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[HQ Contest] Full Schicksal Headquarters Open World Guide


[HQ Contest] Full Schicksal Headquarters Open World Guide by Stroke (100473238)


Table of Content:


  1. How to access

  2. Overview

  3. Weather

  4. Ai-chan’s Tech

  5. Adventure Task

  6. Hangar

  7. Mecha Defense

  8. Exchange Shop


A: How to access Schicksal Headquarters Open World

For any returning players, one of the first things you will notice is the change in the game’s user interface upon clicking “Attack” from the main bridge of your ship. This will take you to a menu with three tabs named: Attack, Challenge, and Event. For access to Schicksal Headquarters, the Captain needs to be at least achieved the base level 50, as well as completing the three storyline missions to Sakura Samsara.


If you have fulfilled the requirements, you can find open world under the Attack tab. Upon entering open world, you will need select Schicksal Headquarters after clicking “Select Map” on the bottom right. Remember that will only be able to activate one open world map per week, which will effectively decide which open world will Adventure Tasks, open world item drops, and other weekly features unique to each open world.

B: Overview of New Open World Features

Upon clicking Schicksal HQ, you will notice many new facilities, a lot of which are locked until you finish some of the main storyline missions. You will find this very similar Sakura Samsara’s storyline missions. It is a lot of walking around and talking to npcs which I will let you discover on your own and to avoid spoiling any of the plot. In contrast to Sakura Samsara, the later storyline missions of Schicksal HQ are locked behind Ai-chan’s tech level (a feature I will explain in a bit) as opposed to mainly captain’s level. As far as I know, there are 4 main storyline missions, with the last one requiring Ai-chan tech level 15, as well as 2 short side missions. The main reward of these missions are Crystals and Precision logic units (Ai-chan exp).

After completing the first two main storyline missions, much of the main menu’s features will be unlocked now and we will now talk about each of them.




C: Weather conditions

One of the first thing you will notice upon doing your first main storyline missions is: weather. This is a new feature added with Schicksal HQ. Each section: Terminal and Factory (very similar in relation to Sakura Samsara’s Village Area and Celestial Castle), has its own weather condition and is subject to change each adventure task reset, which are the same as the previous resets for Sakura Samsara, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Each weather condition has their unique effects, ranging from slowly damaging your valkyries to different monster spawns. You can find more information in the Weather Conditions button on the lower left side of the screen on the Schicksal HQ’s main menu.


There are eleven weather effects currently:







No effect

No effect

+50% dmg

Extreme Heat

+50% dmg to fire traps and +AoE

+50% fire dmg received by enemies, -80% ice dmg received by enemies, immune to freeze, enemies can ignite targets with attacks

+30% durability consumption


+50% dmg to bombs and +AoE

No effect

-30% durability consumption


+50% dmg to electric traps and +AoE

+30% paralysis duration to enemies, -80% fire dmg received by enemies, immune to ignite

No effect


Cannot lock-on to ranged enemies, lightning balls will randomly spawn, interrupts and inflicts dmg on contact

+30% melee dmg received by enemies

No effect


Receives ice dmg slowly overtime, chance of freezing enemies

+30% ice dmg received by enemies

Immune to ice dmg received overtime

Blood Moon

Decrease Ai-chan’s hacking energy’s recovery rate

Greatly increase enemy endurance and attack speed, +50% all dmg received by enemies

+50% all dmg


Increase Ai-chan’s hacking energy’s recovery rate

Enemies’ type advantage changed, +30% elemental dmg received by enemies

No effect


Receives physical dmg slowly overtime, increases indirect dmg received

+100% dmg from QTE and switch skills

Immune to physical dmg slowly overtime


Honkai beasts will spawn rather than Schicksal mechas

+20% dmg from enemies, +50% dmg received by enemies

+50% dmg against Honkai beasts

Lightning Storm

Frequent lightning strikes dealing lightning dmg and paralysis

+30% lightning dmg received by enemies

Immune to lightning strikes

D: Ai-chan’s Tech

Just like in Sakura Samsara, with our little (if not a little annoying) helper Higokumaru, Schicksal HQ has our ship’s very own Ai-chan to step in as our sidekick. Unlike Higokumaru, Ai-chan will not directly participate in combat but she helps through her various hacking capabilities. How much she can help will directly relate to how much energy she has, and her tech level.

