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F2P Void Drifter Builds: Memorial Arena & Abyss

  F2P Void Drifter Builds: Memorial Arena & Abyss

1. Fishing for F2P Void Drifter (VD) Equipment Builds 

Damage is completely excluding CRT due to varying valkyrie stats and their levels affecting its rate. 
Top Center Bottom    
Lier Scarlet Elizabeth Bathory Attila Optimal Damage Notes

[223] * (1 + 0.36) * (1 + 0.2 + 0.31) = 458

By far the highest damage due to Lier Scarlet's 5* base damage and total damage multiplier. Unfortunately, (T) won't help increase VD's ult damage - but that's okay as most of her damage comes from her combo attacks.

Base Damage Base Damage Base Damage
93 - 30
Attila Attila Attila Optimal Damage Notes

[188] * (1 + 0.51) * (1 + 0.25) = 355

Changes to a 1.74x damage when taking into account the flat crit rate increase from breaching a shield. Damage falls to 327 on average per hit.

Base Damage    
58 - 30
Attila Attila Attila Optimal Damage Notes

[188] * (1 + 0.71) = 321

Base Damage    
58 - 30
Elizabeth Bathory Elizabeth Bathory Elizabeth Bathory Optimal Damage Notes

[188] * (1 + 0.4) = 262

Increases to a 1.47x damage increase if inclusive of 5% crit rate, turning to an average of 276 damage per hit.

Base Damage    
58 - 30
Attila Attila Attila Optimal Damage Notes

[189] * (1 + 0.31) = 248

DMG is not inclusive of the increased CRT and Crit DMG given. However, Attila is expected to be stronger at the lower levels and falls off later due to how CRT is calculated.

Base Damage Base Damage Base Damage
59 - 30


Weapon Name Rank Comments

Judgement of Shamash


Both a utility and a general-use DPS weapon. The active ability of this weapon is mostly for Abyss bossing and Memorial Arena, where time-to-kill is important. Once used, the valkyrie is usually swapped out for another DPS due to the HP cost of casting. However, VD is able to benefit off this weapon as she can reliably ignite enemies around her, gaining 18% TDM against them.

Jingwei's Wings


One of the best F2P DPS pistols out there but is only good against solo targets (i.e. bosses) due to how the passive works.

2. Fishing for F2P VD Weapons 


3. Building a F2P Team Around Void Drifter (Memorial Arena) 

  Drive Komata Bronya Divine Prayer Kiana Void Drifter Kiana      
Memorial Arena      
1 It's possible to score over 29k points in memorial arena just using F2P equipment and valkyries. It can be done even without an ELF or any good affixes for your stigmatas! So don't be discouraged by seeing all these SSS valkyries and whatnot because it's still your skill that matters! I would have like to recorded but my potato of a laptop was lagging too much to do so. Builds below.
3 So what makes this team so good? It's mostly the synergy around DP and DK, and then DK and VD.
4 DK's uncharged basic attack is able to trigger VD's QTE. The QTE proc can create timeslow to delay memorial arena's timer, allowing VD to use her full two-combo rotation before switching out to DP.
5 Now that DP is on the field, she mostly wants to wait for the enemy to attack so she can dodge and proc timelock, which will then trigger DK's QTE. This will timeslow again, and VD should be ready to proc her QTE again through DK's uncharged attack.
6 Just rinse and repeat and the map should constantly be timeslow with VD getting off her 2 full-combo attacks.

4. Building a F2P Team Around Void Drifter (Abyss) 

  Drive Komata Bronya Night Squire Fuhua Void Drifter Kiana      
1 Sadly, there was not a chance to play Abyss at a high level in the beta server. But in theory, VD is a valkyrie that's extremely suitable for this new Q-Singularis Abyss since the meta has returned to gathering enemies once more. With VD being able to act as a DPS as well, her value has increased substantially.
2 Drive Komata is a staple support for all physical damage valkyries, especially melee ones. Her crippling field can help boost your crowd control ability by weakening their shields. This can also help activate VD's QTE for even more damage. Furthermore, she can also gather enemies at will.
3 NS and VD work surprisingly well together. NS can help tackle the psychic enemies VD are weak against while VD can help gather enemies for NS to ult on. Not to mention, VD's passive which grants teammates SP and total damage multiplier. This is what NS really wants since she is ult-reliant and all her F2P equipments are physical-only.
4 NS can be replaced by VBS since they essentially fulfil the same role.

Art Source: Me

Link to the Google Excel Sheet I wrote this on (it looks better and has more detail since I couldn't fit everything in this website)