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Version 4.1 Overview



Herrscher of Thunder is here! Welcome again to another patch overview~
Let's just jump into it~


Herrscher of Thunder (HoT) has finally arrived. HoT. HoT Mei is the strongest Lightning character and rides Benares during Ultimate, bombarding the entire battlefield! This S-rank PSY battlesuit will be available in gacha supply.


Other valkyrie changes
Other valkyries also receive some changes. Sundenjager impair has been buffed and more valkyrie skills can charge trauma meter now.



Bella ELF is an S-rank Lightning support ELF that fires lightning bolts and makes enemies take more Lightning DMG. Definitely get her if you plan to maximize your HoT's potential!



HoT's signature gears Benares Awakening and Key of Castigation will be availabe from gacha. Key of Castigation can be upgraded to its PRI-ARM Domain of Sanction in this same patch! The sword is the most important gear for HoT. GET IT!





The third piece of Rebel's Blades set - Bronya: Drive Kometa (B) is available from summer event. 


Theresa Gluttony received a minor change yet impactful in v4.1. You probably read the announcement already, but all captains with Gluttony before v4.1 will receive crystal and upgrade material compensation for this change.


New stigmata added to Bounty Mark

Bounty Mark has six new forgeable stigmata. Also, in v4.2, there will be a new stigma forge system. You can convert Nohime to Peary, which can then be converted to the brand new Herrscher of Ice set! START FARMING NOHIME NOW!



Here are the new additions in v4.1 Battle Pass. Should you get any of these? Well...

  • Kikaku is a great support weapon for Lightning teams in Arena
  • Aphrodite is a must-have for Umbral Rose (if you still use her)
  • Raikiri is used in Shadow Knight teams, but can be substituted with MAG-Typhoon
  • Michelangelo is a generic Physical /Crit stigma for valks with Basic ATK. Can be used by Twilight Paladin, Molotov Cherry etc


 SPENDING EVENT - Schicksal Summer Store 
v4.2 will have another Schicksal Store spending event. It lasts for three weeks. Here are the featured item this time:

Original image by CN Mihoyo


You can get Shell token by pulling gacha. Here is the amount of shells that you can get. Note that Dorm supplies are excluded in this spending event.



Here all all the new outfits added in v4.1. Three of them are free, while Memento outfit requires you to pull gacha. Just pull HoT, bros.

Here's a youtube video of the outfits in action.

[1] Summer Event [GEMINI INVASION]. The twins are at it again! Move across the squares and complete the missions. Receive a lot of cool rewards including Rozaliya outfit and Bronya Drive Kometa (B)!

[2] Login event [FREE SWORD]. Choose one of these swords or 100 Torus. Available during v4.1 until v4.3


[3] Login event [LILIYA OUTFIT]. 7-day login will give Liliya outfit and other rewards.


[4] Returnee event. Invite long lost captains back into Hyperion and get rewards such as crystals, Focused Card and more!


[5] Chapter 18. Shicksal and World Serpent team up to find Herrscher of Ice.


Expansion supply new mechanic - Essentine to fragment conversion
In Expansion Supply, once you have acquired the featured S-rank, your side material from gacha pulls will be replaced with random amount of Essentine. Once you have gathered certain amount of Essentine, they will be converted to S-rank fragment. This helps captains to get SS-rank valks a bit cheaper and faster.

  • Non-awaken: 270 Essentine = one frag
  • Awaken: 100 Essentine = one frag

New Supply Interface

A nice sleek redesign.

Special Supplies

In conjunction with spending event, special supplies will be available. Note that this info is based on CN server, and might change in Global / SEA servers.

[1] HoT Expansion, Focus and Equipment Expansion supplies
[2] Bella ELF supply
[3] Schicksal Arsenal featuring Zither's Lament and Shuijing
[4] SP supply featuring Starlit Astrologos

[1] Dirac sea - New weather [THORNS]. Ranged DMG +50%, Melee DMG -30%. Final boss is not in patch notes, but based on beta, it's Parvati.

[2] Darkmoon and Humid weather boss changed to Hephaestus. CN players got this boss a lot in live version. Get your HoT Mei ready!

[3] Dry weather boss [Death Web + Gigant] changed to [Death Web + Supernova]

[4] In v4.1, players can experience an Experimental Honkai Lab Abyss mode. Certain mechanics from this mode will be included in Exalted Abyss coming in v4.2. Here's a gameplay example of the new Abyss mode.


[1] New portrait mode allows you to take full body picture of a valk!

[2] New shop interface

[3] New enemy gallery in album

[4] Added new SA bridge interaction. HoT chibi added to dorm

That's it from me. Experience v4.1 for yourself to see more new additions to the game! As always, if you wanna know more future news from CN server, visit Official Honkai Discord and head to non-global channel, (or visit this Youtube or Twitter).

BYE~ Don't forget to pull HoT~