Energy is resource that refills quickly as time pass and is used whenever Ai-chan hacks a device or monster. What she can hack ranges from small traps and bombs, to defense towers and laser grids, to terminals which provides heals and vehicles. She can also instantly kill certain monsters when they are not aggressive, similar to the backstab in Sakura Samsara. The limit to what she can hack is locked behind Ai-chan’s tech level.


Her tech level is increased with the consumable called Precision Logic Units. They are common rewards from the storyline mission, task rating rewards, as well as adventure tasks. As her tech level increases, more features will be unlocked. This includes mecha’s you can craft, different parts of the map you can go, mini bosses and supply crates that you can beat/pick up for one time rewards (usually valkyrie frags, imaginary cores, and open world materials), additional storyline missions (last one unlocked after tech level 15).

As her tech level increase, you also unlock adventure and tech powers. Adventure powers unlocks mecha’s we can drive inside the open world maps. Currently the most useful feature is unlocked after tech level 9, which gives access to aerial vehicles that allow you to quickly traverse through the map by air. While in the aerial vehicle, you can go up or down to change altitude and eject whenever you are hovering above a landable terrain, provided you are high enough above ground. Tasks are also marked by beacons of light making it easy to go from task to task by air.

Tech power are divided into two separate categories; operation and battle. These will have you small but noticeable benefits to Ai-chan’s hacking abilities in the maps. They are leveled up by tech points and you gain 1-2 tech point whenever Ai-chan’s tech levels up. In terms of what to level first, it’s all up to preference, although, the battle power “Cloaking Scan”, which states “New collection items can be discovered.” sounds promising is what I am currently aiming for.




E: Adventure Tasks

Just like Sakura’s Samsara, Schicksal HQ allow 5 tasks per reset. You will find changes in the user interface in the task menu after the update. Instead of being able to see the three choices for each of 5 tasks, you can only see one at a time. However, this downside is balanced out with the fact that you can now refresh tasks 15 times per reset. Just like before, you can still cancel one task per day if you need to. It’s neat to remember if you cancel a task, it resets your three choices, effectively giving you another “refresh.” Additionally, there are also “achievements” for how well you complete the tasks, mostly keeping track of how tracking you finish a task, the amount of times you get hit, and if applicable, your defensive target’s hp. The more achievements you get, the better the task reward you will receive.

Just as Sakura Samsara, there are also rare tasks that reward crystals that I would recommend you keep an eye out for, and urgent missions after completing enough tasks that will increase your adventure level after beating a boss. The urgent mission bosses always spawn at the center of the Terminal map. The arena also provides periodic power ups you can pick up, such as, hp, sp, and dmg boosts.

Finally, there is also your weekly Adventure rating, similar to Sakura Samsara. There are no longer elite mobs or hidden events; instead, you will be judged on the number of tasks you completed, the number of items you collected, and if you participated in Mecha Defense, which is a once per week mini game. One interesting note is that, although you no longer need to hunt for elite mobs, there are special mobs that spawn during the night. They are highlighted with a blue aura and have higher stats than the mobs around them and drop a few open world materials if you kill them.


F: Hangar

Another new feature is the Hangar. In the hanger, you can craft Anti-Entropy mechas and later, Schicksal mechas. What you can craft depends on Ai-chan’s tech level. There are four tiers of crafting and each has its own list of what mecha you might receive from crafting and its own “Box of Parts” cost. Box of Parts is the material used to craft your mechas and you can get more Box of Parts from Mecha Defense (a feature I will go into later), task rewards, map item drops, and salvaging unwanted mechas.

