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Honkai Economics 101 V3.1

Honkai Economics 101 V3.1

By Stroke


Table of Content:

  1. Introduction

  2. New Captains' Focus (lv1-45)

  3. Up-and-coming Captains' Focus (lv45 -70)

  4. Expert Captains' Focus (lv70+)

  5. Misc. Resources



1. Introduction

The game has an extensive economic system with a multitude of different materials needed for day to day gameplay. This may be daunting for some newer players overwhelmed with the number of items they are given early in the game, while trying to gain a grasp as to what each item is used for. Luckily, in the recent updates, the game has done multiple overhauls to the materials system to make everything more condense and simpler for the players. In Patch 2.9, materials from Open World (OW) has been heavily simplified and in Patch 3.1, they did the same to many of the upgrade materials. We will briefly touch on some of the past changes in the later sections but this guide will focus mostly on the resources of the current Patch 3.1 and how to get said resources and how to use them. I will break down this guide to the different focuses newer and older captains should focus on. So without further ado, let's begin.



 Important Materials



2. New Captains' Focus (lv1-45)

A. You want to level as quickly as possible to at least 45+; coordinate captain exp chip with stamina use.

B. You want to have saved up a stock of 4* upgrading material and crystals. If you obtain any stigmata resonators and honkai crystals, save them as well!

C. If you do spend the aforementioned materials, do your research first. Prioritize stigmatas/weapons that can be used by multiple valkyries. Prioritize S-Ranked valkyries that can function without heavy gear investment.

D. The base is a good place to start investing in early. You want to mainly upgrade the command center first, then valkyrie/weapon specific cabins next and the powercore when needed.


  • Leveling up is the highest priority for newer players; many game modes are locked behind a level requirement, the sooner you each level requirement, the sooner you can start participating in them.

One of the first things you'll notice as a new player is that the gameplay is limited by an energy source called stamina. Keep in mind that each stamina you spend also gives you exp to level up. You should never leave stamina unspent, but the question is what you should spend it on. Refer to the diagram below as a starter.

I have arranged the chart with the most important on top and downwards to least important. Limited time events often give rewards such as limited time stigmatas and weapons, Trinity Crystal Shards / Honkai Crystals, fragments, and misc materials. For events, I would focus on getting what you can but avoid committing too much stamina for high scores.

For Open World, they may look to be time consuming and stamina intensive but they are the most stamina efficient way of getting materials such as Imaginons, crystals and valkyrie fragments. They offer other materials like gold, honkai pieces, and upgrade material but unless you are in dire need, I'd prioritize the fragments, crystals, and imaginons instead.

Next, your daily weekday event missions should be done. This will give you a healthy income of upgrade material and exp material.

Finally, for storyline missions, I would try to progress as far as your current level allows. As you progress, you open up new farming spots for varies valkyrie fragments and each mission gives you 15 crystals each for doing its 3 achievements.

As you spend your stamina day to day, I would also suggest you to pay attention to current daily missions, storyline missions, event missions, and sensei missions. They give free rewards that can be a very nice boon for new players including large exp rewards to help you reach higher levels.



  • Save this! Don't be afraid to ask for advice before spending them on supplies.

Crystals is our hard currency and is used to roll for the strong gears and characters in the game. Crystals can also be used to reset daily limits for various things but I personally discourage that use. I recommend most players to save their crystals for the important gears and valkyries in the game; a good person to ask would be your sensei who can be found through the cadet sensei system. There are many ways to get crystal by playing the game. As stated before, each new storyline mission grants 15 crystals. There are also events and daily missions that reward you with crystals upon completion. There are weekly game modes like Dirac Sea (DS), Memorial Arena (MA), rare OW tasks, and Path of Apotheosis (PoA) that will reward players with crystals. These game modes are why you want to level up as fast as possible. Finally, you may purchase crystals with cash.



