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[HQ Contest] HQ Open World Mecha guide

HQ Open World Mecha guide

The Hangar allows you to view your mechs as well as craft new ones.

Mech Crafting allow you to create mechas that can aid you in open world tasks and provide bonuses. This is similar to the gacha in that you have a small chance of pulling 4 star mechs with increased stats and powerful skills.

Rare Mechs are 4 star and red in color. The above picture shows a Iskandar type mech. You can view the types of mechs that you have. Note that you can only have one type of mech of each star rank. So if you have a 1-star bomb mech, you cannot have another one for that star rank. You can have another bomb mech that belongs the 2 star rank since it is considered a different type. Rare mechs have much higher stats and possess far more destructive skillsets than your regular ones.

Mech Defense is a once-a-week game mode that lets you deploy the mechs to fight against hordes of enemies. The battle is automatic- you cannot control the mechs- but you have several skills (the 3 icons below the deploy button) that you may use to assist them. It is recommended to take advantage of the weather effect to boost your mechs. The quicker you clear the higher your rank. It is recommended to use mechs of different types to cover all grounds. Bomb mechs are powerful aoe clearer so it is recommended to have at least one.

You can select the mech you want to use by clicking the “Selected Mecha” icon. Mechs provide bonuses for your vallks. Each mech can only have 1 bonus skill for a total of 5 mechs for 5 bonuses.

There are 7 different types of mechs, 4 of them are pilotable while 3 are not.

 Standard Titan is your first pilotable mecha and will be the most well rounded. It is fast but not very strong. The skillset consists of a guard and an ultimate with a ground slam.

 Heavy Titan is similar to the standard titan but possesses more destructive power. You can tell the difference by its heavier fists. It does alot more damage at the cost of less speed. It’s ultimate is the same as the standard titan with an extra multihit attack at the end for more damage. Get an enemy near a wall and use the ultimate to get in all the hits. Its rare mech variant is the Hercules. Its ultimate is a more powerful multihit and ground slam attack. I’s guard/counter is a heavy energy wave that deals damage over time. Overall, it’s the weakest of the rare variants compared to Iskandar and Baldur.

 Missile Launcher is a ranged type mech. It is usually slower than the titans but has more defenses. It’s ultimate consists of a multihit missile attacks. Useful for taking on hordes of enemies from afar as it has a lot of AOE damage. The one in this picture is a rare type ranged mech – Iskandar, which is considered the strongest rare mech variant in terms of damage output. Its normal attack can deal incredible physical damage- often able to one hit ko bosses- and its ultimate can deal a lot of aoe elemental damage. Needless to say, if you’re lucky enough to craft one of these rare mechs they are very powerful bossing tools. Under the right weather, their ultimate skills become even stronger, able to clear a field with just one click of a button. If you’re having trouble with a boss, engage the fight with a mech to deal some major damage then switch to your valks once its durability runs out.

This is what Iskandar’s ultimate looks like, notice the damage numbers, and that’s only the first phase of its attack sequence under neutral weather!

 Wizard is your standard support type mech. It does no damage and you cannot pilot this one. Its use is mainly in mecha defense mode. Being a support type, it has several buffs and debuffs: damage/speed buffs, enemy attract, paralysis, slow, etc.. It is best put in the middle lane so it can buff allies and pull enemies. One strategy is to put it close to ranged/ bomb mechs to increase the frequency of missiles and bombs. Overall, a solid support type.

 Bomb Spider is another support mech that cannot be piloted. As its name suggests, its main use is to blow things up and it does that very well. The explosion triggers roughly every 10 seconds and covers the whole field. It is often strong enough to wipe out stragglers and heavily damage other enemy mechs. Because of this, it is highly recommended to have at least one bomb mech in your team to reduce your clear time for higher score. If you have a team full of rare mechs then it might not be necessary.

 Ybogi is another ranged type mech. This one cannot be piloted. In Mech Defense mode, it is a lot weaker than the missile launcher but is a lot quicker. It can also seek out scattered enemies that the bigger mechs sometimes have trouble reaching. A good option for a composition with many slow mechs.

  Mysteltainn is the last pilotable mech. It is a melee type mech with average damage but very quick movement. The rare variant is Baldur- looks similar to floor 25 abyss boss. This type of mech play the same way as your valkyries in that it has a dodge button and the Baldur variant can even trigger Time Fracture. Overall, compared to Iskandar and Hercules, Baldur is a reliable mech for bossing as its Time Fracture ability and mobility makes it very agile- capable of keeping up with enemies who move around a lot. This makes its damage, while much lower than Iskandar and Hercules, more stable.

Each mech also comes with different bonuses

This can range from weather protection to damage boosting passives and healing.


Utilizing these bonuses correctly will give you a much easier time tackling the open world content.

 You can deploy a pilotable mech or airship at one of the terminals using either controllers


Here concludes my guide on mech and crafting in HQ open world

Thank you for reading!