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Odd Drifter Guide: Enter the Tower



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Welcome to the final Odd Drifter Guide - Enter the Tower! Unlike previous areas, the Tower has no branching side quests or puzzles, so you should have no trouble figuring out how to progress. 


HOWEVER! It has a lot of Chibi Shooter stages, and the last few ones are very difficult. Don't worry, that's why this guide is here. I will provide tips on how to clear each stage, with pictures / videos as visual assistance.


Ok, let's get right into the Tower!
Table of Contents:



First Floor


Second Floor


Black-Ai's Studio




3-1 Opening
Chibi Shooter - Solo
Objective: Defeat Cutey
Tips: Watch out for the falling ice shards.

EX-9 Molotov Cherry
Valk battle
Objective: Defeat Molotov Cherry (actually a MECH)
Tips: Use your strongest PSY valk.


3-2 Twin Knights
Chibi Shooter - Solo
Objective: Defeat all enemies 
Tips: You can dodge the fire ring to avoid taking dmg.

3-3 Bishop's Move
Chibi Shooter - Solo
Objective: Defeat all enemies 
Tips: This is similar to previous stage, except with PSY enemies. 


3-4 Initiative
Chibi Shooter - Team
Objective: Defeat all enemies
Tips: Use PSY team. Avoid the spinning Giants - they are invulnerable.

Go Upstairs




3-5 Mid-game
Chibi Shooter - Team
Objective: Defeat all enemies
Tips: Mech Combi are invulnerable and they're spamming barrages. Use MG or RPG valks and keep your distance.

EX-10 Blueberry Blitz
Valk battle
Objective: Defeat Blueberry Blitz (also a MECH)
Tips: Similar to EX-9, use your strongest PSY valk.


3-6 Tarrasch Rule
Chibi Shooter - Team
Objective: Defeat Cutey
Tips: Stabbey projectiles are annoying. Use Argent Knight for that AOE flamethrower and type advantage.

3-7 Exchanges
Chibi Shooter - Team
Objective: Defeat all enemies
Tips: Similar to 3-2, but this time, projectiles are fired from the centre. Use MG or RPG valks to fire from a distance. 

3-8 Endgame
Chibi Shooter - Solo
Objective: Collect ten parts
Tips: Follow the arrow and collect ten parts.

Enter Portal: 2F



3-9 Check
Chibi Shooter
Objective: Defeat the Angry Giant
Tips: Use MECH valks. There are mechs slamming waves at you, Giant mobs spinning at you, and bananas all over the floor! Try to get the Angry Giant to the edge of the stage to reduce enemies and hazards in your way. 


3-10 En Passant
Chibi Shooter
Objective: Defeat all Mech Combi
Tips: Use a team of PSY valks. The small mechs will fire a lot of weak projectiles. Try not to get hit too much.


3-11 Sea of Time
Chibi Shooter
Objective: Defeat the Mutant Pinkie
Tips: This is your final Chibi Shooter. Use Argent Knight since she's the strongest BIO chibi, with BIO / PSY / QUA allies. If you feel the projectiles are doing too much dmg, pull more Gacha, get support chibis to increase your HP pool.


Proceed to 3-12 Study (Dialog)

Finish the dialogue and you will clear Skipper's Venture mission. A new area can be explored - Black-Ai's Studio

Enter Black-Ai's Studio



Final part of the Tower. This is a small matrix exploration featuring Ai-chan! Oh wait, it's Black-Ai from Winter Rhapsody? Hm…


Talk to Ai-chan chibi (Bug Fixer)

Talk to the four debuggers in front of the monitors.

Talk to the debugger blocking your path.

Talk to the rest of the debuggers.

Talk to Ai-chan (Bug Fixer) again.

Your final battle begins!

Valkyrie Battle
Objective: Defeat all enemies
Tips: This is your final battle! The enemies are all MECHs, so use PSY valks - for example, Phoenix, the hottest thing there is! I recommend using Lightning Empress leader for the bonus psy team buff and 70 SP, and Wolf's Dawn for her elemental shield buff.


After you win, talk to all debuggers with smiley bubbles. They will give 10 Bottled Notes, each.

Exit through the yellow portal, and you will clear the mission - Ai Underworld No 1.


Congratulations! You beat the Tower - and Odd Drifter! I hope you enjoyed this event as much as I did. Thank you to the players for reading this guide, and the discord team for giving me the opportunity to write this guide. 


Hopefully we will meet again on the next part of Captain's Bizarre Adventure. Bye! :)

- Captain Marisa