There are currently three main supplies: Standard, Focused, and Expansion. You may check the drop statistics of each supply before pulling and each pull will cost 280 crystals. From these three supplies, players also get a guarantee that there will be one high level item(S/A-rank valkyrie or 4-star weapon/stigmata) within 10 pulls.


Standard supplies are the most generic of the three. You can technically pull almost any valkyrie (non-awaken) or weapon/stigmata in the game from these. However, since the pool of valkyrie and gears is so large in standard, the chance of getting anything specific is abysmal.

Note: Every player has the chance to get an S-rank valkyrie within their first 33 tries.


Standard supply also has a gears version where it has a large selection of weapons and gears, but it has the same issue of having a huge pool so it is a very low chance of getting what you want.


Focused supplies are most players main source of high level weapons and stigmatas. There are usually two focused supplies (A and B) rotating weekly. Note: The 10 pull guarantee is not shared between supply A and B. Each weekly rotation features 1 weapon and 1 set of stigmatas that has an increased drop rate. They are accompanied by 6 other weapons and 4 other sets of stigmatas at normal drop rates.

The drop rate increase is quite significant and I would heavily recommend players who want a certain weapon or stigmata to wait for when they are featured in focused supply.

Focused supplies also have wishing wells. Wishing well requires you to have 2 out of the 3 pieces of its featured stigmata set. It also requires you to have at least 4 total pieces of that featured set. To get the 3rd piece, you may trade two pieces, while still having at least 1 piece of each position, and 2,000 Stigmata Resonator (more on this later) for the final piece.


Expansion supplies are the main source of S-rank valkyries. Just like standard supplies, they come as two kinds, valkyrie and gears. The valkyrie expansion supply features 2 valkyries: 1 S-rank and 1 A-rank valkyries with higher drop rates. There are also 3 other A-rank valkyries in normal drop rates available in an expansion supply. This is the best way to get a particular S-rank valkyrie. It is also important to know that, separate from the 10 pull guarantee, you are guaranteed to get a S-rank valkyrie within 100 pulls. This 100 pull counter carries over to any valkyrie expansion supply. The 10 pull guarantee does not. One should do some research into the S-rank valkyrie before committing to its expansion.

During a S-rank valkyrie's introductional expansion supply, her gears are also featured in the gear expansion supply. This means the valkyrie's "signature" weapon and stigmatas are featured with increased drop rate. This is very similar to a focused supply except the featured items have slightly lower drop rate than focused. They also have a 50 pull guarantee to give you one unobtained item from the 4 featured items. Important to note: the 50 pull and 10 pull counters does not carry over to the next gear expansion supply. It is statically cheaper to get a full 3 piece stigmata set from expansion supply than focused supply.



  • There are a lot of 3* weapons and stigmatas that can enough to get you through the low levels.

When you are not hoarding all your crystals for good supplies, you can also upgrade your arsenal. Gears should not be a main concern at lower levels. A lot of 3* gears are given through mission rewards. However, for those that need more, there are a few options easily accessible for newer players. All gears craftable are found in the Foundry.


Dirac Sea

As you may know, aside from crystals and strong emblems, DS also drops Witness of Blacksun, which is a mostly forgotten material that people often sell for gold or mithrils. However, they can also be exchanged for the 7 deadly sins stigmatas (although there are only four; they seem to have forgotten about lust, envy, and greed).

List of sins:



Armada is another great source in the game for players. They are great for finding a community of friends to play and interact with, and in doing so, you are rewarded with Ranger Creds. Ranger Creds can be used in the daily reseted Armada shop for useful material and also for 3-4* equipment in the foundry.

List of equipment:


Honkai Pieces

There are also a wide range of 3* equipments available at the foundry for Honkai Piece. Honkai Piece is usually found in events, Mithril shop, and Befall stages. They can be traded in for a multitude of 3* equipment. As I previously mentioned, most 3* weapons are not too useful. The big exception are those that inflict statuses enemies that can trigger QTEs. I'll list the important ones and leave the rest up to you to explore.

