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Version 4.4 Overview




Ho ho ho~ Hello captains, it's Marisa from Ai-chan's overview team. Ai-chan told me she has a big gift sack for us captains in Honkai Impact 3 version 4.4! What's in it? Maybe it's the new Honkaipunk 2077. Let's find out~


DEA ANCHORA (DA) is Durandal S-rank BIO-type Fire DPS. This radiant battlesuit harnesses the bubble universe energy within Durandal, which she and Rita explored in the visual novel [Durandal], and later strengthened by Su in the manga [Second Key]


DA Ultimate attacks deliver powerful punches and lance throws. At full [Astrum] meter, DA can use Charged ATK and enter [Astral Harness] mode, where her ultimate attacks become destructive.


BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! If you pull Dea Anchora now, Ai-chan will also add new bosses to Abyss and Arena, made especially for DA. Quick! Get DA now!


DA signature equipment are Shakespeare Adrift stigma and Starlance Prime / Sagittarius Astra PRI-ARM. 

  1. Shakespeare Adrift stigma is the strongest Fire stigma, but can only be used by DA as most of its buffs only affect Ultimate Attack. (DA spams Ults)
  2. Starlance Prime / Sagittarius Astra PRI-ARM provides the highest ATK, buffs and strong damage procs for Dea Anchora.

These gears are tailored for DA and it is recommended to get them all for DA



A new Endothermic Lance VF is added to Bounty Mark. This lance gives unrestricted 22% TDM and its active skill changes damage based on the user damage type. A very good f2p weapon for any Lance character.


Shakespeare is also added to Bounty Mark as G1 stigma. Is it good? Monet T and Thales M are farmable and are usually better options than Shakes. Only Shakes B is used by Goushinnso Memento. 


 Final Rebel's Blades Stigma 

The final Rebel's Blades piece - Fu Hua: Onyx Simurgh B will be available from Chapter 21 Event Shop. Your Rebel Blades collection will finally be complete and you will get Homei Mei Emblem.


Swan Lake and Beethoven are added to BP Elite Works. You can consider getting

  • Swan Lake to unlock the PRI-ARM Sleeper's Dream for Fervent Tempo
  • Beethoven B for advanced Memorial Arena strats
  • Beethoven M for decent physical support


NEW BOSS - Herrscher of the Rimestar (PSY)

Rimestar has arrived in Memorial Arena. Rimestar has a fire shield and can summon lanterns that makes it difficult for you to damage her. Use the new Dea Anchora to defeat her quickly!




  • PSY enemies
  • Boss: Herrscher of the Rimestar



  • Enemies under ignited state take 40% more TDM. Effect lasts for 4s after the ignite expires.
  • PSY and BIO enemies
  • Possible final floor bosses are Parvati and Argent Knight



Onyx Simurgh outfit for Hawk of the Fog. Acquired from Homu Treasury Crystal Flip



Orochi Cuirass for Danzai Spectramancer. Free outfit from Stellar Mythos event shop,



Stellar Mythos is Dea Anchora battlesuit event. Learn how to use DA and join Alvitr and Susannah gossip about Durandal. Rewards DS Orochi outfit, crystal and more!



Race against other captains in this 3v3 speedrun. Win, unlock new items, and get rewards such as crystal, Wafer Stabilizer and Valkyire Fragyom - Choose CH, SK or KMB fragments. Up to 8 frags can be acquired in this event.



Complete daily tasks and receive up to 1200 Crystal!



In Rogue Tower, certain valkyries have been modified, creating a unique never-before-seen experience. Use these modified battlesuits to climb this rogue-ly tower!




The new Honkai Lab - Coop Lab - requires you and a partner to bring two valks each, and work together to battle strong enemies.


  • Chapter 21 - Wings of Reawakening continues the story of Fu Hua's past
  • Rewards the final Rebel's Blades stigma - Fuhua: Onyx Simurgh (B), crystal and more
  • Features new enemies



You will also find new additions such as

  • New Entente season
  • New mail and announcement interface
  • More Bounty Mark bosses
  • Dea Anchora dorm chibi
  • Fervent Tempo bridge interaction
  • Activity LITE returns!



Make sure to download and experience the v4.4 version yourself, coming this December 17!

Thanks to Ai-chan Team and everyone who helped throughout the beta, mostly to the Discord captains. Visit Official Global Discord for info on future patches, or subscribe to me on YOUTUBE and TWITTER ~


Padoru pics from Komitaki (Pixiv)
Some pics are translations of pics from Honkai BBS post