HP and SP]) - Tech Lv9
•    Ai-chan's Diligence (Auto collect detected materials) - Tech Lv20
•    Cloaking Scan (Unlocks Camouflage Arms item boxes) - Tech Lv15

Ai-Chan can do various things such as:

•    Collect items
•    Pick up bombs and mines
•    Hack non-mission bosses
•    Hack bots via disabling or killing them                        
•    Hack lightning rods (Helpful during Lightning Strike weather)
•    Hack enemy bots
•    Hack Defense Towers (Towers that will attack you within range)
•    Hack Burning Towers (Towers that will burn down your Mecha Mounts hp)
•    Disable Electric Fences
•    Save you from dying from a potential death with 1HP.
•    and more!

Hacking a Defense Tower
Recovering HP from a Tower


Notice that for Ai-Chan to pick up an item or hack, she must be within range, have enough energy, and/or be of high enough Tech Level.


If you are reading this, it means you have reached to the end of the guide! Hopefully this guide has been of service to you, Captain.