The mecha you craft is random and so are its stats (HP, SP, Atk, Def, and Crit). Also, you may only keep one of each type of mecha. Since they are their own stats, you will be asked to decide which mecha you want, simply keep the stronger one. In the hangar, you can select up to five mechas to display. These will be the five that you will assign to Mecha Defense. Also, the center mecha will be the mecha you may pilot while exploring the open world maps.

Mechas are affected differently than valkyries to different weather effects, so there may be times where you would prefer fighting with your mecha. Your mecha also have its own set of attack, defense, and ultimate abilities you can try out. In addition, it also have its own separate durability bar, separate to your valkyries. The durability bar is tied to all your mechas so if one dies, all of them will be unusable. But do not fear, after one loses all its durability, it will repair itself over time and can be used after it regains some durability. Just like the aerial vehicles, you can also eject from your mechas whenever you want, just remember that even when unpiloted, your enemies may choose to attack and damage your mecha.


E: Mecha Defense

This is a new mini game and I cannot claim to know all the ins and outs of how to optimally play it. This is a mode you play once per week and will count to your total weekly adventure score. You gain a rating depending on how quickly you wipe out 5 waves of monster. If you clear with in 60 seconds, you gain SSS rank, 80 seconds for SS rank, 120 seconds for S rank, 140 seconds for A rank, and any longer gives you B rank. The rewards are gold, open world materials (ancient carvings and Honkai Energy), and Bos of Parts for crafting. The rewards scale based on your Rank (B to SSS rank) and Ai-chan’s tech level.

In terms of the mini game, it has its own weather that changes periodically. Different weather gives benefits to different mechas. For instance, some weather makes melee mechas stronger and vice versa other weather makes ranged mechas stronger. You may want to change your line up in the hangar based on which mecha has the most advantage based on the current weather. There are also three power ups unlocked by Ai-chan’s tech level. You can nuke random areas with Cannon Barrage. At level 5, you can paralyze all enemies with an EMP Pulse. At level 10, you can increase your mecha’s power with Wotan’s Power. All of these have a cooldown so choosing when the best use each would affect your overall clear time!


H: Exchange Shop


With the new open world, a lot of the previous Sakura Samsara items were renamed. However, this will not change or have any negative impacts to Sakura Samsara in terms of the items you have farmed. You can still buy all the same Sakura Samsara items, such as valkyrie fragments, stigmatas, and weapons with the new renamed materials at the same cost. Also the lesser Sakura Samsara materials like Lost Fire, Iron, Fir, and Cilantro can still be traded in 15:1 just as before for the greater renamed materials.

In terms of what’s in the new Schicksal HQ shop and whether you should invest in these items, I will go over each of them below.


Phoenix Fragment

Cost: 2 Ancient Carvings, 1 Aesir Core, and 12 Regenerative Salve

Limited to four per week.

Discussion: Phoenix is a top tier Psychic valkyrie. She excels at being a great elemental support at Rank SS and can be a semi dps in both Memorial Arena and Abyss. In terms of gear, she is easy to gear, since there are tons of f2p elemental fire stigmatas and an excellent raid glove. For a fully geared Phoenix, it is also on the easy side. Fire elemental stigmatas are exchangeable and if you had invested into gearing a fire elemental valkyrie like Fire Sakitama or Sakuno Rondo, you will likely have Higo T and Nuwa M. For B stigmatas, Higo B is great for the 2 set bonus; another option would be Planck B which is a top tier aspd stigmata that many of you have already pulled for. In terms of weapon, there is really no real replacement for her signature gacha weapon.

It should also be noted that currently in global (assuming you did not pull her expansion) we have already been given 73 fragments from various missions since her release, with 5 more during the login rewards in the new update. That means if you want Phoenix, all you need is to buy 2 more fragments from shop. However, as I mentioned before, she is a great elemental support at Rank SS. You would have two options if you want a Rank SS phoenix: you can choose to farm Schicksal HQ until you can buy 102 fragments which will be very resource draining. Or you can wait till after you get lucky enough (or have whaled enough) to pull phoenix through standard supply or any future expansion supply featuring Phoenix, in which case, you only need 22 more frags until you have a shiny Rank SS phoenix.

