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Event Arc: Light Bound Preview

SEA, 10013700

Hello Captain ^.^ Today, we will travel to a new story about our new Bronya-chan, Haxxor Bunny. So, let's take around to find out. 

1. Data Enhancement 

Data Enhancement is where Captain will access to make our Haxxor Bunny-chan become more stronger. We can upgrade her with three parts: Battlesuits, Stigmata and  Weapon. Our Haxxor Bunny-chan loves sweets, specially is Choco Bar. Captain must complete the task, take her around in map, playing. inverstigating, and defeate bosses with her to collect Choco Bar. These are three Choco Bar flavors she really likes. Captain don't forget it for our Haxxor Bunny-chan <3

  • Choco Bar: Mint Flavor - Captain will use this mainly for Battlesuits enhancement. Stigmata and Weapon also need this flavor but not much as Battlesuits.
  • Choco Bar: Citrus Flavor - Captain will use this for Weapon enhancement
  • Choco Bar: Strawberry Flavor - Captain will use this for Stigmata enhancement

 What will our lovely Haxxor Bunny-chan get after we give her Choco Bar? 

  • Battlesuits - This will upgrade her Valkyrire Rank from A to SSS.
  • Stigmata - This will upgrade her Stigmata Set from Scott to Turgenev.
  • Weapon - This will upgrade her Weapon from X-01 Azure Eye to Crusher Bunny 19C.

Note: The amount of Choco Bar  will increased after each upgrade. But our love for Bronya-chan will help Captain pass thorugh this <3

2. Investigation Tasks

Captain can accept few Investigation Taks per day to collect Choco Bar,  Bunny Card (currentcy used to exchange for items in event shop), Captain EXP, and Map Access EXP. The rarity or the difficult of task will increased follow our Map Access level. Make sure Captain access to event, take some Investigation Taks to unlock more feature.

3. Map Access

Map Access level is like Higokumaru level in Samsara Open World or AI-Chan tech level in Schicksal HQ Open World. Captain will get EXP through Investigation Task, open Treasure Chest, defeat Bosses, complete Special Investiagtion, and Story Event. Captain can get many useful bonus for our Valkyrie in this event. Map Access level also using to unlock Story Event, unlock more Valkyrie, unlock unique Exploration and Battle Active Skill. 

Currently, Captain will have 20 levels for Map Access.

The Exploration Skill will help our Valkyrie can jump over objective in this map if meet the requirement and complete some Hidden Investigation Taks.

The Active Battle Skill is a unique skill for Haxxor Bunny-chan. With this skill, our Haxxor Bunny-chan can knock all enemies and shoot one of them. Higher Map Access level will unlock more power for this skill.

4. Map

Like A Post-Honkai Odyssey (APHO) Open World, Captain will have 2 part when access MapStory and Exploration. Captain will need certain Map Access level to unlock more Story Event.

Based on the Map Access level, Captain only can use feature Valkyrie for the Exploration. Once that Valkyrie is unlocked, Captain can choose your own Valkyrie or Trail Valkyrie to use it. Here all the total Valyrie that Captain can use:

The number Process is the total amount of opened Treasure Chests, defeated Bosses, and Hidden or Special Investiagations when Captain explore this map.

  • Treasure Chests - Captain can find the Treasure Chests while exploring the map. Some chest only can opened after defeat boss around there, some chest only can opned after Captain using unique skill to knock enemies or destroying some special places on the ground.
  • Bosses - Each pink skull appear on Exploration Map will present for 1 boss location. For each location, Captain have 3 boss waves to defeat. After defeated 1 wave, Captain must re-enter to that location to defeate another one. 1 Treasure Chest drop after defeating 1 wave. Here is some example about the bosses that I can show to Captain. Keep this like a secret ok, Captain? (≧∇≦)ノ


  • Special Investiagations - Some hidden challenge and taks that Captain need to finish it to collect more Treasure Chests and more Choco Bar for our Haxxor Bunny-chan.

5. Challenge Mode

In this mode, Captain have to use your own Haxxor Bunny battlesuit to clear each stage inside. The difficult will increase follow the stage, and Captain can use addition some trail Valkyries or your own Valkyries to form a team with Haxxor Bunny-chan. This basically is a "Stress Test" for Haxxor Bunny battlesuit. 


Have a nice day, Captain and Good luck on your journey with Haxxor Bunny-chan. (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)


P/S: I have some new and cute moment about our new Haxxor Bunny-chan for Captain.