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How to get asterite quickly


hello captain, I'm Culture Eris and this time I will share a simple guide for newbie captain or old captain

before I start this guide, the captain needs to know about asterite


ASTERITE is a material in the game Honkai Impact 3 which has a 4-star rarity and has a lot of uses to develop valkyrie/elf captain quickly.

Asterite is an exchange type material or can be said to be a currency other than coins, crystals, and mithril in the Honkai Impact 3 game

Q: if asterite is a currency other than a coin, crystal, and mithril. So what items can be purchased with Asterite?
A: There are so many items that can be purchased with Asterite that are useful for late games, drifting on captain dizzy and curious about what items can be purchased with Asterite. the captain can see a list of materials that can be purchased with Asterite which I have already summarized.


asterite shop

*The items above only appear in the asterite shop and do not include other shops
* note: material and price may change depending on Dev's policy
* Note: Asterite can also be used to refresh the exchange shop

Okay, captain already knows what items can be purchased with Asterite


Because the captain already knows its usefulness, now we find out how to get it, but before that, I will tell you the list that will be discussed.

  1. Where to get asterite
  2. The most efficient way to get asterite
  3. Special thanks

Where to get asterite
In the game Honkai Impact 3 the captain can get an asterite in the following places/stages

Memorial Arena
Memorial arena is one of the late-game stages in the Honkai Impact 3 game because this is one of the late-game stages so the prizes given are very attractive. One of them is Asterite


the captain can get 1680 asterite from master score reward
*prizes based on master's level

Because in Honkai Impact 3 there are 2 open-world Sakura Samsara and Schicksal HQ. I will explain 1 by 1.



In Schicksal HQ, the captain has several places to look for asterite's and the average enemy here is the mecha type. Schicksal HQ opens at level 50

Mecha defense
I like this feature

Here the captain can get a lot of asterite's by only seeing your mecha fight and arrange BUFF/debuff to enemies/missiles to defeat other mechas, in this mecha defense using a rank system. The higher the captain rank, the more prizes the captain will get. The rank here is based on the speed of completing the mecha defense stage
* Note: Mecha defense resets every Monday

Material Gathering

Matter of material gathering problems. Schicksal HQ is the easiest place, with Ai-chan lv 20 then the captain can auto collect without pressing a button. This feature is very useful to speed up the process of collecting asterite's. because with the collected material in the open-world captain has the opportunity to get an asterite and this feature is one of the features that I like in Schickisal HQ.
* Open world material is reset every Monday

Weekly rating
This feature will give you 630 asterite in rank S

Task finalization
The task finalization not only provides asterite but will also provide a stigmata resonator.

This feature is based on OPEN world captain level, the higher your open-world level, the more asterite the captain will get. The finalization task is reset every Monday and will reduce the open-world captain's exp based on the last open-world level. (It will not decrease if Open-World Schicksal HQ is not activated)
For rewards, the captain can see the image below

task finalization



Sakura samsara is the first open world in the game Honkai Impact 3, the average enemy here is bio and psychic. If in Schicksal HQ valkyrie is accompanied by Ai-chan then in sakura samsara we are accompanied by higokumaru

Daily barreled higokumaru

Every day the captain will be given 1 jar by Higomaru which contains 60 asterite's and 480 mithril. The barrel reset time is 1 day after taking the barrel. If the captain takes this barrel at noon, the captain can claim again at noon the next day.

Higokumaru barrel is quite helpful even though it contains 60 asterite's because even though the captain does not activate the sakura samsara the captain can still claim this barrel.
* We can get 420 asterite's in a week


Material Gathering
Unlike the Schicksal HQ in sakura samsara captain can't auto collect
* so the captain must be a little patient

Even though you can't auto collect this process can be speeded up by buying items at Sakara Samsara Shop

Shio Ramen
Complete all collection actions immediately and increases movement speed by 20%.