Important 3* gears:


Upgrading Materials

  • -As with the gears themselves, upgrading low level gears are not a high commitment. Upgrade the ones you use often.
  • -You will slowly cumulate high rarity upgrade material, save them for now.

The first thing to note about your weapons/stigmatas is that they have a rarity level depicted by the number stars the weapon has. The smaller stars represent how many upgrades needed to gain 1*. 1 star is the lowest rarity and 5 the highest. Which upgrade material are needed depends on the gear's rarity. There are two ways to upgrade an equipment: Enhance and Upgrade.

Enhance is another way of saying leveling up, and will cost gold and experience (exp) materials to perform. Weapon and stigmata exp materials are given almost everywhere in the game. Additional exp material can be farmed in bonus stages throughout the week.

After an equipment is at its max level, you may upgrade it with upgrade material. There are a few different upgrade materials needed for weapons. Honkai Crystals, Wills, and general purpose upgrade material. Stigmatas are the same but without the need of Honkai Crystals.


Honkai Crystals 

Honkai Crystals are only needed for 4* weapons being upgraded to 5*. Since 5* weapons are the strongest in the game, Honkai Crystals are on high demand but relatively low supply. Therefore, I would strongly recommend players to only upgrade especially strong and important weapons to 5* and leave less impressive 4* weapons unupgraded. Save them for now.

The easiest way to get honkai crystals is salvaging another 4* weapon. You will need 3 honkai crystals to get a 4* weapon fully upgraded. However, 4* weapons are not easy to get. The main ways to get them is from supply pulls, events, and the foundry, where you can craft one using different materials (we will go over what you can craft later on). Therefore, if you get a weak weapon from focus supplies or see a weak weapon in shops, don't be too sad, they can be salvaged to make your better weapons stronger.

The second way is to craft a honkai crystals by collecting three Trinity Crystal Shards. These can be bought in the co-op shop 3 times per major patch. Alternatively, they are also available sparingly in events.


Other upgrade materials

Depending on the gear's rarity, you need its corresponding rarity upgrade material. After Patch 3.1, low rarity wills and general purpose upgrade materials has been condensed greatly. 1-3* wills have been combined together into Moon Wills/shards. There are five different wills, each obtainable in their respective weekday bonus stage. As you may have guessed, 1* wills upgrade 1* gears and et cetera. There are five types of 4* wills and when upgrading a 4* gear, it would require one of the five types.

The other upgrade material come in groups of 3. Like the Wills, Patch 3.1 also combined the 1* and 2* materials into a single material, Greatsword Bladepiece and Titanium Barrel respectively. 3* materials include: Broken Handle, Microreactor, and Iralloy Sparkplug, and 4* materials include: Super Alloy Shield, Phase Shifter, and Tesla Turbine. The 1-3* materials are given almost everywhere and after the early levels, you will find yourself with an endless supply of them. The 4* materials are a different story. One reason why you gather so much lower level material is because lower rarity gears are not worth using once you get your first couple of 4* gears. There will not be too many 3* gear worth upgrading except to use as placeholders till you get better gears. 4* gears are a different; there will be an abundance of 4* gear used by different valkyries in different situations. Weapons are limited by Honkai Crystals but Stigmatas are not. You will be very tempted to upgrade every 4* stigmata you see but you will not be able to. You will quickly run out of 4* upgrading material. This makes the aforementioned Super Alloy Shield, Phase Shifter, and Tesla Turbine very valuable and you should prioritize the upgrade order of your stigmatas, only upgrading the most important stigmata first. There are a few sources of obtaining these materials but the most common sources are from your base command center, and 4* BEFALL stage weapons, they can be salvaged for 4* materials (no honkai crystals unfortunately).


The Base

One of the first things and best things you can do is to upgrade your base. You should have a fully upgraded command center as fast as you can. It will be the main source of 4* upgrade material. After the command center, weapon specific cabins can be upgraded to give stat boosts for your valkyries.


