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v3.3 Explanations (HoR Part)

Well, hello there!


If you haven't checked the v3.3 Explanations, I suggest you do it first, I put most of the greetings and welcoming jokes there
If you came here from that guide there, congratulations! You've earned it.


Let's not delay it any longer and welcome the all new:


New Valkyrja: [Herrscher of Reason]


At last, a non-fanart mature Bronya!


we're here at last, a Herrscher who doesn't actually destroy the world.
No wait, I shouldn't say that in a guide…


But yes, if you've been playing or watching the story, she is the embodiment of the Reason Jewel after thwarting Seele’s plan to--
Or you can just play the story! I'm here to explain the battlesuit anyway..
So let's just start!


[Herrscher of Reason] (HoR) is the newest addition to the valkyrjas following the events in Quanta Sea, she is a Close-and-Far ranged hybrid, Ice element based Valkyrja with amazing burst capability and absurd sustainability.
Her ultimate grants her awesome mobility and sustained DPS while maintaining Crowd Control capability, almost making her as the king, no, Queen of all trades.


She is the Awakening from the S-rank valkyrja [Dimension Breaker], therefore she has some shared skills which benefits from [Dimension Breaker]'s rank. I will explain those later, but now let's divide the guide into several parts.


Overall Info
[Herrscher of Reason] has a very different gameplay and feel compared to the rest of the bronya valkyrjas, this is because her basic attack is no longer a charged attack, but instead, a close range combo.
She also brings uniqueness to the game, having 3 valkyrja modes, a new debuff, as well as new features into the game.
She is also the first elemental-focused type of bronya valkyrjas, and it is Ice element, the rarest out of the 3 elements in the game.
She also changes heavy weapon's projectile models and some of their existing skills, I'll explain this thoroughly later.
She also comes with her signature weapon and stigma, so count your crystals, it's splurging time!


Awakening Info
[Herrscher of Reason] has 6 shared skills, 3 in charged atk passive, 1 in basic atk passive, 1 in “Passive” passive, and 1 as the leader skill.
You can max 4 of the shared skills within S Rank [Dimension Breaker].
The other 2 are maxed on SSS rank and can be acquired on SS Rank, one of them being the leader skill.
Be advised that one of the shared skills is [Dimension Breaker]'s QTE, which is bad to be leveled up.


Basic Gameplay
Alright, Picture time! I also get bored pretty quickly without seeing pictures.


First, [Herrscher of Reason]'s basic attack is a 14-close range hits in 5 tap sequences.



Every hit pushes you towards your target, and on the 4th and 5th sequence, namely drill and explosion, you can move around freely while attacking, so you can position yourself better.
The drill also slightly pulls in nearby enemies, enabling crowd control.


When she is doing drill and explosion, [Herrscher of Reason] builds a barrier on her front and sides. This barrier blocks any attacks from both her front and her sides completely, be it physical or elemental damage, but it doesn't block debuffs such as paralyze. This barrier also reduces any damage taken from behind by 30%.



The explosion also marks hit enemies with “Analyzed” debuff, I will explain this later as well.


Charged Attack
[Herrscher of Reason] has a bar called Konstruktyom above her HP bar, it is her main damage source. The bar has 480 maximum value, and each 120 fills one bar.
There are many ways to increase Konstruktyom:

  • Basic attack increases Konstruktyom, 2nd sequence grants you 25, 3rd sequence grants you another 25, drill grants you 200, and explosion grants another 25, for a total of 275 Konstruktyom. Sadly, hitting multiple enemies will not net you more Konstruktyom.
  • QTE gives 120 Konstruktyom
  • Ultimate Evasion gives 120 Konstruktyom
  • The passive, 2-Pass Coding, gives 240 Konstruktyom at the start of battle, it is unlocked on rank SS, it gives 360 Konstruktyom instead at rank SSS.
  • When exiting bike mode, gains 240 Konstruktyom

Konstruktyom is used to enter Herrscher Mode, which I will explain below.


Herrscher Mode: DEA Raison
Before I start, I can't help but notice that it's a call to the French sentence “Raison D'être”, which means “Reason for Being.” Which is cool!


*ahem* Okay, back to where we are.
Holding the basic atk button will pushes her away from her current target and enter DEA Raison, her Herrscher Mode.


Unlike HoV's Herrscher Mode which gives off an aura around her body and paints the stage orange, HoR's Herrscher Mode doesn't give any sign, making it hard to determine whether HoR is in the mode or not, as she only paints the stage in navy.



In this mode, [Herrscher of Reason] will shoot her currently equipped weapon at her target every time you do an attack. This attack differs depending on what type of weapon she is equipped with. You can also move while shooting.



With cannons, she shoots 4 rounds of big drills onto the target, this counts as stage 3 charged shots and explodes, dealing damage in an area.