Same with the Schicksal HQ in this sakura samsara the captain can get an asterite from stealing collecting material

weakly rating and Task finalization
For weakly rating and Task finalization it's the same as Schicksal HQ, which differs only in the fragments obtained in Task finalization. If in Schicksal HQ gets a luna kindred (LK) fragment then in the sakura samsara the captain gets a Gyakusinn Miko fragment

* if you focus on farm asterite I suggest you activated Schicksal HQ

In Honkai Impact 3 has many events that give captain crystal, mithril, coin, asterite and many more.
So don't miss the event so the captain gets all the prizes

Refine material
Refine material/selling material is a feature that can give many captains asterite in a short time. Captain can exchange some materials into asterite and with the help of energy the captain can get 2x


Twin Towika Will has an original price of 150 asterite but with energy, I can get 2x the normal price

For materials that can be exchanged, the captain can see the list below


Salvage * 5 stigmata event
This is the fastest way because every captain salvage * 5 stigmata event captain can get 10,000 asterite's. But I don't recommend this method for captains with collector spirits like me

After the captain knows where asterite can be obtained now is the time to tell the captains about the trick to get asterite 2k + in a day.

Instead of lingering just go to the trick

  1. claim daily barrel in open-world sakura samsara.
    Here the captain can get 60 asterite's per day whether the captain activates the open-world sakura samsara or not, which means that in a week the captain can get 420 asterite's
  2. weekday event: material

    wait, weekday event: material only provides upgrade and coin material, how can we get asterite from there?

    That's right, the weekday event only provides upgrade materials and coins, but if the captain is level 60 or level 65 or above, the captain can get an asterite by refining the material

    The captain can see the material list that can be changed to asterite below

    At level 60 the captain can get 2 material *4 and at level 65 the captain can get 4 material

    1 material * 4 from weekday is valued at 150 asterite's and if you use energy the captain can get 300 asterite's per material

    Weekday upgrade material opens on Monday - Friday, meaning the captain will get 10 materials at lv 60-64 and 20 materials at level 65+
    * Captain can open a weekday event material with 12 planeroid tokens


    * I highly recommend this method, because this material is not always used and does not require too much to upgrade weapons/stigmata

    Captain can get
    In 1 day 1,200 asterite's
    In 5 days 6,000 asterite's
    Within a week 7,400 asterite's (if the captain uses planeroids on Saturdays and Sundays)

  3. Talengem (not recommended)

    Talengem is a material to upgrade elf skills, this material is quite important but some captains do not care about their elf skills including me: v.

    Captain can get telegrams in 3 places
    1. Story stage
    (supreme stages 6-3, 4-10, and 9-6)
    2. weekday event: drift world (lv80 +)
    3. time works: elf Matz
    There are 2 types of Talengem
    1. Basic Talengem

    2. GP Talengem

    Basic Talengem is valued at 90 asterite's per 1 Basic Talengem and will become 180 asterite's when using energy. Unlike the Basic Talengem, GP Talengem appreciated more expensive at 360 asterite per 1 GP Talengem and will be 720 asterite if the captain using energy

    Captain can get at least one day:
    3 Basic Talengem which is worth 540 asterite's from the story.
    for time works and weekday events: the world drift here the telegram is quite random but at least if the captain is bad luck then the captain can get 2 basic Talengem worth 180 asterite and will be 360 asterite if using energy

    then at least the captain can get 900 asterite's a day and 6,300 asterite's a week from Talengem

for the total asterite that can be obtained in a day and a week without memorial, open world and events, the captain can see below

material min/day normal sell price with energy a day a week
*4 material upgrade 4 150 300 600
6 90 180 540
Daily Samsara sakura barrel - 60 - 60 420

* The data above is taken at level 80+
* Telengem data is taken in the worst situation
* data does not include events that can be obtained per day


thank you to all Axillia members who have helped me making this guide,
https://honkaiimpact3.gamepedia.com for in-game assets, and
Grammarly for correct my typo

sorry if my English is bad, I will try to make it easier to understand next time