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[HQ Contest] Schicksal Headquarters Open World Ai-Chan Guide


[HQ Contest] Schicksal Headquarters Open World Ai-Chan Guide by Stroke


Who is Ai-chan and how can a dose of cabbage head change your day?


For some people, the biggest change to open world was the Partner Toggle added to Higokumaru in Sakura Samsara. Thank god we no longer need to hear Higo’s endless dialogue. However, if we … wait what is this? We got a new Open World mode called Schicksal Headquarters? And Ai-chan is finally playable??? Oh she’s not… she better not be Higo 2.0… aaaaannnd she is not.


Ai-chan is not just your cute little companion that hangs around and deals negligible dps to the monsters around you. Ai-chan and how strong she is directly influences how much of Schicksal HQ’s features are unlocked for you and we will go into detail just what is determined by Ai-chan’s tech level in this guide.


Ai-Chan’s Tech Level:


How to Level Up?:

Similar to Higokumaru from Sakura Samsara, Ai-chan levels up using exp material that can be found within the open world. This item is called “Precision Logic Unit” and there are four major ways of getting this resource.


Firstly, you will receive a good number of them during your run through of Schicksal HQ’s main storyline missions.


Secondly, each week, you will be able to collect items that spawn throughout the open world, exactly like Sakura Samsara, and gain a constant supply of logic units this way.


Thirdly, as with Sakura Samsara, adventure tasks will reset three times a week on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, and depending on your luck, you can hope to find tasks that offer logic units as a reward.


Lastly, as you may of noticed when checking out your adventure tasks, Schicksal HQ’s tasks have achievements set for each task. These usually track how long you take to clear a task, the number of times hit while clearing the task, or the hp of your defensive target in defense tasks. It will be very important to try to reach as many achievements as possible. Once all five tasks are completed, Schicksal HQ will tally up how many achievements you have succeeded in. The higher number of achievements (max being 15) the more rewards you will get, scaling with adventure level and you want those juicy exp chips. Because our next topic will go into what gets affected by Ai-chan’s tech level.


Ai-chan’s tech level and what it means to you:

One of the first things you will probably see is “Current tech level is too low. Lv. ## is required to hack this” in all red. This is one of the main areas of which tech level will affect your gameplay. Who enjoys defense towers constantly shooting at your valkyries?  As you level up Ai-chan, you will find more and more enemy devices accessible to being hacked, making your gameplay that much easier.

Aside from being easier, tech level also unlocks more of the map for you as well as additional storyline missions. Tech levels unlock elevators and teleportation portals that leads to more areas to explore and more loot to… loot. Storyline missions 3 and 4 are locked behind tech levels 10 and 15 respectively and that means more plot! It’s like what I keep telling my friends, “I’m playing this game for the plot. I swear!”


As you explore Schicksal HQ, you will also find some item crates that are also locked behind high tech levels and trust me there are some goodies, including valkyrie fragments and imaginary cores which everyone can always use more of. Unfortunately these are one time only pickups that do not respawn each week, but I’ll take what I can get. Other than items, there are also scary looking monsters with numbers on them.

Like crates, they also provide one time gifts of valuables. But do not fall for the temptation of challenging them prematurely. You’ve been warned.


Finally, like Higokumaru, Ai-chan also has skills that can be unlocked through her level. There are some default ones that unlocks automatically like the aerial vehicles that make traversing the map a breeze. Then there are two other types of skills that you can choose to activate at your own pace and preference. The skills are Operation and Battle skills and they are activated with tech points.

Everytime Ai-chan levels up, you gain 1 tech point, and gain 2 tech points every 5 level. Operation skills are typically more support based like healing your valkyrie, increasing Ai-chan’s hacking energy recovery rate, and automatically collecting items. Battle skills are, as the name applies, more battle related like increasing the damage of bombs and traps you hack, increasing the damage of your valkyries and such. What you choose to level up is your choice, personally I am going for “Cloaking Scan” from the battle skills which states “New collection items can be discovered.”

Aside from Open World adventures, tech levels also affect a new feature called the Hangar. The Hangar is where you can craft various mechas, both from the Anti-Entropy faction and the Schicksal faction. The types of mechas you can craft is determined by Ai-chan’s tech level. Finally, the mecha’s you craft can be piloted in open world, or used to deploy in the weekly mecha defense, which rewards you valuable materials depending on your clear time and (… you guessed it!) tech level.


All in all, Ai-chan is definitely a refreshing improvement to open world sidekicks.