Open World

  • Mithrils are not that valuable. Spend them on anything you may need for now.

  • Asterites are valuable. I would spend them mainly on Flame Sakitama (FS) fragments for now. Get FS to rank SS!

  • Ancient Willpower is very valuable. You can exchange them for S-Rank valkyries.

I briefly mentioned Open World (OW) as a good stamina investment. They also reward several materials. After the Patch 2.9 rework, the materials are mainly broken down to: Mithrils, Asterites, and Ancient Willpowers.


Ancient Willpower 


Ancient Willpower was previously a MA exclusive resource to use to buy S-rank valkyrie fragments. Ancient Willpower is now also available from OW's weekly item collection and can be bought with Mithril and Asterite, at the rate of 600 Mithril and 225 Asterite for 3 Ancient Willpower. Ancient Willpower is used in the War Treasury shop.


Note: You can also purchase 2 Memory Crystal Core a week for 6 Ancient Willpower each to buy 4* weapons. However, it takes 40 weeks to collect enough and the weapon selection is very weak except for Energy Leaper. So most likely it is 10 month for 1 Honkai Crystals. Most players do not invest in this.


Mithril and Asterite 

Mithril and Asterite are mostly rewarded from OW and events. Mithril is usually used to purchase miscellaneous resources from the Mithril shop.

Asterite is the more valuable of the two and is used to purchase select awaken A-rank valkyrie fragments. I'd highly recommend FS fragments. FS is a powerhouse that can take down strong bosses even in the late game.



3. Up-and-coming Captains' Focus (lv45 -70)

A. By now you have unlocked most of the game's content. It is time to participate in modes like Path of Apotheosis, Memorial Arena, Dirac Sea. The three modes give crystals, especially Dirac Sea; try to maximize your crystal income.

B. To better compete in the aforementioned game modes, it is time to rank up valkyries you plan on using more. Your stamina use should be balanced between progressing the storyline and farming valkyrie fragments to unlock their higher ranks.

C. Crystal spending advice will remain the same. Prioritize weapons/stigmatas that can be used by many valkyries and S-Rank valkyries with many options for gears. Dirac Sea rewards those with a diverse roster rather than 1 single strong team.

D. Gold was not mentioned in the previous section and you will likely have a lot saved up. This will disappear quickly now. Prioritize spending gold for valkyries and gears you will use often!

E. Many captains in this range also choose to slow down their level progression by not using their daily captain exp chips.



  • You can continue with your stamina consumption as before. Now you will likely hit the level cap for some storyline missions. When you cannot progress the storyline, farm valkyrie fragments. Important ones include Night Squire (NS), Divine Prayer (DP), Yamabuki Armor (YA), Snowy Sniper (SS), Valkyrie Pledge (VP), Shadow Dash (SD), Umbral Rose (UR), and Valkyrie Ranger (VR).



  • Crystals should be spent on your main damage dealers. Gears that can be used by multiple damage dealers are a plus. Valkyries such as Shadow Knight (SK) and Phoenix (Phx) are also strong gear independent possibilities to look into.

  • Land of the wishes is a great cost effective way to get S-ranks. It is 10.8k (6k and 4.8k) crystals for 2 S-Rank valkyries of your choosing out of many great choices.



  • Gold will soon be a scarce resource! Prioritize important skills on valkyries you will actually use.

Gold is the soft currency of the game. However, that does not mean it is any less important for most players. Gold is gained by playing any stage. You will also see bonus stages on the weekends that reward additional gold to players.

 There are also consumables that are exchanged for large quantities of gold called Treasures. Finally, you may choose to sell excess materials for gold when needed.

Gold is needed for every upgrade in the game. This includes weapons, stigmatas, and valkyrie skills, and as you get to higher levels, you will find valkyrie skills take tons of gold to sustain. It is very normal to find yourself with an unending supply of gold early game only to be starved for gold from levels 60-82.

