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Empyrean Legends Chapter 4: Xanadu Dream

Empyrean Legends Chapter 4: Xanadu Dream

By Reinbex


Hello Captains! This is a walkthrough for Chapter 4 of the Empyrean Legends Event! This event's release date is 02-24-2020 10:00. There will be videos to watch of my playthrough and explanations if necessary.


Before you get started...

Keep in mind that you should do the 3 Daily Trials before you head out to the main levels because having bonuses are extremely important.


I tend to get the following:

-Increase DPS




You always want to have more damage power. The more damage means the enemies die sooner and will not be able to hurt you as much. The priority is for the above 3 bonuses are from top to bottom, with top being the best. But you do want to have at least 1 bonus to slow enemies. Slowing enemies is a great way to maintain distance.


With a small dose of:

-Increase HP pack drop rate

-Enemy kills = minor hp recovery

-Evasion cooldown


It's good to keep some form of balance in your bonus kit. With HP drop rate and/or Enemy kill for hp recovery, you can keep going in tight spots without spending too many retries. Evasion cooldown is good when you need to maintain your distance, a good but not mandatory bonus. 


Other considerable side options:

-Increase span of Shooting type

-Increase Magazine Size

-Chain Lightning DMG


I find the other unmentioned bonuses to be too situational or not as impactful.



And lastly, remember that the Local Chronicles you use to sweep an EX stage is also needed for consumption to enter an EX-stage. You can obtain 1 from logging in, and 2 more for completing the first of the 3 Daily Trials.Sweeping an EX stage does give you a bit more bonuses when you start out and more importantly gives you Essence Stones to upgrade your valkyries. Upgrading your valkyries increases their HP, ATK, and eventually unlocks more abilities.


Stage 1: Village Xanadu

The first stage is going to be pretty hectic, featuring many different strong foes in the map filled with many obstacles map props and burning fires. Your objectives are to talk to the 4 homu to evacuate them and eliminate the several waves of enemies. Keep in mind that the obstacles in the map will likely block your non-laser attacks and the burning ground will hurt you as well. 


Side objective:  Destroy the 6 Lantern props on the map


Stage 2: Seven-foot Alley

The next stage is a narrow path that you must traverse through. It is filled with enemies and obstacles. It shouldn't be too difficult so as long as you maintain distance and composure per section of enemies. Midway through, you will receive 3 giant buffs that can help you and clear the path. At the end, there will be a single Flame Fury EX. In order to beat the stage (and clear the side objective), you must defeat it.


Side objective: Navigate through the path and defeat all enemies within 2 minutes.


Stage 3: Cross Street

Cross street is a relatively simple stage. You are put into a 3-compartment map with enemies and yellow punch obstacles. After your first wave of enemies, the 2nd part of the map is accessible. Once you enter it, the 2nd wave spawns. Just retreat to maintain distance and use Himeko's gravity bomb to crowd control for easy killings. Just do the same for part 3. 


After defeating Stage 3, you unlock Lv.60 Rita. She uses a cosmic cannon. She basically takes a long time to charge on, but does a quick one burst shot similar to a laser. This shot is very powerful and only one shot can be charged up before shooting. In addition, Rita cannot move while shooting, making her very useless without her ultimate. Her ultimate allows her to do several shots in quick succession, allowing her to be strong DPS only when her ultimate is available. So she's strong but you should only use her when you're sure that she will be safe while using her ultimate.


Stage EX(4): Xanadu Dream


To proceed to the next stage, you must clear all 20 floors of the EX stage. EX stages remember your progress so as long as you beat floors 5, 10, 15, and 19. Because you cannot sweep until you participate in the stage first, I recommend beating up the first 5 floors. If you are lacking in HP, destroy the props for a chance of an HP pack drop. 


On floor 1, you need to go through an obstacle course while being interfered with by the various map props and enemies. Floor 2 is a more open area with enemies. The 3rd floor starts off with an icy area followed by an open area with enemies. In a similar format, so is floor 4 except with a bridge of yellow punches instead of an icy rink. And floor 5 has a boss fight against Flame Fury backed by small waves of mobs to assist it. If it gets too tough, break some obstacles to get HP packs.



After sweeping, I leveled up Himeko to the highest I could get her to be with my limited resources. Unfortunately, that was not lv80. The following floors are pretty standard, just harder versions of the previous iterations. Just try not to get any of your valkyrie's KO'd. Rita can be rather susceptible to such when shooting, especially when she's sitting in literal fire; be careful and watch out for the boss attacks.