With Missile Launchers, she shoots 12 rounds of small drills onto her target



With Lasers, she shoots a multi-hit linear burst, much like RPC's, this damages everything in a line.



Note that you will always deal the same amount of damage no matter the weapon type, which is 660% ice damage for each shot fired.
Also you don't need to charge anything, as all weapons will fire in their maxed charge state. This changes most weapon's unique mechanic completely:

  • M134 Vulcan Minigun is fired as a laser
  • Weapon skills that accelerates charging time, such as Markov Type C and Flint Sanada, is changed into bonus attack speed for [Herrscher of Reason], although the shooting speed itself doesn't change
  • Super cannons, such as Cyclops PRI and Chiyou Cannon, are also fired instantly, gaining the bonus damage although it's still physical bonus, this also works with Heavy Cannons.
  • Book of Fuxi's weapon skill that changes weapon type cannot be used on [Herrscher of Reason]
  • Hand of Tyr's active skill shoots drills and deals ice damage instead, gaining the bonuses from [Herrscher of Reason]'s passives, it also makes her enter DEA Raison for a very brief amount of time.


DEA Raison ends when you don't have enough Konstruktyom or stop shooting, when DEA Raison ends, the next 1st sequence basic attack will push you a bit further onto your target.


Ultimate: Cyberangel.cfg and Bike Mode: USAGI Kinetik
[Herrscher of Reason]'s Ultimate deals a total of 3050% ice dmg, gives max Konstruktyom, and enters USAGI Kinetik mode. 



Be advised that USAGI Kinetik is not a burst mode.
Notice the background? yes, it is also Herrscher Mode: DEA Raison, meaning [Herrscher of Reason] has 2 ways to enter it.


USAGI Kinetik lasts for 17s and [Herrscher of Reason] has a different gameplay while in it.


While in USAGI Kinetik, [Herrscher of Reason] gains 40 Konstruktyom per second
Moving, attacking, or evading creates a Hover Gun every 0.6s that deals 260% ice damage to your target



Basic atk button performs a spinning charged attack, dealing a total of 1100% ice damage and inflicts Analyzed for 4s, requires 240 Konstruktyom. this attack also ignores 20% of enemy's elemental defense, which is the only one of its kind in this game.
Evade button performs a wheelie, dealing up to 40% ice damage and inflicts Analyzed for 4s



The wheelie animation locks you so you cannot turn and you have to aim it manually because it doesn't automatically strike onto your target, you will also go through your target so you will have to reposition every time you do a wheelie, the spin attack, however, will automatically face you towards your target like usual.


Analyzed Debuff
Through all these texts, you have seen the many ways of [Herrscher of Reason] to inflict Analyzed debuff, but what does it do ?
Simply put, it freezes enemies for 1.5s and causes [Herrscher of Reason] to gain 40% total damage multiplier to Analyzed enemies.
You can see debuffed enemies by the circle mark on their body



This buff can be refreshed by inflicting another Analyzed debuff, therefore freezing the said enemy for another 1.5s
Okay okay I will summarize it for you, these are the ways for [Herrscher of Reason] to inflict Analyzed debuff:

  • Basic atk 5th sequence, lasts for 6s
  • QTE, lasts for 6s
  • Next attack after Ultimate Evasion, lasts for 4s
  • Ultimate Evasion's time fracture, lasts for 6s, requires SSS rank
  • Spin attack and wheelie in USAGI Kinetik, lasts for 4s
  • Signature weapon's active skill, lasts for 7s


Ultimate Evasion
Last but not least, we have her Ultimate Evasion
The normal evasion gives her 120 Konstruktyom and it has no cooldown, the ultimate evasion is the global time fracture, which lasts for 3s with a 15s cd.
On SSS rank, the passive Freeze Threshold will be unlocked, reducing the cooldown to 12s and inflicting Analyzed to everything affected by the time fracture for 6s, therefore freezing them as well.



The best thing about the evasion, is that you can trigger her ultimate evasion after taking damage. Both the ultimate evasion and the normal evasion can trigger this.




And so we enter the next phase, Team Building


Much like the previous part, team building is centered around the 3 topics.
But, it is very clear with those capabilities, it's not an exaggeration that [Herrscher of Reason] can do well even without teammates.
But still, let's get through them topics, but all at the same time now.


[Herrscher of Reason] contributes 2 things for the team, time lock and freeze
While there are plenty valkyrjas who can benefit off these, there are few who can support an elemental damager, the few are:



Wolf's Dawn's  SS rank shield provides 30% elemental damage
Phantom Iron's ultimate also provides 30% elemental damage, while also giving 15% elemental damage if the enemy has elite shield.
Valkyrie Pledge has access to multiple crosses that can provide bonuses, such as

 Oath of Judah: provides massive crowd control
 Super Sonata: provides 15% elemental damage.


