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Quantum Type Guide

QUA-Type Enemies


Version 3.2 has introduced to us a new type of enemy: Quantum aka QUA. These new enemies not only look different, but interact differently from everything we're used to. This guide will introduce to you the QUA type and explain the differences between them and the usual enemies you are familiar with.

Weakness and Strengths

In typing advantages, QUAs are outside of the familiar cycle between PSY, BIO, and MECH. Meaning QUA only does not receive any advantage or disadvantage against the 3 types and vice versa. 

However, QUAs are strong against themselves.They receive more damage from QUA attacks.There is also another type that has yet to have been revealed as of this moment.
That's not all, QUAs are also immune to status inflictions (freeze, paralyze, stun, time slow/fracture/lock, etc).




Collapsed State

QUA enemies can seem intimidating with these various immunities and intricate behaviors. However, they share a common weakness that makes it easier to take them down.
You may recognize QUA enemies in their regular state (black with stars). But QUA enemies also have a unique state called the Collapsed State (mostly white). 

While in Collapsed State, QUA enemies lose their immunity to status inflictions (freeze, paralyze, stun, time slow/fracture/lock, etc.) In addition, they also intake 43% more physical DMG


How to Enter Collapsed State:

QUA enemies have a different type of attack called Phase Attacks. Phase attacks have a blue warning flash instead of the usual pink flash.


When you successfully ult-evade a phase attack, your valkyrie will enter a short duration mode known as the Phase Disruption Mode.
You can tell when your valkyrie is in PDM when your valkyrie has a black orb glowing out of her.


During PDM, when you hit the enemy, they will enter the Collapsed State.


Here is an example of inflicting the Collapsed State:

Another method to inflict Collapsed State onto a QUA is through Swallowtail Phantasm's ult. 
SP's ult's final hit has a chance of forcing Collapsed State onto QUA enemies.




The Enemies

As of currently, there exists only 5 different QUA mobs. From left to right of the above picture, they are: Void Erinyes, Void Hellion, Void Chela, Void Taurus, Void Gorgan. While they are similar in appearance and in some attack patterns to their normal PSY variants, they operate differently in some manners.


QUA mobs also have a purple symbol at the left of their HP bar to denote of their QUA typing and their state.

The upper picture has a lit purple symbol for a regular state QUA enemy while the bottom picture has a dim purple symbol for a Collapsed State QUA enemy.


Void Erinyes

The QUA variant of the Angel. These guys come with a special ability, 1 regular attack, and 1 phase attack. Their special ability is called Fissile Split
This skill gives its user the ability to clone 1 copy of itself but they will both be in Collapsed State. 



Teleport and Spiral Charge:

5x Spiral Charge (Phase):



Void Hellion

The Void Hellion is the QUA version of the Knight. The Hellion's has 2 quick short frontal attacks as its regular attacks and its charging attack as its Phase Attack.



Frontal Pierce:


Teleporting Charge (Phase):



Void Chela

The QUA's version of the Crab also comes with the DEF Claw ability. Giving it rather high frontal physical defenses. The Chela has 3 regular attacks and 1 Phase Attack.

Roll straight and Teleported Ground-Pound:


Dig underground, launch 2 slow fields, and leap out:


Pull in, uppercut, and slam down:


Teleport and Charged Curved Shot (Phase):



Void Taurus

Chariot's QUA cousin, the Void Taurus. It has 2&½ different regular attacks and 2 Phase attack. 

Frontal Swipe:

Front smash:

The range of this attack can increase if it charges up before attacking.

Frontal Charge:


Teleporting Lunge (Phase):



Void Gorgan
The Void Gorgan is the most complicated of the QUA mobs. It has 1 regular attack and 2 Phase attacks.

Teleport & Straight Shot:

For 3 times in a row, it teleports near you and shoots a rectangular prism at you in a delayed fashion.

Spiraling Cubes (Phase):

It teleports near you and spawns 6 cubes. The cubes are not evadable until they pick up enough speed.


Box Trap (Phase):

Most of the time, the Gorgan spawns 3 walls around you. These walls are not evadable. You can only evade through the moving wall. 



You've reached the end of this guide! For now, there are only 5 different QUA enemies in version 3.2. However, You can be sure to expect more in the future updates. Hopefully you now have a better understanding on the QUA enemies as well as how to fight them.