Floor 20 will feature the Frigid Empress with time T-Rexes. She won't be too difficult so as long as you constantly move around and maintain distance. Use Himeko to clear spears whenever she spawns them. The only pressing issue is that if you lack damage, the last floor may take a while.


Stage 5: Sakura Inn

Stage 5 is actually a boss stage. This time, you will be revisiting the Maotai Girls once again but in berserk mode. In other words, they're more aggressive with their attacks . Do your best to avoid the attacks while letting shooting whenever you can (and as safely as possible). Good luck defeating this bullet hell!


Boss Stage: Nostalgic Dream

The last boss in Chapter 4 is (Dark) Seele. Be very careful of Seele for her attacks are all very hard-hitting! I suggest you use Himeko as the main DPS, with Fu Hua as a “support” and Rita as the secondary DPS. The strategy is to have Himeko deal damage while constantly moving. If you run out of evasions and/or ammo on Himeko, switch to Fu Hua to continue attacking and for evading until Himeko is ready again. As a last resort, use Rita to move via evasion as well, but do not use her to attack unless Seele isn't purposely aiming at you, avoid using the clumsy yet hard-hitting Rita.

Try to always make sure you can make it to the lower left corner. Once in a while, Rita will use an attack that nearly covers the entire map. However, there is a sweet spot that guarantees your life.

While you are here, (as depicted in the picture above), you will be safe for all three rounds of that massive attack. I recommend using Rita during then for big bursts of damage! 


Hidden Stage: Nostalgic Dream - Hard Mode

The last available stage is provided when you defeat Seele. This optional stage features all of the 4 chapter bosses in released order. They're all amped up but you get a total of 9 buffs at the start of the stage. It does not cost you anything to enter this stage but I highly suggest you max out Himeko and if possible, Rita as well! 


You get to pick from the following, at a rate of 1 per every random 3:

  • Ignite & Burn*

  • Slow and Iceburn

  • Shorten Evasion CD*

  • Bullet Bounce

  • Expand Weapon Type

  • Increase Weapon Magazine*

  • Increase Team Max HP***

  • Increase DPS***

  • Trigger Chain DMG


From the provided bonuses, I have marked the bonuses that I value the most important with stars (asterisks; total 9). 

Most of the time, it will be a bullet hell in which each hit hurts a lot. You want to be tanky enough to survive if you won't be able to dodge them all. Having an evasion CD buff enables more movement and dodging. It's good to max out your DPS because you want the bosses dead asap (duh). From there, the others are not as impactful. I picked an ignite and increased magazine clip so I can continue dishing out damage. To be honest, you can mix and match between Ignite, Chain DMG, and Magazine, for the extra damage. 


I highly discourage getting Slow & iceburn because slowing them down won't help much so ignite is the better option.. (You may notice the bosses freezing up once in a while but that was due to my Chi Armor bonus from daily trials.) 

Bullet bounce only helps Fu Hua, Teri, and Yae. You don't want to use Teri and Yae because you will be more likely to get hit. And Himeko and Rita outdoes Fu Hua in damage. Unless you miss, (which is unlikely), Bullet Bounce will not get you far. 

The same can be said for Expand Weapon Type. Having a bigger aoe of dmg and/or more directions in which your shots come out won't help if there's only one target to hit anyway.

Important tip: Destroy map props and walls for potential HP Pack drops!


Frigid Empress:

Just keep your distance and always stay near a barrel. Make sure to always have enough laser juice for Himeko to destroy the spears. When the boss is shooting iceballs or snowballs, just hide behind a barrel and shoot using Himeko or Rita.



Use Himeko to shoot from afar. If you maintain your distance while dealing damage, you will be able to dodge her attacks in time and eventually befall her.


Important note: After defeating Ai-Chan, you are rewarded with 3 HP Packs.


Maotai Girls:

This is the bullet hell you want to avoid. Stay far away from the bosses and always keep moving. Let the auto aim do the damage so you can focus on dodging. Liliya will be more aggressive here so just worry about not getting hit.



Seele will be performing just about the same as she did in the non-hard stage, aside from being more aggressive and packing more of a punch per attack. Use the same strategies you used before against her and you will succeed!!


And that concludes the end of the Empyrean Legends Event Guide! I hope you all enjoyed the story, artwork, and gameplay! I gotta say, the devs really did a great job improving the gameplay, story, and mechanics of this shooter style minigame. There was actual difficulty rather than a repetitive easy shooters game. If you liked this guide, don't hesitate to visit my armada's discord server to say hi!  https://discord.gg/6CpnQYV Thanks for reading!