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[HQ Contest] Material Collection Routes

Collecting materials in the maze that is the Schicksal HQ may seem confusing at first, but orienting is really simple once you get the hang of it. Here is one of the most efficient and easiest routes to run if you're going for that "weekly collecting".


Useful for speeding up your collection process:

  • Fu Hua
  • Elizabeth Bathory B
  • Seele Vollerei T M / Cleopatra T M




1. Where are most materials?

2. Low effort run

3. Maximum collectables

4. More Materials



1. Where are most materials?

First, let's start off by checking out where most of the materials usually spawn. 

Main map: The inner and outer circles as well as the very bottom of the map have the most items.


Side Map: Material is scattered evenly all over the map, but unlike the with the main map, this one is easy to route and run in one go.


Generally, material can be found on the side or even the middle of the path, as well as occasionally floating in the air.



2. Low effort run

Usually, this type of run is enough for a weekly Adventure Rating of S, as you will be stopping by most of the side paths by doing Adventure Tasks anyway.

You want to cover both the inner and outer circles as well as the southern landing area, since that is where most items will spawn. All narrow paths are not efficient for quick collection because especially with high movement speeds, enemies may be harder to avoid.

If you have a few more seconds to spare you can add this small detour to your route to pick up some extra materials.


The side area is pretty easy to run. If you follow the arrows here, you will most definitely collect all the items. Make sure to turn the camera on bigger platforms so you don't accidentally miss any.



3. Maximum Collectables

This type of run is a lot more time consuming, since narrow paths mean more likely encounters of enemies and obviously there are a bunch of side paths you will have to check.

The concept of this run is to follow the flow of the outer circle but also check out all side paths and platforms. Showing the exact path on a 2D map is somewhat difficult but there isn't much to actually running it. There are so many side paths which are on the ground floor, the first floor or even way higher up. When you pass them, check them out. To make sure you dont get lost, keep up the circle pattern around the whole map. Stay on the outer circle until you have finished one loop. Then, proceed to the inner circle and get the higher floors.


As for the side map, just follow the "fast run" guide from the last chapter. Here's another look:

Don't forget to turn the camera on bigger platforms or you might miss items.



4. More Materials

To get even more materials you can kill these "boss" monsters that are scattered all over Schicksal HQ. They will have a Tech Level restriction on them. Tech Level = Ai Chan's level, feed her Precision Logic Units to level her up. So with higher Tech Level, you will be able to obtain more materials since more "boss" monsters are available to kill.