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[HQ Contest] Guide- Taking advantage of weather

Schicksal HQ bossing and weather system guide


Elite Bosses


You will encounter these in the open world. The bosses are powerful with high damage- enough to one hit kill your valks. There is also a tech level requirement that you have to reach in order to be able to damage them. All of the bosses have unique skills that will act as gimmicks that you will have to work around. Some will reflect physical/elemental damage, some will become stronger during heat/cold weather. Some will absorb elemental damage of a certain type, etc. It is recommended to take advantage of the weather effects and be aware of the bosses’ gimmick.

Weather Forecast

This will help you determine the best valkyries and strategies to tackle bosses and tasks. Different weather conditions produce different effects such as bonuses or penalties to certain Valkyries. These are similar to food buffs in Sakura Samsara only more powerful. For harder bosses it is absolutely crucial that you know how to utilize the bonuses to your advantage. Deploying a fire valk in rainy weather will reduce your damage drastically and make it night impossible to do anything. Always check the weather before engaging bosses!!.

  Clear Weather no special conditions or disadvantages. Mechs deal a bit more damage.

  Cloudy Bombs (the ones you pick up and throw, not traps) damage will be strengthened, range will increase. You can also use mecha machines for a longer duration.

 Heat Fire traps will have their damage and range increased significantly. Monsters will receive more fire damage and significantly less ice damage as well as gaining immunity to freeze effects – it is then recommended to use fire valks to tackle content in this weather. You will also have a shorter time to use mecha machines before it breaks. Note that enemies’ attacks can also ignite the mech so its durability will be shortened even more. Not recommened to use mecha in this weather.

 Aurora This weather effect will accelerate Aichan’s ability bar, allowing you to use hacking power more often. Monsters will receive more elemental damage but will change their types so be aware of this.


 Rain Very powerful weather effect if you can take advantage of it. Paralysis traps are overall the best traps to trigger and this weather effect increases its damage, range, as well as extending the paralysis effects done by you and the traps. To tackle hard bosses, you can take advantage of this weather to para-lock enemies and use stigmas that increases damage during paralysis. Lightning valks are overall the best in this weather- Lightning Empress.

 Snowy Ice valks are the best to use in this weather. Take note however, that you take increasingly higher damage the longer you stay on the field- like Abyss bleed. Recommended to end the fight quickly or bring healers. Use a mech to run around for item collection as it grants immunity to the bleed damage.

 *Blood Moon basically an advantageous condition for both enemies and yourself. You will kill enemies very quickly but they will also do the same to you. Piloted mechs have increased damage and will gain more defense- in reality, they take more damage since enemies gain a lot of power. However, 4 star mechs like Iskandar that you own will gain an absurd boost for their ultimate and become very powerful- able to clear a field with just one ultimate. Overall, it’s kill or be killed.

 *Fog You cannot lock on to enemies if they are far away so ranged valks are useless. Electric balls will sometimes float up close to you and explode dealing damage- Ai chan can absorb these balls and fire them back as lasers if you are quick enough. Enemies take more melee physical damage so bring the corresponding valks. No bonuses/penalties for mechs.

 *Lightning Basically like rainy weather, but instead of paralysis it boosts lightning damage. It is also dangerous in that the lightning strikes can hit and paralyze you. It is not recommended to engage bosses in this weather as some bosses can one hit kill you and it only takes one paralysis to make it happen. However, if you have a gatherer that can suck enemies in one place then the weather can be used to your advantage.

 *Honkai a very good weather condition for tackling Honkai type bosses. Enemies also turn into honkai beasts so BIO type characters get an enormous advantage. This makes the actual bonus to be at 80% increased damage if you use a BIO valk. Overall, it’s Blood Moon with less disadvantages. Wait for this weather if you’re having trouble with a Honkai type boss.


Overall, it is very important that captains understand the weather system to take full advantage of its bonuses. The weather can make a huge difference for even high leveled valks.

Let's say you bring an ice valk like Memento into Extreme Heat weather against a creature boss with a skill that boosts its stats during hot weather. Let's say type advantage gives your valk +30% damage but Heat weather reduces total damage by 80%. With this you will get (1*1.3)-(1*1.8)=-0.5 or -50% damage. Factor in the boss' skill in Heat weather that increases its stats and resistances, even with type advantage you will still not do any damage. 

Therefore, it is crucial that you take note of the weather condition as well as the boss's skills to make the most of your valk's strengths.

Here concludes my short guide on weather and general bossing in HQ open world. 

Thank you for reading!



*Courtesy to Arthobbylab for these weather images.

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