Trust me valkyrie skills cost an insane amount of gold, it is often a good idea to prioritize important skills on valkyries you often use. Aside from skills, the aforementioned weapons and stigmata upgrades is by no means cheap on gold. However, gear upgrades also require upgrade material that are oftentimes more rare than gold, so they are not bottlenecked by gold like skills are.



Slowly as you level up higher, the beginner gear will start to falter and you will need to replace them with better equipment. Hopefully your luck has been kind and you scored some desired gears from supplies. If not, there are other options to craft gears you want in the Foundry. You should have a small supply of SS and AE Imaginons saved up. Let's take a look at what they may bring to the table.


SS Imaginon 

  • The Stigmatas I would focus on are Jingwei T (multiple copies!), Dark Jixuanyuan (Dxy) set, Picasso set, Darwin Set, and Fu Hua Musician Set.

  • Niche Stigmatas include Einstein B, Zhuge Kongming T, and Mendeleev T/B.

SS imaginon is a main source of shop f2p stigmatas. SS imaginons can sometimes dropped in storyline missions and armada matrix but the main source will be OW adventure tasks. After the 2.9 update, previously OW exclusive stigmatas will also cost SS imaginons along with OW specific Aesir Core and Red Magatama.

Stigmata List:


AE Imaginon 

  • The weapons I would focus on are Jingwei's Wings, Stellar Vortex, Dxy Sword and Onyx Iron. They are actually almost on par with gacha weapons and make great additions to your arsenal.

AE Imaginon is the weapon alternate of SS Imaginon and is a big source of 4* weapons available for purchase. Like before,its main source is OW adventure tasks and OW specific weapons have been added as well. One odd addition is Zhangheng M which is from a box bought with AE Imaginons.

Weapon List:


Upgrading Material

  • Prioritize important damage dealing weapons/stigmata.

By now you have a small stockpile of 4* upgrading material. Even if you have 30-40+, do not let that fool you, they will disappear all too quickly. Prioritize damage dealing gear over supporting gear. For example, Mjolnir is a top tier pistol, however it is often used on a support to apply impair, therefore it has a lower priority over say, Tranquil Arias or another top tier pistol. The same logic for stigmatas. Gustav M might be a top tier support stigmata but even at lv50, it only boosts 20% compared to Planck M which adds 51%.


Mithril, Asterite, and Ancient Willpower

  • Your focus for these materials should be the same as before. You should have noticed Smelted Cores in the Aserite Shop as well. Start purchasing them weekly.



4. Expert Captains' Focus (lv70+)

A. By now you will be introducing yourself to two new game modes: Co-op Raids, and Time Swirl. Both will compete for your stamina but they are restricted by Time Structures and Time Swirl Passes respectively.

B. Continue farming your valkyrie fragments. Damage dealers are worth getting to SSS Rank, in fact, some supports with crucial skills unlocked at SSS rank, like DP and DK are also worthy.

C. You should start focusing on finishing and optimizing teams for Memorial Arena and Dirac Sea. Have a half geared Judah team? Start considering what you need to improve it. Perhaps you may want to consider saving up your crystals to invest into God Kiana (GK) and Celestial Hymn (CH).

D. There are two easy to build Memorial Arena teams that beat a wide range of bosses. Everyone should have a Judah team and a NS team. That will almost guarantee you easily beat two of the three bosses in MA every week.



  • Same as before but with Co-op Raids and Time Swirl to add to the mix.


Co-op Raid 

  • Of the equipments from raid, the most important ones are Judgement of Shamash, Grips of Tai Xuan, Judgment by Dawn, Fu Hua Musician, and Cleaver of Shamash.

Co-op Raid is a mode where you team up with other captains to farm for four different Jades. These jades will used to upgrade weapons you get from said raids, buying materials from the co-op shop, gears from foundry, and upgrading the divine key chambers for stat bonuses. As it takes Time Structures to reset and rerun raids, it may take many months to get enough jades for everything I mentioned above.

