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Valkyrie Bladestrike Rework Guide

Bladestrike's much needed rework is finally here, boosting some of her strong points and fixing all of her problems all while staying true to her pre-rework concept, a valkyrie with multi-hit who relies on combo count.

In this guide we'll go over her skills, gear and comps. But first of all the most important question is, should you unlock and max Bladestrike Fullminata? IMO late game player with multiple BIO Valk options for both single target (Night squire) and AoE (god kiana) don't really have to go out of their way and drop resources on a Valk that fulfills the same role, especially considering that one of the Mats required to max Fullminata past 4stars [Smelted Core] is used for future augments as well. But she's still worth getting and maxing eventually to have more options for Path of Apotheosis.

tl;dr  Bladestrike Fullminata at max rank is basically an AOE version of NS who excels at long fights.


    -How to get and max Bladestrike Fullminata:

[Fulminare Core] is used to unlock and upgrade the new reworked VBS (you need levels and ranks on your VBS to upgrade the core stars). Note: this item is exclusive to fulminata core upgrades and cannot be used for future valk reworks.

how to get: Fulminare cores are obtainable from Path of Apetheosis and a couple of story stages(10-4H; 3-7S)


[Smelted Core] you'll need this core to upgrade the core at 4 stars and above. Note: Smelted core is a rare currency and its used by future valk reworks as well so be careful who you chose to max, it's especially scarce for beginners.

how to get: Asterite Shop and Path of Apotheosis


Note: There's an ongoing event currently celebrating Striker Fulminata's release thats giving away up to 66 Fulminare Cores, make sure you get them while they're still there.



    -Bladestrike core augment chart:


    -New skills:

her regular 5 attack sequence hasnt changed much it deals slightly more damage on the fifth attack and paralyzes, you mainly use this to replenish your "EM reserves", Bladestrike's new resource.



Combo attack is what used to be one of Bladestrike's biggest weaknesses due its short range and clunkiness to use, made VBS extremely vulnerable. The new combo attack however can be canceled out of at any point and it chases moving targets, coupled with her new evasion [Raikage], VBS is easily the most agile Valk in the game currently. 



Her ultimate however saw the biggest changes damage wise. VBS enters burst mode for 10 seconds and replinishes her EM reserves. All of her attacks/combo attacks are buffed (including the 5 attack sequence paralyze duration). The burst from ulting alone does significant damage especially at 100-combo, during her ult she recovers SP to the backline supports making her rotations in abyss/dirac much smoother.



And finally her new brand mechanic that uses EM reserves increases the enemies damage received for the next 3 seconds (activated by evading and tapping the attack button while having at least 1 point in your EM reserves). Thankfully recovering the EM reserves is quite easy(QTE/basic attacks/ultimate evasion/ultimate).


The rest are basically enhanced version of her old passives and some generic phy buffs.




"F2P gear": There are numerous combinations that you could run on Fulminata using farmable gear.

Any katana works. Use Jizo Mitama or the highest attack katana that you have.

Ryunosuke Akutagawa T+M attila B
full Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Bathory T+M attila B (Note: not the best option for long battles in dirac sea/infinity abyss)
Attila T+B Bathory M
Jingwei T Bathory M Attila B (Note: bossing set)

Note: you could farm Ekaterina M and 3rd Relic as well,though with time swirl current state and the upcoming changes in line for it, swirl isn't really a reliable option to farm gear anymore.



Gacha gear: It's a gacha game so naturally a Valk's optimal gear consists mostly of gacha gear and thats the case with Fulminata as well.

3rd Relic/Void/Fairy Sword are all great on her with 3rd Relic being the most stable option.

As for stigmata you could run:
Schro Band T+M Ekaterina M
Jingwei T Ekat M Attila/Lier blue/Pride B (has overall more raw damage but lacks the sp regen that Schro Band B offers)
Thankfully both Schro Band and Ekaterina are available in Exchange House so you can get them from there




YA+DP+VBS: YA+DP+a DPS is the standard bossing comp and it's especially good for physical comps. New VBS especially benefits from the crit rate lead from Yama due to her built in high crit dmg(75% during ultimate). And DP's passively reduces enemies defense from the backline. Since VBS likes to stay deployed for long periods of time, this comp is ideal for her if you ever want to use her bossing.

Suggested gear on supports: any Def Stigmata on Yama and full Teri Origin on DP.



KMB+CH+VBS: KMB's leader skill is extremely strong if you can fully utilize it. And thankfully VBS is a BIO valk, this is a bossing comp that's more focused towards getting a higher score in memorial (NS fits better here but if you have to use VBS then this is the comp to go for). It can be a little tricky however since KMB's evasion triggers VBS's qte which would slow your rotation. But if you chain your time fractures well enough and gather 100 sp (same idea as with NS) the fight should be over within seconds.

Suggested gear on supports: Zhuge T on KMB to reduce evasion coldown and a Newt B if possible on CH.



CH+SS+VBS: This is what i would recommend you use in abyss, though VBS has plenty of aoe most of the time it's not enough to reach every enemy so a gatherer is required. And what's a better gatherer for a phy DPS than CH? Coupled with Snowy's ult, it's effect at SS and the time slow from Void Blade, you're guaranteed to keep your enemies frozen and debuffed while your VBS makes quick work out of your enemies. CH's lead is also excellent here since you'll be running 3 BIOs.

Suggested gear on supports: Sloth B on Snowy and Hymn set if possible on CH if not, then at least Schro Band B.



YA+VC+VBS: Basically the cheaper version of the previously mentioned team. YA's leader subs for CH's leader and her shield will be your safety net in case anything goes wrong. VC is obviously there for the gather (you could potentially run Tyr's Wrist or Arm or whatever they call it now to break elite shields for VBS's passive but thats about it).

Suggested gear on supports: Sloth B on Chariot and full Teri Origins on Yama.