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Cybernet Haven - Part 4: The Heights

Cybernet Haven - Part 4: The Heights

Welcome to the walkthrough for Part 4 of Cybernet Haven The Heights

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NEXUS Channel


Really Straight forward, collect 2 treasure boxes from both side then head straight to the boss in the middle


Again, pretty straightforward. Nothing hidden in this stage, just process to fight the boss. Here, you will be facing the boss twice. First time it’ll be invincible so avoid it as much as you can while killing off other enemies that approaches Bronn

Just approach the boss again after the first fight. Then the real fight begins.

After the boss fight, a terminal and a sign will reveal.


How to access Secret Chamber

The last stage, Secret Chamber, will be locked until you find all the items and clues. If you missed them, don’t worry! Here are the locations of those key items that you need to process:

1) Creeksmouth - Snowy Peak - Talk to Ai Chan

2) Lower City - Precinct Office - Search the upper left bookcase for a pass and interact with Judah for concert ticket.

3) St Freya - Secret Passage - Obtain the diamond pass from Sirin's hideout at the top

4) Lower City - Secret Base - Talk to Teri for an item.

Once you have obtained all the items and talked to Ai-Chan, go back to NEXUS Hub and talk to the terminal. You will be then teleport to the Secret Chamber

Secret Chamber



Start off with an exciting boss fight!

After you have defeated the boss. Process and talk to everyone on the map for the whole story and Ending.

Hope you all enjoyed the event!