Verdict: Yes you should invest if anything above interested you.


Sixth Serenade Soul

Cost: 1 Ancient Carving, 1 Aesir Core, and 7 Bundled Fiber

Limited to one per day

Discussion: 6S is yet another top tier psychic valkyrie. She excels at dealing aoe ice damage in abyss, as well as being the secondary/main dps in different Memorial Arena setups. In terms of gear, she has some f2p options, most of which are going to make her a very sub par valkyrie. If you want her to use her in abyss, you need her signature gun as well as the full Nohime set. The gun can also be used quite well on both KMB and GK. Nohime set currently has no other users besides 6S. Other possible stigmatas include Scarlet Lier T, Pool Party Mei M, and Shake B to name a few.

For 6S to hit her full potential, aside from owning her best in slot (BiS) gun and stigmatas, you also want her at rank SS, which greatly boosts her DPS. Due to being an awaken valkyrie, she needs 250 fragments to reach Rank SS. There is currently an event, which ends on Jan 23rd, that if you spend 30,000 crystals, you get 100 6S fragments for free. That is enough to unlock her, however, just like Phoenix, if you wait till you pull her from a future expansion supply featuring her, or had pulled her during her release, you will be only *cries* 150 fragments away from a shiny rank SS 6S.

Verdict: 150 is A LOT and rank SS is a very long term commitment. I say don’t commit to rank SS. Elemental dps falls off the higher temperature abyss is. If you are close to unlocking her or close to getting rank ss, go for it and congrats! Otherwise, invest at your own discretion.


Sealed Sakura Earthen Jar

Cost: 1 Ancient Carving, 1 Aesir Core, and 9 Honkai Energy

Limited to one per day

Discussion: This is the only farm Meme and DB. DB is a top tier support in some abyss teams and co-op bosses, and Meme is the best valkyrie in the game if you can invent a time machine to go back a year. In terms of their gear, DB is a support you don’t need gear, although she can pack a punch if you give her her signature cannon. For DB’s stigmatas, they should not be too expensive because they are stigmatas you should already be investing in. Schrodinger T, Planck M or Pool Party Mei M, Newton B are all some of the best stigmatas in the game so most of you should already have or are aiming for them. Meme, make that time machine first.

Verdict: If you need DB, this is the only way so I say yes.


Luna Kindred Soul 3x

Cost:1 Aesir Core, 800 Silver Coins, and 10 Crystallite Shard

Limited to one per day

Discussion: LK is an okay creature dps. She is mainly used in Memorial Arena as a shield breaker for a KMB creature team or a creature type judah carrier, which she is much better at than CH, since she can time fracture more. She would want similar gear to VE so it isn’t that bad to invest in her gear. She is pretty fun but that’s about it. You also get a lot of her frags for free in open world rewards and tasks (if you choose them).

Verdict: She is like super cute so why not. But really though, no.


Selune’s Elegy

Cost: 40 Soulium Ore, 50 Aesir Core, and 150 Honkai Energy

Discussion: Looks really cool!

Verdict: no


Edwin Hubble T

Cost: 30 Soulium Ore, 33 Aesir Core, and 100 Crystallite Shard

Discussion: A really expensive way to trigger freeze QTE’s.

Verdict: If you want a reliable way to trigger freeze QTE’s.


Edwin Hubble M

Cost: 30 Soulium Ore, 33 Aesir Core, and 100 Regenerative Salve

Verdict: no


Edwin Hubble B

Cost: 30 Soulium Ore, 33 Aesir Core, and 100 Bundled Fiber

Verdict: no


Note: Ice Himeko will also be available at Schicksal HQ Shop in like a month so be on the lookout for that! Although I heard like nothing good about her (or actually just nothing at all) so chances are I won’t invest in her.