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Support Handbook: Chapter 3 Elemental Support

Authors are Stroke and Reinbex

Greetings, captains! This SUPPORT HANDBOOK aims to help captains to understand the teambuilding of the game.  This handbook consists of multiple chapters written by a group of veteran captains.

From our research, we found that many players tend to use a single character to clear stages even there's 3 of them in the team. And even when all 3 are being used, their synchronization is pretty bad. 

So why is a "team" so important in HI3? Why shouldn't I dump all my "strongest" Valkyries in one team? Why are my scores so low even I have the best gears?

This handbook is made to answer these questions. We hope everyone can understand how to get greater DPS with the help of supports and ultimately play wiser after reading this handbook.


Chapter 3 - Elemental Support

In this chapter, we will go over all the options for supporting your elemental damage teams. This means any valkyrie, weapon, and stigmata that might give support to your elemental valkyrie will be listed. 


3-1: Omni-Element Damage Support

Omni-Element Support Valkyries

*:Video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av85860782?zw (LE AE HF vs Homu King ~31253)

**:Video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av79163023?zw (LE Phx HF vs Benares ~31040)

***:Video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV16K4y1v7nT (HoR WD VD vs Hellmaru 30826)

Omni-Element Support Weapons

*:Almost every greatsword wielder has its own advantage as a blood dance holder. 

In Lightning Empress (LE) or Herrscher of Thunder (HoT) teams, you use a PSY BD holder to satisfy their lead skill requirement. Rozaliya is the best option because she has time fracture on evasion and no switch skill. Having no switch skill means you do not have to waste precious seconds with an attack animation, risk support stigmatas triggered on hit too early, or perform extra actions to evade-cancel its animations. Without Roza, Kriegsmesser is a suitable substitute.

SF can be a useful BD holder because her QTE provides time fracture. She is used on Meme PX BD team and sometimes on HoR PX BD team because PX can easily trigger her QTE.

In AE teams, you use a BD holder that can satisfy AE's lead skill requirement. 

  • For MECH options, both Vermillion Knight (VK) and Liliya are great options because they have no switch skills.

  • For BIO options, Battle Storm (BS) can be a useful BD holder because her evasion skill provides time fracture. Also, her ultimate deals a significant amount of heavy attack trauma which is useful against abyss Heimdall. Otherwise,  Valkyrie Triumph (VT) is marginally better than BS in abyss for providing ignore interrupt to the team.

Omni-Element Support Stigmatas

3-2: Lightning Damage

Now we will go onward to the supports that specialize in augmenting Lightning damage.

Lightning Element Support Valkyrie

Lightning Element Support Weapons

**:Raikiri is used to support Lightning damage dealers like Shadow Knight to provide extra ticks of hits for New Moon.*:Video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1ga4y1J7jT?zw (HoT Roza DP vs Heph ~31840)
Video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av90320418?zw (LE DP SK vs Rita ~31786)

Lightning Element Support Stigmata

Lightning Element Support ELF

3-3: Fire Damage

For Fire support, there are quite a few supports specifically designed for supporting the team's Fire DMG.

Fire Element Support

(*) https://www.3rdguide.com/web/teamnew/detail?id=6554 - Video of Ruinous Sakura usage against AKA (31680)

3-4: Ice Damage

Unlike the other elements, there are almost no supports dedicated to purely Ice DMG, but here are the following that do.

Ice Element Support