While thinking about supporting, someone must fill the role of secondary DPS as well, and there are 3 valkyrjas who can do this:



But those 3 are S ranks!
Sadly, yes, but don't worry, we still have much to discuss.
If you have a Main DPS, determining secondary DPS is less constrained, you don't have to put a secondary DPS that directly supports main DPS


Hard to swallow? Let's take some examples:


 Lightning Empress has always been one of the most favorited support of most captains, being able to provide 50 sp at the start of battle can mean quick use of ultimates and weapon skill to obliterate MA bosses.

 Phoenix is also a good multi-role valkyrja, while dealing hefty damage, one of her passive provides 30% elemental damage, her SS rank passive makes enemies take 20% more elemental damage as well, making her an almost absolute choice for elemental team composition

 Unforgotten Apostle/Goushinnso Memento might not provide any bonuses for [Herrscher of Reason] herself, but she can provide burst damage in a very short time interval, great for increasing overall dps of the team.


Apart from valkyrjas, let's not forget the one thing that has been a friend to elemental damagers for decades, the good ol' Blood Dance
 This greatsword provides massive bonus of making enemies take 36% more elemental damage for 9s, at only 15s cd. If you are to bring it, there are 4 users that can also benefit off [Herrscher of Reason]



For me, [Herrscher of Reason]'s team changes according to where she is going to, such as abyss or MA or usual stages.
While you can bring maximum DPS with Blood Dance into MA, bringing defensive support such as WD or Kometa into higher abyss might be wiser.



Right, next part, Equipments.


I would put everything so you can mixmatch her  as usual, but not this time.
She came with her signature set, and for Herrschers, that is a big deal.
Her Signature set is Key of Reason weapon with Welt Yang stigma set




While you can argue about her weapon, Welt Yang is undeniably the best stigma set for her and maybe for all ice valks.


The top piece gives 20% total damage multiplier, and 50% ice damage in herrscher mode.
The center piece gives 20% ice damage, and a debuff that causes enemy to take 1% more ice damage (max 10 stacks) for 5s.
The bottom piece gives 15% total damage multiplier, and a shield that heals 50 HP/s for 10s after freezing an enemy, 15s cd, this shield also acts as a one-time interrupt block.
The 2 piece set gives an effect that after 15 non-charged attacks, the next charged attack and the 5s after will gain 60% total damage multiplier, this buff is also applied the first time you enter battle.
The 3 piece set gives 40% ice damage, and a vortex that pulls in enemies for 3s with a 4s cd after you do ultimate with each charged attack, this effect lasts for 16s.


Remember that [Herrscher of Reason] does 14 hits of her non-charged basic attack, so the 2-set effect will be very easy to trigger
Also her ultimate lasts for 17s, a full duration that the 3-set stigma effect can give you. Her spin attack in USAGI Kinetik counts as a charged attack.
The shield from the bottom piece will not break if you get hit while the drill barrier is up.


This stigma set alone gives her a total of 35% total damage multiplier, 60% ice damage, and 95% total damage multiplier to charged attacks, in DEA Raison and USAGI Kinetik, the ice damage bonus becomes 110%.



The weapon, Key of Reason, is a normal cannon that gives 30% ice damage. Its weapon skill deals a total of 1565% ice damage and freezes enemies for 6s, and the wielder gets yet another 35% total damage multiplier for 7s.
When equipped on [Herrscher of Reason], hit enemies also get Analyzed for 7s.
The weapon skill only costs 5sp, with a long cooldown of 25s



If you calculate everything together, Key of Reason is still the best weapon for [Herrscher of Reason] mainly because of the 35% total damage multiplier it gives. But if you can't afford it, Hand of Tyr is the most powerful substitute.


The reason is because its active skill works like a normal charged attack, this can trigger Welt Yang stigma's 2 set effect, as well as making [Herrscher of Reason] enters DEA Raison for the shot.
If that's not enough reason, the damage also gets converted into ice damage, gaining the bonus 110% ice damage from Welt Yang's set



Other than these 2, you can pretty much use anything with big base damage stat, because elemental damage cannot crit. Except that DO NOT (yes, I press this) use laser weapon on her, it's really bad. Also I don't advise to use missile launchers because some of them tend to miss, decreasing your damage output


Recommended are:



As for the Stigmata:








Also before this part ends, I would like to make a special mention to the ELF: Selune's Elegy if you really want to maximize [Herrscher of Reason]'s damage. Her ultimate makes an area which increases ice damage taken by 5%



Yes, the number is small, but if you're maximizing damage no matter the cost, I don't see why not



Thank you..
I promise I will find a way,,