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[HQ Contest]Something you've already known OwO

Task Calculation Reward

Adventure rating: rests on every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Task Calculation Rewards will be sent on Monday and the rewards are based on the higher adventure level between two open worlds.

(It means if your adventure levels were level 30 in Sakura and level 1 in Schicksal, level 30 rewards will be sent to you on Monday. So, there’s no problem like “will my task rewards lower if I activated the new open world”)



Changes of Materials (They just changed the icon)

New Materials added


Can exchange for four Phoenix fragments each week. There is also a good f2p stigmata called Edwin Hubble in Schicksal shop.



      One of the most differences of the new open world with Sakura Samsara is having weather condition.

Some buffs your Valkyries and some weak yours.

There are 11kinds of weathers in this open world.

Iron body: Cannot be interrupted attacking by any conditions (like stunned, paralyzed etc.)

Weather type




Red Moon

Ai Chan’s energy recovery becomes slow

Gain iron body, all damage taken increases 50%

Gain iron body, all damage increases 50%


Ai Chan’s energy recovery becomes fast

Attribute changes (like psychic becomes mecha and creature becomes psychic) and increases elemental taken by 30%



More honkai beasts haunt

Honkai beasts’ damages increase 20%, increases damage taken by 50%

Deals 50% more damage to honkai beasts

Extreme Heat

Fire bomb damage increases 50% and increases the bomb affected range

Increases fire damage taken by 30% and take 80%less ice damage

Durability consumption is increased by 30%


Electric device’s damage increases 50% and affected range is increased

Paralysis duration is increased by 30% and reduce fire damage taken by 80% and immune to ignite



can’t lock target far from a limited range

Melee damage taken increases 50%



Bomb damage is increased by 30% and affected range is increased


Durability consumption speed is reduced by 30%


Drop hp by ice damage

Increases ice damage taken by 30% and frozen randomly

no effects by the environment


Drop hp by physical damage and the damage increases as long as the character is not undeployed

Switch attack damage increases 100%

no effects by the environment




All damage increases 50%



Randomly strikes lightning to the field and Drop hp and stunned if got hit.

Increases thunder damage taken by 30%

More effected by environment thunder damage

About the Ai Chan’s Tech

There are properly two tech powers.

Operation and Battle.

There’s nothing special to say about it.

Make sure and left your points for unlocking “Cloaking Scan” when you reached level 15. (It is in “Battle”) (Don’t unlock the other parts first and just go for the red lines).



In this open world you can mount on Mechas.

The mechas can be crafted in the hanger after Ai Chan’s Tech reaches level 3. After Tech level reaches 10,13and 15 you can craft rarer and stronger mechas. Also, there’s a low probability to get Hercules and Iskandar (The strongest mecha) from  first and second banner.


Each Mecha also has its skill and it can buff your Valkyries when placed in the hanger.

Disabilities of the mechas begin consuming when in battle and when got attacked.

It recovers on Monday, Thursday and Friday when the adventure ratings reset

Mecha Defense-New game mode by using the mechas you crafted in the hanger. Don’t use the melee Titan (except the red ones) in this mode because they seem too heavy and slow.

Properly the average scores of this game mode are S ranks.If you are lucky you might get SS.

And this is my line-up for every week before I get the red Mechas. Maybe you will get a high rank or you may have a better line-up than me.



About Accepting Adventure Task


Not recommend for rushing “Precision Logic Unit (materials for leveling Ai Chan’s Tech)”

 Reason: It becomes useless after reaching Tech level 20, so not for wasting, accept the others instead

like Valkyrie fragments (Night Squire till sss rank and Luna Kindred till ss rank),Schicksal Imaginary Core and Anti-Entropy Imaginary Core.


Accepting adventure task costs “Task Order”.

There will be the tasks costing two “Task orders” after your adventure level gets to a certain rank. The tasks costing two Task orders need double stamina and also the rewards are double.

Refreshing Places for Collecting Materials

The collecting materials refresh weekly at these cyan points.

And also, you can find some boxes with numbers.

These boxes need Ai Chan’s Tech level equal to or higher than them to collect them.

(They won’t refresh)

Atypical Movement Type

There are 8 small bosses in this open world.

There are numbers on their body and don’t try to kill them if your Ai Chan’s Tech level is lesser 2 than their levels. (They will heal themselves faster than your dps)

(You can escape from the EXIT)


  1. Heart of Pranks(level 6)

This boss can reflect physical damage. If you use Physical dps (like Miko and Night Squire) fight this, then make an elemental damage affix in your stigmata. It won’t return any damage if your damage given has elemental damage.


  1. Kiss of Pranks (level 7)

Make sure there is no elemental damage in your Valkyries

(Note: Flint Sanada also has fire damage)



  1. Sunny Baby(level 8)

No difficulty in fighting this

(In sunny and hot weather, it is empowered)



  1. Rainy Baby (level 10)

Same as Sunny Baby (No.3) but empowered in rain or hail weather


  1. Hades (level 11)


Hades immune to fire damage (absorbs fire damage and heals itself)


6.Thanatos (level 13)

Don’t’ get hit by it for 13 times. If not, you will be aced.


7.Poseidon (level 14)

Immune to ice damage. (absorbs ice damage and heals itself)


8.Zeus (level 15)

Can’t stun and it is immune to lightning damage. (absorbs lightning damage and heals itself)






The New Open World is better than the other one except Samsara can farm FS(Flame Sakimata)Fragments.