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[HQ Contest] Adventure tasks HQ OW


 — Hmph, it's you again!

 — What do you want now?                                                  

— Uh? An adventure strategy

— Well then... Just put yourself into this mecha and burn everything to ashes! 

  — What? You you do not know how to pilot mecha? 

  — Okay, I'll teach you, but you will be my test subject later... for testing prototype mechs obviously.


This time i'll teach you, how to do adventure tasks properly.

Alright, some [adventure task] rules:

  • Adventure task resets every Monday, Thursday, Saturday


  • If you forgot do previous tasks you can still do older ones and then accept new tasks. By the way, this rule only works till next reset.
  • Every monday (4:00) will be open world reset, which removes some of your Adventure Level EXP


  • Leveling up Adventure Level increases rewards, difficulty and stamina consumption


  • You can refresh tasks 15 times each round


  • You can abandon 1 accepted task every day


— Hey? Are you asleep?

— Ahem! Wake up! Don't sleep on my lessons!

Now let's talk about tasks.

Doing tasks and leveling adventure level is main priority in HQ open world.


Adventure level calculation depends by your performance during task round.


The more points you will earn, then more Adventure EXP you will get.

Every task has 3 challenges, just like mission ones. 



Each task can give up to 300 points by doing challenges; you will need 1500 points per round for S rank score which gives greatest rewards. 



So concentrate your firepower and destroy everything on the field!

Or you can just use my mechs, if you might pilot them…  


K-hm, let's continue.


I forgot tell you about [urgent bosses].


Once you have reached adventure lvl 10 there will be your first urgent boss.

Every time you level up adventure level, you'll face much stronger enemies and get much more rewards.

Every single boss has their own weakness.


With proper team setup you can kill every urgent boss and reach last 30th level.


That's all for now, see you again, Captain!