Co-op Equipment list:


Divine Key Chambers

The weapons you receive from raid has their own Divine Key Chambers that are worth upgrading. The upgrades also cost additional raid materials but the end reward is permanent stat boosts and temporary buffs. Due to the heavy competitive nature of MA, DS, and many events, these small buffs can tip the scales in your favor. Having the chambers upgraded to level 8 will give you a permanent +54 ATK which is equivalent to another 1.5 weapon upgrade or another valkyrie rank!


Time Swirl

Time Swirl is a mode that allows you to craft gacha level equipment. There are currently 5 stages. Each stage has one weapon and one set of stigmatas. Each stage has three phases. Depending on how fast you finish the stage, you will receive a rank and four rewards. The higher the rank, the highest rank is SSS, the higher the chance of better rewards. Rewards include: Honkai Pieces, Crystal Cores, Ether Fuel, and ghost/shade/spirit of equipments. In order to attempt a time swirl stage, you will need Time Swirl Passes; you get a certain amount each week from duty points. You may purchase more with red jades, honkai pieces, ranger creds, and crystals each week.

Six ghosts can craft a shade, four shades can craft a spirit, and one spirit plus a specific equipment from the foundry can craft the gacha gear. Crafting in time swirl will cost ether fuel. Ghosts can also be exchanged for 8 ether fuel and shades can be exchanged for other shades at a 3:1 ratio.



  • When you have enough general all purpose equipment, start thinking about valkyrie specific equipment to really finish off your valkyrie teams.



  • You will find yourself continuing to be starved of gold. All I can say is to continue to prioritize the important valkyrie skills and equipments. Eventually you will run out of valkyries to level up.


Time Swirl

I went over the new game mode Time Swirl previously. It should be noted that time swirl is a time investment. You will likely need months to have collected enough passes to be able to get enough materials to craft a equipment. Therefore, it is important to pick a stage with the weapon/stigmatas you want and focus on that until you have completed. Remember you also need a Foundry craftable equipment as part of the price so it is important to save up Imaginons for Time Swirl equipments as well.


Stigmata Resonator 

I briefly mentioned resonators way back in the Crystals section. We know what happens when we salvage 4* weapons; we get Honkai Crystals. Resonator is the equivalent for stigmatas. Any gacha 4* stigmata salvaged will give you 1,000 resonators. You also get a small amount of resonators each week from OW and hopefully by now you have saved up a good amount. There are two uses for resonators. Wishing well we already went over but I'll repeat it again here. For the featured set of a focus supply, if you have 4 or more stigmata but is missing 1 last piece in the set, you can trade 2 stigmatas plus 2,000 resonators, while still having 2 of the 3 pieces remaining, to obtain the 3rd piece of the set. That is essentially a 4,000 resonator value or four gacha stigmata trade for one gacha stigmata.

The second option is to trade 6,000 resonator for any stigmata from the exchange shop. You may check which stigmatas are available by clicking exchange info. Each day will randomly select six stigmata from the pool. This is a value of 6 gacha stigmata to trade for one.


Upgrading Materials

  • The same advice will be repeated again. There are tons of weapons and stigmatas that are worth upgrading. It will be your job to decide which to upgrade first. Ask yourself which gear will improve your performance in DS and MA the most.



  • Get ATK and SP Regen affixes.

Some of you might have noticed I skipped the Refine tab in stigmatas. Refine is a lot less important than the other two but shouldn't be overlooked. We talked about optimizing our teams for DS and MA. Depending on the valkyrie, having enough attack will be the difference between killing in 1 or 2 rotations or having sp for ulti 5 seconds faster means killing the boss 5 seconds faster. 

Stigmatas can have up to 2 affixes which are unlocked and shuffied with crystal cores. The main sources for crystal cores are OW, MA, and salvaging low rarity stigmatas. Each affix shuffle will give you random affixes which include: Max HP, Max SP, DEF, ATK, Elemental damage, Elemental Resist %, CRT, Crit damage %, damage to shields, lower SP cost %, HP regen, and SP regen. The bonuses are quite small, but remember, you have 3 stigmatas per valkyrie meaning 6 affixes, so they can add up to something meaningful. The two most useful affix would be attack and sp regen. The number of shuffles you need before you get the affixes you want will be extremely high but luckily, there is an abundance of crystal cores to burn through.


Mithrils, Asterites, and Ancient Willpowers

  • You have likely finished ranking FS to SS rank. You can use leftover Mithrils and Asterites in two ways. Either invest into ELFs or convert them to Ancient Willpowers

If you had been doing your daily weekday events, you will likely have excess 4* Wills when your not upgrading your equipments. Many players choose to salvage extra 4* Wills for additional Asterites. However, when you do so, make sure you have Energy to do so. Energy is built up by doing daily missions and unless you go on a large salvage spree, it is unlikely to ever run low on Energy. 

At this point however, there is no clear focus for your Asterites. It is a good time to invest into ELFs which can improve your performance at a heavy cost of Mithrils and Asterites. Another option is to convert them into Ancient Willpowers and increase your weekly S-Rank frag farm. There are many S-Ranks from MA that would enjoy SS-Rank such as Knight Moonbeam (KMB), Phx, Blood Rose (BR), and Lightning Empress (LE)


5. Misc. Resources


B-chips is our premium currency and is only obtained through cash purchases. The shop is located on the bottom left side of the main menu. B-chips are used in the premium shop where limited time bundled are bought. B-chip is essentially converting your cash into ingame currency to purchase with. Since everyone's spending preference is different, I'll leave it up to you which bundles are worth purchasing and which are not.



Honkai Blocks and Furni-Bitz are the two materials used to buy furniture for the dorms. Furniture adds to the comfort level and depending on the comfort level, the dorm can help add a little power to the Honkai Powercore in your base. 

Home Materials are used to upgrade various facilities in the dorm and the dorm itself. The dorm has 4 services that can increase the exp of your valkyrie, weapon, and stigmata, as well as increase skill points of the valkyrie. I would keep these services running as much as possible. They will save you some gold and upgrade materials for little to no cost. 

Upgrading the dorm will let you place more furniture which will let you reach higher comfort levels.


Sensei Shop 

If you followed the advice of finding a sensei to study under, you will likely know the system already. The cadet-sensei system is designed to find and pair little captains with big captains for guidance. Cadets gain another set of missions and quests to complete for rewards, while senseis get School Inspector Emblems which can be traded in for some goodies at the Master's Shop. Nothing really crazy to be honest.



Elfs is a new system that was introduced in Patch 3.0. They are mini valkyrie pets that will do a good bit of damage and have a skill you can activate as well. You get ELF material from OW tasks. After breaking lv80+, you will get chances for additional OW tasks and also a new weekday ELF material event. They are also rewards in Team Co-op Raids. Otherwise, ELF materials are sold for mithrils and asterites in the shop.

They also have talents that can be unlocked and leveled using Talengems. Talent slots for ELFs are unlocked with Mind Stones. These are extremely expensive when bought with Asterites.

They level by their own exp material called Quanta Bytz. They have level caps that can be unlocked with Moon Wills (changed to be the same ones as the 3* Wills you upgrade with in Patch 3.1). 

They get ranked up with additional fragments. You get them maxed out after 300 extra fragments. ELF fragments can also be salvaged for Witch Orbs.


Witch's Corridor 

If you have unlocked Witch's Corridor, then that is great news. This means you have at least 1 SSS ranked valkyrie. Whenever you get fragments of valkyries maxed at SSS rank, you can salvage the extra fragments and then exchange them for other valkyries. What you can get depends on the base rank of that valkyrie. For example, you cannot salvage fragments of a Base A-Rank valkyrie for Base S-Rank valkyrie fragments. The exception is limited time events where Base S-Rank valkyrie is available.